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  1. Hi Randall T ! You right ! About form of playing golf, each form has its own easy and difficult. Depend on player. For newbie, i don't have experience to discuss. I just learn on website, document and the opinion of others. So let me play much and learn more about this. Thanks :)
  2. Well Piz ! That is a opinion. As i know, For play match play, there is no need to pay attention to the number of clubs, but only the winning score at each hole. As for stroke play, it is important to look at the number of clubs hit the hole. Whoever has a total of 18 clubs will win at least. But, match play is popular more. And As far as i've got to learn, match play maybe easier for newbie.
  3. Hello everyone ! I am Steven from Vietnam. I am learning about golf, how to play and how to design golf course mini in home. I join this forum to receive some advise from everyone for newbie (Don't know more about golf before). Now i know a little about: What does a golf course include ? The golf course does not follow a certain standard but will be scheduled according to a set course consisting of 9 or 18 holes. Corresponding to each hole on the pitch, there will be a tee box or tee and an area with a hole called the putting green. In between the tee and the putting green, other terrain types will be available: Fairway, rough grass, sandbanks and other obstacles (water, rocks). , Grass dust, ...). These obstacles will be arranged according to the design of each type of yard and not follow a standard. How to play golf (just a little). Golf has two forms of play: stroke play and match play. In it, the play stroke play golf is the most popular. And i am learn more about this 2 forms of play. The questions i am finding out the answer is: Which form of play is easier for golfer. If anyone know, please give me some informations. Thanks very much.
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