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  1. Yes, it's aggravating the changes. The Cobra open\ std\ closed is from the Encore Zl???? Series. I had some Amp Cell fwy woods, but can't recall all the differences. Right now, my woods are all Callaway. The Epic Flash 3 wood uses a special ' Short' adapter. It has a built in ferrule. Supposedly, it lowers center of gravity on the shorter head. A couple of years ago, the Taylormade adapters haunted me.
  2. After trying all the new shafts in the Taylormade M3, I ended up putting an older Red Tie 6q3 in my M3. It's the best shaft for me. It also doesn't cost a fortune. A $25 shaft.
  3. Driver, putter, 5 wood, 8 iron, and 50°wedge. I think with just these clubs, my score would be the same as always. My 5 wood gets a lot of use: Tee shot on par 4s. 220 yard approach to green. 100-150 yard punch from under trees. Chipping from thick fringe around the green.
  4. When I tell people I play golf, they say that is so boring to watch. I agree. Usually I only watch the big names play. My reply is "I love to eat a big steak, potato, and salad. But, I don't want to watch someone on TV eat a meal". They usually look funny and agree.
  5. Absolutey!!! I would like to meet some of the members here in person. Maybe play a few rounds together! I used to mess with off-road and 4x4 stuff. All of the jeep sites were great. There was a site called Pirate 4x4. They had an area off limits to people with less than 2,000 posts. You could read, but if you posted anything, they would cuss you out with filthy language. I am a welder and machinst by trade. Been doing this for 35 years now, and have my own shop. 2 college degrees in engineering and mechanical technology. I tried to m
  6. There are some ( not exactly this), but conversation goes: Person 1: I just bought a new Callaway Epic and love it. Person 2: Callaway sux!!! P 1: Why??? P 2 : Ping is best. Callaway sux, and you suck for playing it. Moderator: Yes, Ping sponsors us, and all Callaway products suck. We have done extensive testing if you'll take the time to search. Site owner: Learn to use the search function before posting Callaway stuff. See if you can get a refund and apply it to the new Ping driver. Person 5: I love my Ping. Person 1: What's wrong with Calla
  7. Sounds like this is the most open forum. You see people 'banned' on other forums under their username. While some are justified, I've seen some because of a different opinion, or not agreeing with the 'pack'. I'm glad others notice that, and it's not just me.
  8. Most forums, as long as you are the same 'whatever' ; golf, guitars, cars, cigars, etc. they will welcome you. There are some that are snobs. If you haven't met some of the members in person, and go to their sponsored events, you are an outcast. If you have a different opinion than the forum leader or moderators, you're done. You post a topic and the 'big shots' of the site won't respond. Also, prizes, giveaways,( trips and tours) you are exempt from. I have been on a couple like this and think it's a shame. One was a gun forum.
  9. I like to look at newer stuff and test hit . My irons are Ping S59. I keep trying to find something better, but haven't yet. My putter is an Odyssey that I bought 1 year ago. It is a '12 model. Comparing it to every putter in the store, it won. Before that, I was using an Odyssey putter from around '96. I bought it in '97. A club has to earn a place in my bag. New or used.
  10. I love to buy last years (or older) clubs at a great price. We bought some Cobra Amp Cell fwy woods 2 years ago. $45 shipped, new in plastic. Global golf had shafts $12, and free shipping for 8+ shafts. It was fantastic. We also bought some new 2014 Big Bertha fwy woods for $50-$65. We are still playing these older clubs. Every now and then we hit demo clubs at pro shop. Until we hit something better, we're not buying this years latest and greatest.
  11. I can play the Wilson Duo soft, Titleist Dt Solo, or Trusoft. They perform ok. My preference is the NXT. It does what I want. If my wedge shot is too low, there's enough spin to keep it from rolling forever. This time of year I play a lot of bump and run 8 iron shots. They get over the edge of the green and slow down. If it's real fuzzy around the green, my choice is a pw, or 50° wedge. It's hard to get a high lofted shot with all the dead grass right now. On green fairways, I can wedge it up and stop the ball. Maybe not in a good spot, but it stops
  12. We don't have an official USGA hcp. It's just for reference to pairing teams on local course tournaments. This course is in Dyer Arkansas. It used to be a cow pasture. The original, and 2 newer owners have done a great job. They let the high school team play for free. The other day they said these was considered a local winter rule. We also give a free do-over if you hit any electrical lines that run across local courses.
  13. During the summer it isn't too bad. The greens are watered and constantly growing, and getting mowed. All of the greens are dormant now. Some of the older guys are dragging their feet and it is tearing up the greens. When some bend down to get their ball out of the hole, they twist and literally 'tear' and rip the green. It looks like a werewolf has been moonwalking around. We talked to others and they agreed. We all repair and push down as many spike/ball marks when we get on the green. When we are done, we do the same. Do any of you have
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