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  1. Not Extending Arms Through Impact

    Thanks!! I'll go look for that video.
  2. Not Extending Arms Through Impact

    Is this the same as using a belt to connect your elbows as one unit?
  3. Not Extending Arms Through Impact

    I am doing the same thing. Had rotator cuff problems a couple years ago. Swing was messed up and never returned.
  4. Best Used 3 Wood under $50

    I got my 2014 Big Bertha 3 wood for $50+shipping. Some of those Cobra Amp Cell & Bio Cell are $39 &up. They are demos that look new.
  5. You might donate to a local school. Sometimes the kids want to try out for the team and don't have clubs. The school could use them for loaners.
  6. I see the EZ, Comp, Pro, Pro ll, and some even have an MP number with them. I've been wanting to try them, but didn't want to end up with some blades that have to be hit perfect. Thanks
  7. Alignment - What's Your Target?

    I look at the pin. Then make an imaginary line to the ball. Pick out a small marker on that line about 1 ft in front of the ball. Then connect the dots with my swing.