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  1. Newbie from Scotland

    Thanks for the welcome guys. My step dad has read a lot of Ian Rankin books and has always said the way he describes the locations is very true to life, I'm not much of a reader myself though. I have been floating about the forums for a while as I was researching the training gadgets I was looking at and thought I should really sign up and introduce myself. I will have a read through the how to section later tonight. Stuck offshore for the next 2-4 weeks so will need to get my golf fix on here. thanks again.
  2. Newbie from Scotland

    Alrighty folks My name is Jaime, from Fife in Scotland. I have just started to get back into golf, I tried a few years ago but struggled badly although I still enjoyed playing. I eventually gave up after a disastrous round about 6 years ago. I feel a lot more dedicated to improve this time and I have invested in a lot of training gadgets (planeswing, putting matts, birdie balls etc) and I also have more time to play when I'm not at work. I managed a quick 9 holes before I left for work last week and hit 8 over par on the front 9 of my home course which for me is a massive improvement lol. Thats a little about me, if ever anyone is looking for a round in Fife or Aviemore, feel free to give me a shout, I'm always up for a round when I'm not working.