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  1. Yeahh! A line on the ball to line up on your line...That was a mouthful
  2. I, am a firm believer in it...BUT, when I putt a lot of the time, the line doesn't track perfectly... What do you guys think? --Do you like the line, and how can I make sure it tracks?
  3. fpuagolf


    I am playing in the Florida Boys' Junior on Tuesday, Wednesday, and hopefully Thursday if I make the cut. IDK why I am nervous. When your nervous, what do you think??? [Especially my first tee shot (10th hole, tight fairway, water left, island green!)]
  4. I can not believe that, another post said the same thing about Nike One's. That's my favorite site now for practice balls.
  5. THATS CRAZY!!! Talk about a deal, lucky!!!
  6. I WAS JK!!! It's the Callaway uPro, I was basically saying I don't like it. No pros use it so thats where the NO Pro came from. (bushnell's!!!) Sorry, you guys can't take a joke...
  7. Go ahead get the uPro, "cause NO PRO IS USING IT!!!!!"
  8. COLIN MONTGOMERIE The guy shows his ass everytime a camera is on him Phil Mickelson is such a dick off the course. If guys are in the clubhouse, they leave when Phil enters the room. Because he is such a prick to all the players. My family and I call him the "professional actor" because he is the opposite personality that he shows on the course. STOP WEARING TIGHT SHIRTS TOO Paul Casey was also a dickhead when he had the comments about the Americans. Most of the Euro-Pean, Ima-Pean players are total D's. But w/e, you got ur asses kicked in the Ryder Cup. And with Monty coaching n
  9. Honestly, I am a huge fan of Titleist Pro V1x's But I want to see what amateur players use when they play at their home courses and whatnot.
  10. Lowest 18- 63 (-9) 6,000 Yds. (Doesn't really count) Other Lowest- 67 (-5) 6,600 yds. I shot the 67 like a year ago at my home course. I eagled the first hole (par 5), and then I knew I had a chance to go low. :) But I have shot a 32 for nine. Lowest Junior Golf Score was a 71 (-1).
  11. Well, I am a HUGE fan of PING equiptment. I have i10's and they are the best feeling irons. --Considering they are blades, the forgiveness is still great. I was looking into the s58's also, but i10's felt the best. Callaway is garbage. I do NOT reccomend Callaway at all.
  12. Ya, I have the PING I-Series Zing and it feels like a rock But ya, I think the Hanna looks good, and its center shafted Thanks!!!
  13. What's your guys' opinion on the Yes! Hanna? Or Yes! putters in general! Thanks, I am really into center-shafted putters now! :)
  14. Well, they draw the logos by hand And then lick them so they are sticky Next, apply to the shirt/hat and hope they stick!! Haha jk, just havin' fun. It's all done by the sponsors and embroiders'
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