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  1. I did it is well done. I also thanked him. I don't have a problem with forums, your knowledge or golf advice. My problem is with you and passive aggressive replies, coming at me with smarta.. remarks videos to try to make me look stupid. you and acouple others are my problem. So if you want to kick me off it's ok. There's someone else who accuses me of lying about what I know, I have a problem with that. He doesn't know me, but can call me a liar, maybe address some of these things. I'll be deleting all my videos and see if I can delete my profile. I've caused enough trouble on your site. Entertaining the masses at my expense is done .
  2. I've not insulted anyone. I've not said anything about anyone's swing or opinion, only defended myself. Thanks for the advice nonetheless. Thanks. Because I have the right to be on here just like you Phil. Thank you
  3. I put a post on your reply, Apologies, I thought it was someone else. Again apologies, not meant for you. Ive posted probably 5 videos in the last day or so, trying to explain, bout to check them now but all I keep seeing is prove it, prove it. I'm trying. Guys there are 5 videos ive posted since yesterday trying to explain what I'm doing. If you have questions bout them ill be happy to respond. Otherwise stop asking me to prove it, I'm trying but certain ones aint having it.
  4. Nice. I'm actually trying to progress to more side on. my first video was about 3 weeks of actually applying what I'm trying to do. Great motion ok, ,I'ive just went over last few posts. How do you think Jack, Arnie, Player , Hogan played? no cameras, no track man. Feel my man. Take your vulgar BS some place else, got no time BRO! you know nothin about me, You seem to think you know a lot. Let it fly. Thanks
  5. When the first word is BS or other critiquing dialogue like that, I'll be moving on. When the first sentence is bashing what I think, I'll move on. When I feel there's genuine conversation beggining, I'll respond. That's how it works.
  6. Nice to meet you. I just thought maybe, have you tied this, or perhaps this is something you've overlooked. No that's not the feedback. Like I said in another post. I'll be posting but I'm not spending time defending "critique ", you own the site so this is your house. I'll be respectful and apologize for any unfounded remarks.
  7. Thanks for your well intended feedback Obviously You're right, Im not spending anymore time defending myself. I'll post more substance to "critique ". I'll try fewer catch phrases. They're how I simplify it for myself.
  8. I've been Playing Golf for: 20 My current handicap index or average score is: 8 My typical ball flight is: high, right to left The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push Videos:
  9. Is this how you treat all your new members? You have no interest on who's misled. You've made it an agenda. Well you know what congrats on your site and I'll move on. These aren't basic checks, I've not gotten 1 piece of constructive criticism, only narcissistic digs. I wanted to share something I've learned but from my 1st post it's been we're watching you, fact, we'll drop you immediately, fact. Then 2 days of trying to defend myself like I've committed a crime. If that's checks, I'll pass. Good luck.
  10. I'm not really sure why if I'm such a flippy hack your wasting your time. I honestly didn't think I would get much feedback. There's something you can't figure out, when you watch you don't believe me. When you listen to contact it sounds like I know what I'm doing, that's a sound of compression, a golf shot. It baffles people. It's like the guy you played you knew never had a chance, look at that swing, are you serious? Then he takes them to school. That's me. Thanks for all your feedback. A few minutes ago I genuinely asked for the other steps but you're just coming back with this then that. You're on this thread for one reason, discredit. Find another way to feed the ego. I'm not worth it. Moving on.
  11. No club face plays a role. I never knew there were rules to hitting a golf ball. Now I know why everyone is so upset. That video I move the ball from left heel to right to show no matter where, I hit it. No trying to get better contact for the camera. Listen every strike is good.
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