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  1. Thanks for the advice, I will try and demo the X-20/22 Tours, Mizuno MP-60's, '08 Titleist AP2...(along with the Cobra S2 Forged) but the only problem is finding a place that has left handed versions of these >.< It's a pain in the ass, lol. And I had every intention of getting my clubs fitted and what not, I'm not going to spend $600-$700 on irons and not have them be perfect for me, lol.
  2. Exactly what the title said, I have R7 Draws right now , it was what I was looking for in the summer. But now that I've gotten much better with my iron play, I'm looking to get away from game improvement to something that gives me more control. I really don't know what to look for, I would like to try blades. I've only demoed the Callaway X-20's so far, I loved the control I had with them. I could make it do a fade, straight, draw, what ever I wanted I loved that. I'm also looking at the Cobra S2 Forged Irons, all suggestions are welcome. My budget is maximum $700.
  3. I disagree, I've played the Gamers, and my Vokey shreds the hell out of these balls. Like two or three hits with my vokey and the ball is unusable. But hey for being $20/dozen and being a 3-Piece I can't really complain.
  4. ~Troy

    Was I a jerk?

    OMG, same thing happened to me about a month ago. I was getting ready to tee off on my first hole, I was playing by myself in a cart, and as I was approaching the ball this foursome of ladies with absolutely no respect, ettiquette, drive right infront of the tee box to the womens tee and proceed to tee off. With my standing right there with driver in hand, I asked them what they think they were doing, and they gave this BS reason that they're all members to the golf course which somehow ALLOWS them to cut infront of me. They got mad at me for trying to defend myself, I played behind them f
  5. Nice shot, I've never holed out from that far. But I have hit the pin a numerous amount of times from that distance. It's a great feeling and a frustrating feeling at the same time, if it wouldn't have hit the pin, the spin would've kicked in and I would be 3-4 inches from the hole, but no, since I hit the pin, I'm a good 10-15ft away. Great shot!
  6. What club did you break? At least be it one your RARELY use. If you're going to overreact on a club like that, at least let it be one you never use. On one of the easier courses I play on, I normally shoot Par or better, I had one of those days where I shot 38/39 for a 77. Was I mad? Yes, I slammed a couple of clubs, but not hard, just enough to vent a little anger, I got more pissed at myself because I put a tiny tiny tiny chip in my 1 month old King Cobra S9-1 F paint job than actually shooting the score. (Boy was I pissed about that, never did anything bad w/ that club again) But c'mon
  7. ~Troy


    Fixed it for ya, lol. It's University Of Michigan, not Michigan State University.
  8. Also look at where the ball is being placed in your stance, try teeing it up further back, maybe a ball or two before where you normally place it. Also are you staying on your back foot when you do you're swing? Also check you're front shoulder height when you're at impact, is it higher than when you're at address? Also check you're spine angle when you're at impact, it could be leaning back much further than it's supposed to. Any one of those could contribute to your high shot. Check out one at time, if one works great, if not, it's okay it will be figured out.
  9. Also try teeing the ball a tad lower. Could be going straight under the ball.
  10. What the people have said before, take the clubs you play with most often and are most comfortable with. No reason in taking lessons with a set clubs, than go on playing a round with a different set. Am I right? Sounds pretty logical to me, lol.
  11. Best bang for the buck out of any ball I've tried. Fantastic 3-piece for only costing $20/dozen.
  12. I played with the Gamers today, and loved them. Shot a 69 (-3) today on a 69.2/117 course, thanks for suggesting that ball. It's the ball I'm going to continue to use. Only downside, the cover is soooo WEAK. It scuffs so easily.
  13. I shot a 69 -3 today on a 69.2/117 5961 yard course today. Shot a 34 on the front with 1 bogey and 3 birdies and a 35 on the back 9 with no bogies and 1 birdie. Everything was clicking today, did this with playing the Top Flite Gamers for the first time. I think I've found my ball. :D
  14. I LOVE my 7 iron, don't know why. I just play my best with it, I hit it about 180, I check it very nicely. I'm always completely accurate with it, I just feel most confident when I pull out my 7 iron.
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