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  1. Greeting from Wisconsin and welcome to TST. Some of the head honchos will reach out to if you have any questions great bunch of golfers here. Join in when you can lots to see and do how long you been chasing the ball?
  2. Welcome from Wisconsin I did a wind farm out in western Maryland years back. Brought the blades out there from Dundalk nice area.
  3. Damm auto correct I meant honey do's
  4. I'm a truck driver nothing fancy I work Wednesday thru Sunday so I get two days off i golf at least once a week maybe twice if my honey dies are all paid up
  5. My golf goals are to find my tempo and employ it which will then help my other goal which is to get into the double digits. I played today and for once my putter was very warm but my drives were fubar. Will try again tomorrow and many many more times after that.
  6. Some great stories lol. Just raving the driving range and my 7 iron was great. My Ben hogan 3 hybrid was good but not really much farther. Practice practice. Let's hope I can keep a few more balls on the fairway and out of the forests ?
  7. 52 years golfing. I bet you've seen a bit of change in club design and innovation. Has the advancements help your game? Or was there an older club that you felt was as good or better than some of the newer stuff? I'm 54 and just starting but very much in love with the game.
  8. Sweet. Yea my 4 iron is my sweet spot club
  9. Ok I found two apps for my iPhone. SwingxSwing and 18birdies. Both have scoring hole by hole and course layout along with position gps and distance to hole. SwingxSwing has my public par 3 but a lot of ads and errors with gps (works3 out of 5 times). 18Birdies works great with gps. Scoring on SwingxSwing has better break down of hole were as 18Birdies is basic in free version. Has anyone found another app or has anyone used these and had better luck I have the new I have the iPhone 7 plus FYI
  10. Sorry for the confusion, but was more interested in the particular club or clubs than the brand. I heard an interview with Lee Trevino at Greenbrier and got me remembering a video I watched years ago call the one club challenge and they had to use just one club to play, it was interesting and humorous to watch. So I posted this thread. I have a mixed bag of clubs and not a one is new. Medium irons are my go to when I can't hit squat. FYI I got my irons at a garage sale 1-9 and sw,lw and pw all for $5.00. Had to get 1-3 regripped but all others had arthritic grips but I like them. Hope this clears up confusion. Or am I the confused one? Hummm? I from 1984
  11. Awesome. Getting the hang of mine. The 1st hole of the par 3 I play sometimes is 104 yards and it's great to use my wedge. For closer shots I've been trying my 5 iron and giving a little boop and hopping it on the green and letting it roll up. I also have a mallet chipper that works great for just off the green. Thanks for the input. What brand of wedge you using?
  12. Would like to know more about types and brands of clubs? I'm new to the lifestyle and well I can read reviews till I bleed from the eyes but actual users and reasons would be a great help. I personally like my irons (ping eye2's blue dot). I can hit them straight and each club up or down I can get about 10 yards plus or minus. 60-75% I hit them where I pray they go. I know there old as dirt but they hit nice and well just starting I figure I'll upgrade next season. Kinda why I'm looking for input. I have a tour edge bazooka QL 11 degree driver. Still trying to figure that monster out and a Ben Hogan 3 hybrid but have not hit it yet. I also have an older odyssey white hot putter with a fat grip.
  13. In the Menomonie area looking for golf buddies around here. I usually golf Monday's and Tuesday's due to work. Give a shout will see what we can arrange.
  14. Welcome from Wisconsin. I'm a Texas native now in wi and miss the area. I worked down in your area a lot. Find a nice 9 hole par 3 and get som practical application in. Reading and watching are great but you gotta see if you can put it all into motion. Or at least get to a driving range. Top golf is cool bar and driving range off of hwy 6 and I- 10. On the west side. I think super golf is over that way to. Otherwise you'll find the find great places south and north and a few inside the loop not much east. Well welcome and hope to hear more about your journey. Do miss the area
  15. Hi all from menomonie on the west side. We have several courses in this area anyone free on a Monday or Tuesday I'm up to play. Those are my days off. Would love to meet new folks and play a round. I'm new and really have no handicap. Not sure he many rounds I have to play but just working on basics and enjoying the game. Contact me if your available Todd Aww sand valley is that the old arrowwwod country club?