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  1. Any WI Golfers on here

    Actually there are several great courses in a small area here. Turtle back up in rice lake is nice and voyager village country club near spooner is very nice. And I’m sure there are other recommendations others will make. A person can hit a few in a weekend and not venture more than 20+ miles from there hotel
  2. Any WI Golfers on here

    Well you should try it in the spring
  3. Any WI Golfers on here

    Well I’m new to the game so it varies day to day which holes blow the hardest lol. But still keep going out. Still have to Break the triple digit disasters got close but just missed it by that much(Maxwell Smart) yes I’m that old
  4. Any WI Golfers on here

    Here in Menomonie area we have tanglewood greens nice 18 hole new owners and they’ve sunk a fair bit of coin in fixing up the place. Love the course and new clubhouse.
  5. Golf apps

    Super. I have an iPhone so far only one I’ve seen that has worked every time is the grint. Game golf was ok but not overly accurate and well to much trying to sell add on’s But that’s common this day and age. Everything’s got a price tag on it. I have not tried the pro version but not in need of the features. Thank you for your post. I’m trying to look at as many as I can.
  6. Golf apps

    Hey Dan, just downloaded your app and really like the simplistic look and navigation of it. Downloaded the two courses I play that are close and the large 18 hole par 72 looks great. Was surprised to find my little par 3 29 course in there. Ran a test on that one and it starts the course on hole 2. Where does the data for courses come from. I currently use The Grint for an app and it has different data? I'll try it out scoring wise today and see how it all flys but do far so good. Keep it up I think you got a winner here
  7. Grip tape, masking tape, no tape

    Got the grips on yesterday thanks for the spiral wrap tips. I put a screwdriver in my vise and a large washer on it and spun the club. Unfortunately I used to much tape in the beginning and only got 10 clubs wrapped before I ran out of tape( ran inside and ordered more) so when new arrives I got it down. In the future I will pay attention to the pictures of the kit and order the 2 in tape. Thanks for the help was easy regrip except the old shaft clean up that was a pain but in the end well worth it.
  8. Grip tape, masking tape, no tape

    Just got some golf pride grips in a kit and it came with 1/2 inch tapes not 2 inch any tips on using the smaller width tape?
  9. Hey! Excited to Join the Community

    Welcome to the community and to golf. For clubs and such starter sets can be had at divks or heck even Walmart for that matter. Used clubs are an option which is what I did. By the way this is my first year golfing. I found a used set of pings at a garage sale 4-9 irons and a pitching wedge, of course you'll need a putter. I went to play it again sports and got a driver just got one that looked in good shape and felt good in my hands. A bag(unless you buy a set that includes it and shoes. I played in my tennis shoes for a bit but spikes do make a difference. A good book to read IMO is Ben Hogan's the 5 lesson fundamentals of modern golf. Great and easy to read not tech talk. Not sure where you are but look for places like golf galaxy or 2nd swing golf stores. With them you can get a custom fitting usually free if you buy clubs. Your local course should have an instructor and a few lessons will be a great starting point. Your new so remember have fun. Score means nothing till you learn the game. Ask the course you wanna play best times when it quiet and deserted that way your not rushed. Scuch s shot heck try again. Balls in the beginning look for quantity not quality your gonna lose bunches lol. I started on a par 3 9 hole city course. Not long and usually not a lot in your way. I used nothing but irons the first few weeks. So time on the course and driving range is great. Watch YouTube videos for things you think are going weird they helped me. Good luck and any question everyone here is awesome. Helped me bunches. Played my first full 18 yesterday got a 106 but had the time of my life. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your golf game. Just enjoy
  10. To upgrade or just regrip old ones

    Thanks. My local club wants 10 bucks a club to regrip lamkin grips. Another place did 3 clubs for 20 bucks and used DTG grips which I see go for a buck or two. Not sure which grips to buy golf pride on high end dtg on the bottom. Lamkins in the middle. See I can get a full 13 set with tape and solvent for about 70ish of the lamkins or 27 for dtg. And golf pro tight at 140 I do like the pings and I can hit the mid irons nice and straight.
  11. To upgrade or just regrip old ones

    So my. Low gun attachment in my air compressor would work then ? Also. What are the advantages or disadvantages of one method over the other?
  12. To upgrade or just regrip old ones

    Is the mounting something I could do? Also saw a video of pine meadow clubs being made and they used air to mount them. Watched a few YouTube videos on regripping doesn't look like rocket science but is there a hidden secret that makes getting it done better?
  13. To upgrade or just regrip old ones

    THAT sounds like sound advice. Thank you.
  14. To upgrade or just regrip old ones

    Any thoughts on grips would lean towards golf pride
  15. To upgrade or just regrip old ones

    Just concerned about polishing a turd ? new grips on old clubs. The tech from 30 year old clubs will I see improvement in new tech or get me right before i.e.. lessons and time on the course. ?

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