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  1. Well, last weekend was the opener for my local Par 3 course. I went out proudly with my newly fitted clubs, did my warm ups and tee'd up, from there well let the comedy begin. Upgraded my Clubs from Ping eye 2's to much new Taylor-made burners, a Cobra F7 driver R15 fairway wood and a titlist 718 hybrid. First hole is a short 104 yards and I used to use my PW, Wiped it out dropped the ball and Sailed it 30 plus yards past the green, Ouch @#$%. 1 over par there. 2nd hole is 243 yards, pulled out the driver (I usually hit right at 240), Nope over again not as bad and got it in for par
  2. Welcome To the Club Steve, What part of the State are you from? I'm from Menomonie area. Tell us about the courses that are around you. Glad to have yo in the club.
  3. Morning Fellow Golfers, WEl today is the 24th or April and I will be heading out this afternoon to try out my newly fitted clubs and see just how off I got over the very long winter. Pinewood Golf Course in Menomonie is open for business and I cant wait( wife says I have to finish my cores first, MEANIE!!) so I will try to grab a few snapshots and let yall know how it goes. So please let me know what other areas are open and another week and the big course will be open also. LETS GET SWINGING>
  4. Butchammon, read your post and had to smile. I got out of the army and went into it. Like you I ended up being to old and got my class a cdl and have been trucking for 15 years. Nice to have a fellow vet and golf nut welcome to the obsession
  5. HI WI golfers. living in Menomonie, WI we have 3 courses in town and from what I read the Grand opening for Tanglewood Greens is the 11th and 12 of May with a big event going on http://www.tanglewoodgreens.com/event-center/our-events. This is a great 18 hole course. 2nd course is, Piinewood golf course. This is a great 9 hole executive course. Had dinner up there the other day Great fish fry . Talking to Jansen and Faith the owners they say as soon as the snow is gone they 'll be open. I like this course for the quietness of it and the ability to try different shots and the relaxed p
  6. Ok Fellow Golfers, I got some grand kids ages 1-8. The two oldest play in cali with my daughter and her husband at the navel base in Port Hunami. I have a 4 year old that I bought the little pink barbie Iron, driver and putter. Had her putting into a bucket on its side but that lost interest really fast, Getting warmer her so could be outside soon and would like to try to build her interest and keep it fun. any Ideas for keeping a 4 year olds attention for more than 5 minutes or am I doing good with that..lol. Thought Or Ideas?
  7. I think yoga is a great low impact solution and the benefits for our game will be positive. Being more flexible and possibly with that will come less chance for injury. My lower back starts to hurt after a few holes and I have to sit for a few minutes then every few holes so sure that to will improve. Great advice. Thank you
  8. Jcrane, have wondered about yoga but not sure how I’d squeeze into those tight pants or that I can even sport the look lol. I have been on the look out for a beginners yoga class. Has been hard to find one that fits my schedule I get Monday’s and Tuesday’s off. But thank you for the advice could use the stretching and flexibility also that’s gotta help your game right?
  9. There is a link between diet and exercise and yes over eating creates over weight. Over exercising can also produce weight gain as stated due to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat. I am 300 lbs and I struggle with weight. I think there is also a phycological aspect here also. To put it simply, I don't have a or mine in non functioning, an off switch or a full meter on my intake side. I eat till I am over full and suffer from it hours after. I eat healthy and prepare most of my own food. I will even though I'm full going to shove something into my mouth just cause it goes with tha
  10. I just bought clubs at 2nd swing in MN. I had a fitting that was free with purchase and boy am I happy I did. 1st off I have read and researched online read the blogs and asked any and everyone questions. I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted and was teetering between going to 2nd swing or dunham's sports store here in town. well I got on the track man and at 2nd swing and come to find out that the clubs i thought I wanted were among the worst I hit. I ended up with a Cobra F6 for a driver and they had me try the F7 and Idid not hit that as well. Irons I tried the titelist AP1 with grap
  11. Will do a Course Guide for the area courses here in Western WI.  Not sure if others are in this area but we have a lot of links around here to play and it ranges from 9 hole Par 3 Muni courses to par 72 18 that are reasonable in Price and offer some nice long bomber holes and a few that require a bit more accuracy.  we have sand and water and last year I almost hit a deer runnning across the fairway but lucky for her I am NOT that good.  so I'll post pictures and links to them . So Pumped up for the season.  Oh and GO TIGER he is doing great . nice to see the comeback.,

  12. Went to 2nd Swing today in MN and got fitted for some updated clubs. was an awesome experience. fitting was free with purchase and GOD was I out of sorts not having swung a club in a few months. But at the end I had a new bag full of Clubs that were best for me and they stayed within my budget and I was thrilled. Cant wait for the snow to melt and I will be out there. I am SO PUMPED to PLAY Tanglewood Greens In Menomonie WI . Great Course, Great people, Awesome Time
  13. Actually there are several great courses in a small area here. Turtle back up in rice lake is nice and voyager village country club near spooner is very nice. And I’m sure there are other recommendations others will make. A person can hit a few in a weekend and not venture more than 20+ miles from there hotel
  14. Well I’m new to the game so it varies day to day which holes blow the hardest lol. But still keep going out. Still have to Break the triple digit disasters got close but just missed it by that much(Maxwell Smart) yes I’m that old
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