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  1. Might be a record for someone who isn't spamming.

  2. Get a set of ole 690mbs, will change your life.
  3. No man. Taking an INCH of SHAFT that has WEIGHT off the club, does in fact reduce the weight and has an affect on the club. You are a 18 handicap - don't go tinkering with your clubs. You don't know what you are doing yet. Go to a professional for help.
  4. Looks like PING paid to advertise on this website given all the pro-bounce propaganda.
  5. I am a traditional golfer. I do not condone the use of these hybrid woods. Players should be rewarded for their practice and ability to hit certain shots - not going to a pga superstore and getting fitted for some super light shafted 23 degree wood that the fitter tells them is now their 5 iron.
  6. Buy used, you are a 15 handicap. The supposed new technology developed in 8 months from the older Titleist models won't help you - go on ebay and get the 716s. spend the money saved on your kids, you are aren't breaking 80 anytime soon.
  7. Chrome Soft is the worst ball on tour. All callaway players are running from it - even CAPTAIN AMERICA has switched to a bridgestone. Callaway is a joke.
  8. YES, it will change the weight of the putter thus it will impact the feel. Any length taken off the club needs to be offset with additional weight by using lead tape or a weighted grip. Kids doing this turn a $300 scotty cameron into a worthless POS - every action has an equal reaction.
  9. Have some dignity for the game. Learn to hit clubs, don't just rely on technology to make the game more enjoyable. This isn't an easy game. There were no short cuts 50 years ago.
  10. Try finding an old set of ping s59s, they are a D0 swing weight if I recall correctly. Should be cheap as well.
  11. No. Just no. Only acceptable hybrid is a 3 hybrid, and that is a stretch.
  12. Dang. You are good a using google. If you are a 25 handicap, I highly doubt you have the feel to discern the difference between the metals.
  13. What are the best set ups for distance. I have a 10.5 M2, cranked down to a 8.5 But I also have a 9.0 M2 head, that I want to crank down. Has anyone made a chart that has detailed the pros and cons of the different M2 heads with the various lie and loft angle settings? I have a feeling it is better to have a higher loft and crank it down, but I'd welcome thoughts from posters with handicaps under 5. Thanks.
  14. I'm a purist. I play for the tips, I play the ball down, and I play with blades. I don't need 22 degrees bounce and a Callaway ERC driver to make myself feel better by breaking 80 on a course playing 6200 yards.
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