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  1. Moxley

    What is your driver loft?

    12 , although I use my mini driver (14 degrees) far more often.
  2. Moxley

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Good 41 for the front nine yesterday. Had to stop at 10 , but I would have had an outside chance of breaking 80 had I continued since the back 9 is easier. Left a few shots out there on the green, and hit a few slightly off drives, but good approach shots helped me score well in the end.
  3. Moxley

    Unconventional Driver Address

    If it's open relative to the path, then it'll be a slice or fade ( ignoring any gear effect) . If by open you mean relative to the target, maybe, but only if path was to the right by the same amount.
  4. Moxley

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Not too many, John Rahm is probably the most serious young contender other than Fleetwood. Can't see Rahm doing it though, I don't think he has the temperament for Carnoustie. Long shots would probably be Eddie Pepperell and Thorbjorn Olessen, the latter being in excellent form. Also agree with Matt Fitzpatrick.
  5. Moxley

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Yeah, a big part of my tee strategy , I often play the hole backwards with this in mind, taking however much club and taking on whatever danger necessary (within reason) to make it there. Perhaps my other biggest problem too. Fortunately only affects woods and hybrids. If I'm hitting big hooks (whether snap hooks or big monster hooks) then it's going to be a difficult day with the big stick. In the end I've settled on getting a club I can't miss left with (Ping Crossover, 18 degrees) to revert to if I'm missing left and can't afford to. Sort of like my Plan B club, or a club I can pull out when missing left is going to mean stroke + distance.
  6. Moxley

    Has this ever happened to you? What should I do?

    Took me a while to adjust to my new equipment when I last changed iron set. Also prone to the nightmare day where everything is off like everybody else. Just one of those things ,a bit of practice and a better day and you'll be fine. Very impressive 👍
  7. I don't know about others, but I can't control distance on hybrids below 150 yards either. The moment I try hitting a ~190 yard club ~140 yards, I get a lower trajectory and a much higher % roll. It's the roll that makes it so unpredictable. It's likely just a trade-off you'll have to accept playing this way. It's probably possible to a hit a hybrid a shorter distance (than ones full swing would go) and get some distance control by making some adjustments (e.g. higher spin loft, left to right flight) but I think it would take a lot of skill and practice.
  8. Moxley

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    Sounds like a misunderstanding reading the article, he was annoyed that his ball was in a bush and the marshall thought he was annoyed with him.
  9. Moxley

    2018 World Cup

    Good final to wrap up a good tournament, the best World cup in quite some time I think. England getting 4th is a solid result for a young team , given we haven't done well in this for a long time. Let's hope we can further in the next Euros.
  10. Moxley

    How important are "micro grooves" to wedges?

    I find it fascinating that the golf industry is like my one industry in that companies are innovating and inventing new tech with the primary (often sole) purpose being to enhance perception rather than reality.
  11. Moxley

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    The issue is a lack of rain, it's never that hot in Scotland. The course is on sandy soil so it dries easily. Rough might be easier though, and the ball will run on a long way.
  12. Moxley

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Yup, crazy dry over here. My course has now banned smoking outside while dry conditions continue
  13. Moxley

    Cheating in tournament

    Interestingly his 'defence' of saying you had gone 'Lexi Thompson on him' is revealing and could have possibly trapped him into an indefensible position had he repeated this later (or admitted to saying it) . 1. If he knows about that case, then he is almost certainly aware of ball marking procedures, as should also be implied by his handicap. 2. Managing to quote such a relevant example of the same rule being applied makes the curious mind wonder if the defence was pre-prepared 3. Very few. if any, people ever contended that LT didn't break a rule , but rather that the infringement was very minor, called late and called in by a viewer. But not that she didn't actually break a rule. Of course, it would require the tournament official cared enough to investigate the matter , but this sort of comment could have allowed an opportunity to probe the competitor.
  14. Moxley

    Cheating in tournament

    I think I was using the term allegation in a different way to how you may have interpreted it. I was referring to the mere act of reporting the infringement. There are differing definitions of the term allegation, some of these assume the allegation is unsupported/without proof, which is not the way I was using the word.
  15. Because for some, myself included, being highly invested in the outcome greatly enhances the enjoyment of the good outcomes. Not saying that isn't complete madness, mind you 😉

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