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  1. Moxley

    Hole in 1 on a par 3 course

    I can live with this requirement - If I ever get an ace, the rest of the day is cancelled and I'll finish out whatever!
  2. Moxley

    Hole in 1 on a par 3 course

    Yes, but depending on the length I'd probably qualify the claim. Most part 3 courses have a few shots that require a short or mid irons, and while they are generally a bit softer overall, an ace I think is just as valid. If it's an 80 yarder, then I'd still count it , but it would have an asterisk. Sort of counting the hero challenge as a PGA tour win , or the PGA championship as a major.
  3. So, it's the end of the European Tour, with the race to Dubai on the line, and it seems that 2 people can win it - Molinari & Fleetwood. Molinari is well ahead on points, which means Fleetwood needs to win with Molinari outside of the top 5 in order to win the main thing. It didn't look too likely , but it's now getting interesting, with Fleetwood just one off the lead (currently being shared by Reed & Wallace). It's going to be close, but I think Fleetwood will do it - he's excellent in this competition, and Molinari, as good as he is, probably won't finish in the top 5.
  4. Moxley

    Different Handicap for Walkers?

    I always walk & carry , as it's possible in the UK , though challenging on a hot summer day. I think it offers a possible slight advantage, but it can easily become a disadvantage on the later holes if the player doesn't set themselves up well enough ( as light a bag as possible, good footwear, good fitness level, food & drink etc ).
  5. Moxley

    Shanking My Wedge

    Also my experience from the one time I had an issue with shanking wedges.
  6. Moxley

    62/64 Wedge for hard lies?

    @iacas thanks , although I have found it more difficult with a lot of bounce - I think it's because I can get a little steep, whereas the video talks about a shallow aoa. @Patch I'm talking about shots where I need to lob the ball up - when I have an alternative (e.g. bump and run) I invariably take it. @Typhoon92 Good to know thanks.
  7. Moxley

    Draw vs Fade: Which is Cooler & Reliable

    I find a fade more slightly more reliable - I might double cross and go left, but I don't often suffer from over fading very often (i.e. slicing) when playing for a fade - overall a higher percentage of shots will work. Anything can happen when I play a draw - in summer, a draw that gets too hooky (and has been delofted) can be a disaster because there is no stopping it until it's in something like a bush.
  8. Moxley

    To Join Or Not?!?!

    @Jekyll-Hyde £35 visitor, £20 guest , £20 twilight. Full Membership is £700 , but there are many schemes, such as young adult discount that make it cheaper, so £500-£600 a year for me while im in my 30's. For dollar amounts multiply by around 1.3
  9. Moxley

    The Cameron Champ Thread

    I think it's a combination of hitting it far and , taking into account his age, the potential for improvement elsewhere in his game.
  10. Moxley

    The Cameron Champ Thread

    Very exciting to see him in the Mayakoba, playing so well on a course that isn't really geared towards big hitters. Too early to accurately gauge his potential but there's every reason to believe it would be very high indeed. Also up there is Aaron Wise, who I also think is a great prospect.
  11. I've been toying with what to do when replacing my Lob wedge, which I'd now like to do. I have a 60 degree lob wedge, which I don't tend to carry because it's really old (worn grooves) and I like my 54 for most shots. The problem I have is that my home course has very hard ground (sandy) , which I find difficult to chip or pitch from, and can suffer from catching it thin with my 54. This is especially the case when 54 might not be enough and I want to bring it down steeper. What I'd like is a club that I can use to pick the ball with a (somewhat) square face and get it high. I'm already competent at this shot with my 60 but I figure a bit more loft will make hitting these shots easier as I won't have to open the face as much. I also wonder whether it might give me another option out of bunkers when I need more loft (again, a couple of these are somewhat hard). I don't use these clubs for full shots (or indeed shots where I have any other choice) so I don't need to worry about suitability other than for specialist shots. I'm not concerned about loss of distance because I only use it close to the green, so I guess distance control is the main drawback of having so much loft? Any thoughts much appreciated.
  12. Moxley

    Justin Rose to Honma??

    I'd rather he wasn't doing this, but such is Justin's ability, he'll still win either way 👍
  13. Spot on from the scientist, although I'm guessing it's more clear cut at regular golf courses where they'll all essentially be made the same? I like leaving the flagstick in (and often do when playing alone), but I think it'll be interesting in social games next year, when people start asking for the flag to be put back in again, and you have all sorts of messing about as different players have different preferences (which they almost certainly will) leading to some instances of it being replaced and lifted multiple times during putting. It's for this reason, rather than the impact on the putts themselves, that I think they'll change their minds. In the meantime, I'll happily take the advantage and have it in.
  14. @iacas @NMGolf fair enough. It's likely to be my main aim anyway over the winter (distance through the bag, not necessarily just on driver) , though I doubt I'll get 20 yards without doing something about Clubhead speed (It's been a while since I've been on trackman, but I think I'm around 90 for driver from memory - Zepp thinks higher, but I don't trust it) and I just anticipate it's going to be hard - I'll be delighted if it proves otherwise.
  15. 20 yards is a pretty big gain though , If it's assumed that the extra distance isn't at the cost of accuracy/mishits. Just one off the world drive would cost 2 shots , and It would take a fair bit of improvement to my swing to get it 20 yds further without risking those shots.

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