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  1. Moxley

    Golfing Tomorrow!!

    Your games with your dad sound like the ones with my Dad. I took up the game again as my dad was slowing down, and all of a sudden I now give my dad a shot a hole like you do with yours. But I still always look forward to them, even though it's only a few times a year in my case. Enjoy them while you're both still healthy enough to play.
  2. https://blog.trackmangolf.com/club-path-versus-impact-point/ Found this interesting, ive always thought that my hooks or slices were almost entirely an issue with face/path relationship. Ive also thought that gear effect normally just offsets the initial launch direction on off center hits. Any thoughts on this video?
  3. One (perhaps obvious) point is that range balls are going to react differently with sidespin than the balls you may use on the course. If you are using a high spin ball (such as Pro v1 , Chrome Soft etc) then it will have a tendency to curve a little more. It doesn't necessarily mean you would benefit from changing to a 2 piece , but it could be a factor.
  4. Moxley

    2018 Valero Texas Open

    Indeed, congrats to Landry , was pleased for him. Saw him run up close earlier in the year, and it's always good to see these guys go manage to go one better the next time.
  5. Moxley

    Paying for handicap scam

    it's the serious responses that are funny.
  6. Moxley

    Loose impediments, when has a ball moved?

    Clear consensus seems to be that a rotated ball has moved, not oscillated. Fair enough, I appreciate the responses.
  7. Moxley

    Is Joe LaCava Tiger's Best Choice of Caddie?

    Yeah, I think so too, right now I think he just enjoy his golf - he's a long way from the top (and going by his new swing speed, he still has the potential to make it to a very high level again) , and it's probably more important that he perseveres and keeps on improving in the shorter term. When he gets back into the mix regularly, perhaps a change will be necessary.
  8. Moxley

    2018 Valero Texas Open

    I thought Trey Mullinax's duffed pitch at the 17th was very interesting. Perfect lie, and not short sided , but still duffed. His error seemed to be quitting on the shot for fear of going too far past. Just goes to show that you can never take a simple pitch shot for granted.
  9. Moxley

    Hole in One on a Temporary Hole

    Congratulations. I think it counts, regardless of any plaque. I expect I'll be lucky if I ever get one on a full course. Slightly different question, do holes in one on par 3 course (often having holes well under 100 yards) count? I've come mightily close on those courses many times.
  10. Maybe graphite shafts would reduce the feeling enough to make you happy enough to take small divots? I bought a graphite 6 iron myself just as an experiment, can't say I noticed much difference , but some do say they reduce vibrations on heavy shots.
  11. Moxley

    ‘Walk Out’ music when announcing players?

    I think it's a good idea for the first tee, but I think the fans on the tee ought to choose it for each player, so they can have a bit of a fun. So Poulter might end up with Right Said Fred's "I'm too sexy", while Reed might get Chesney Hawkes classic "The One and Only" etc
  12. Moxley

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Indeed , very impressive. After ground works over the last few weeks I've just seeded mine the weekend gone, though I doubt it'll be as impressive as your effort.
  13. I don't think hitting these shots off a mat is helpful for these shots. Hitting a pitch shot off a mat is an absolute doddle, because you can basically just hit the ball fat and get away with it. Infact, if you generate even moderate spin, you'll find that your good shots get a lot of spin, hit the back of the green and stop/come back, while the very fat shots still make it close to the green and roll on. This is fun, but not good practice imo. When you play them from the ground you have you have to get your balance and tempo right, so I practice from the ground given that it will help me more on the course.
  14. Moxley

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    True, but it's the big major in 14 weeks :)
  15. Moxley

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Fair enough, although I think those videos just show that he sometimes struggles to control his temper , a flaw it may be, but it doesn't make him a bad person. I think he's a good guy. It was great to see him there after the 18th to congratulate Reed.

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