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  1. How to Play Through Another Group

    I always thought, for a long time, that marshals/rangers were an amusing invention of the great old game 'SimGolf', that i used to love playing as a kid. Now I see they are really a thing and actually used a fair bit over there, amazing.
  2. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    I think what you have suggested is a pretty good way to do it. The issue with the running total that I'm finding is that picks don't carry over from 1 week to the next , meaning that you score no points if you forget. That's easily done over a year when you have family, work etc, not to mention holidays. Because the typical weekly points are around ~400, but the typical good-bad spread around ~100 , it means missing a single week would require 8 weeks of excellent scoring to make up. 2 or 3 missed (me already ) and you are realistically out of it. Maybe not an issue to others, just my thoughts. Other ideas : 1) Points average ,subject to a minimum number of entries 2) Double/extra points for Majors,WGCs etc 3) Number of weeks won as the first tie splitter, followed by something else (e.g. total points, or pts average) 4) Double/extra points for closing events, so that the finish holds some excitment 5) Some variant on your segment idea as above, for instance offering bonus points for winning a segment.
  3. How to Play Through Another Group

    This seems a bit back to front to me. If you had the course to yourself, I don't think you'd get any enjoyment from playing too quickly to be able to play your best. You might play quickly in order to do something else later, but it won't enhance your enjoyment. Conversely, rushing would reduce your enjoyment. Now, when the course is not empty, surely the reason it's important to not play slowly is that it might spoil the enjoyment of others who have to keep waiting. I get this, and I agree that slow play is a problem. But what would be the point of most people playing too quick to find their ball, follow their rules and read their putts? wouldn't that just mean more people on the course playing bad golf, and having less fun?
  4. Hinge and hold

    I tried this last year and it didn't work for me , lovely shots when it worked, but too many bad misses. I think the problem is being consistent with the wrist action, I think it's asking too much for weekend golfers. I use some wrist break in certain situations though, like when I want a bit more spin.
  5. Rethinking Chipping Strategy

    Why would this be? because it makes it more likely we'll not bottom out in time ? or is it one of those physiological ones where we leave the club high because we know we can't afford to dig?
  6. Haney's 3 Rules

    I agree with this first two rules, although I would apply penalties rule more to stroke and distance scenarios ; having to hit a no progress shot or not carrying the water is usually a result of a risk which would have had a reward, but an OOB shot (that wasn't due to a really bad execution) is more often a result of a risk not worth taking. If only i'd remembered that on the penultimate hole last Saturday :)
  7. Driving range or a round?

    I play more than go to the range , partly due to back issues, but it's also so much more fun. If you pick quiet times/courses, you can practice with the right routines (e.g. playing 2 balls, and always selecting the worst shot, then play 2 from there, and so on).
  8. Rethinking Chipping Strategy

    I agree with this , but would you deviate from this if the ball was sitting up a little, or the penalty of a sculled shot was very high? I tend to focus on the worst case scenario with chipping, and usually vary the stroke to try and avoid it (e.g. engage leading edge if ball is sitting up and there's a risk I'll just slide under it and not even make it past the fringe), although this does mean i need more shots in my game and precision will maybe be lower.
  9. How to Play Through Another Group

    Problem with this is you'll never get everybody following the same protocol here, so while you can establish the best way in principle, it just won't work, except, perhaps, for clubs who are pretty much limited to members & their guests. Just got to be alert & hope for the golfers ahead to have enough consideration to allow you through when beneficial.
  10. Shot Timing

    I generally take too long, and it's the lack of a good pre-shot routine. It's something I need to work on - if I could set myself properly, and I'm sure I'd be able to just pull the trigger.
  11. Your Favourite Form of Punishment

    Interesting. I like ditches across the fairway, but I agree that bad placement can make it a bad feature. I think these need to challenge mid-longer hitters to carry them while providing a safe option that won't be too restrictive. 250+ is too far for virtually golfers to confidently carry, while 230 would limit even average hitters to taking less club. A diagonal ditch (say that runs to 215 near side of fw, 260 far side) can work well though.
  12. Can someone short off the tee become #1 again?

    I voted no, and I think it's a shame too. Although I'm taking 'again' to mean the foreseeable future. I would hope that by the time the next generation are playing professionally, more balance would be achieved between the relative field.
  13. This. Lots of love for Executive courses. Even if an exec course isn't for you, they are probably keeping the groups you don't want to encounter off the courses you do like.
  14. Ideal time for a round

    4 hours - if that isn't attainable, I'd rather do fewer holes.

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