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  1. SocialPutts: Looking for a Pilot group

    Rick, thanks for downloading the app. Glad you like it! Have you gotten any of your friends on board yet? If you have any questions, please let me know.
  2. July 31 Practiced putting indoors from 4-8 feet. Felt good, getting more consistent ball striking but need to develop better feel on longer putts. Will also try to hit 54 and 58 degrees wedges into chipping target if I can squeeze it in. I have completed the July Challenge and wish to claim my award!
  3. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot a 48 on the back 9 (the easier 9) at Forest Creek, my home course. The greens are still in bad shape and they had 3 temp greens. I've played at least 9 holes for 7 straight weeks, the longest streak of my life, yet my putting has never felt worse. Starting to think that trying to putt on greens that are part grass, part scorched earth and part sand is impacting my ability to putt. It's definitely taken a toll on my confidence. I had 2 recovery shots, didn't lose a ball and only had on par. With the greens in sad shape, I need to do a better job of pitching and chipping so I have shorter, easier putts. LOTS of chipping and pitchng practice this weekend!
  4. SocialPutts: Looking for a Pilot group

    Thank you to everyone who's been trying out the SocialPutts app. The feedback has been tremendous and the support is greatly appreciated. There's a lot of functionality in the app., and we're working on a comprehensive demo video based upon your specific feedback. The video will be several minutes long and we plan on also chping up it into smaller chunks by function. Once the rough video is complete I'll be certain to post it for everyone's enjoyment and amusement. Thanks again, and please keep the feedback rolling in!
  5. What keeps you from playing more golf?

    I actually considered adding bad weather as an option, but there's not a while lot we can do about that resides relocating. Here in TX I'm sure 106 degree heat this weekend will take a toll on the number of rounds played. My 10 yr old son's scheduled to play tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm, not sure that's going to happen.
  6. 7/25 Went to the practice range over lunch. Hit a large bucket with my 54 and 58 degree wedges to 2 pins, taking turns from 30 yards. Still chili dipping occasionally, but when I complete my swing with rhythm the result is great. Also practiced lag putting. Adjusted my approach to have a crisper stroke with a shorter backswing. Seemed to help with solid contact but still working on distance control. Hoping to play 9 holes tomorrow and take what I've tried to the course.
  7. 7/24 Hit 100 balls with my 58 degree, focused on rotating and releasing the clubhead through contact to avoid chili dipping. Was hit or miss for the first 10-15, after that I achieved solid contact. Pulled a few, than got into a rhythm and begane to vary distances. Shorter chips usually lead to a breakdown in form so the last 30 balls were short chips and I executed them well. Will reinforce this several more times this week with wedges as well as irons.
  8. 7/23 Played 9 holes yesterday. Quite a roller coaster. Had 4 pars, 2 triples and a snowman on a par 4. Shot a 49. Had to start on #2, which is the hardest hole. Started par, par, triple, snowman. Ended up parring the two toughest holes on the course and butchering a few others. Chili dipped a few chips, so worked on chipping into my chipping net today with my 58 degree wedge for 15 mins. Off the tee I'm either really good....or gone. Either a nice fade with the driver or pulled left. By the time we got ot play #1, I decided to try a driver, which isn;t really necessary. Bombed it, but went too far. Three chips later, two from under trees, I was on the green and 2 putted for a 6. Above all things, I think I need to work on my mental game. I have the shots, just not consistently.