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  1. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    All penalties applied increase the accuracy of the scores, not the competition. If you're tied for the lead after a round but find out after the round that you incurred 2, 2 stroke penalties on the first hole, the competition has been impacted. If you were really four shots off the lead, you would have certainly played the rest of your round differently and so would other players. As a spectator, this sucks too. You paid your money or sat and watched 4 hours of competition only to realize that the players didn't really know where they stood the entire day. It's not hard to imagine a golfer winning a tourney by one stroke, getting the check and the trophy only to have someone identify what could be a 2 stroke penalty as they watch the tourney on their DVR that night. When, if ever, is the round and tourney considered 'done'? Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing to let anyone get away with any rules violations. The violations need to be recognized immediately and enforcement should be immediate. We should strive to take the 'less than ideal' scenarios off the board. If golf is missing things that the public is catching, they simply aren't doing enough to enforce their own rules.
  2. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Yes, the truth is the player did commit the breach. In my opinion if the breach isn't caught during the round, you miss your chance. Again, if video review is so important, put the processes in place to cover for officials who are taking a leak. IMO swift rule enforcement is important for the integrity of the competition. If video review is so important, scrutinize all players throughout the round but when the scorecards are signed, review is over. The goal should be to ensure everyone always signs an accurate card, not catch a mistake 2 hours after the round has been completed. There's nothing 'good' about letting a known or seen infraction go un-penalized, but how and when it's caught can be bad for the game, bad for the tournament or unfair to the competitors.
  3. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    I am all for enforcing every rule. I have 2 problems with viewers calling in a rules violation: 1. If video rule enforcement is important to maintaining the integrity of the game, it should be provided by the PGA and not the public at large. Have a team of officials watching video with the ability to contact officials on the course when they see a violation. It should be done real-time, so that any infractions are caught immediately. 2. Not all golfers are being covered equally on TV, so rule enforcement by viewers is uneven across the field of players. One could argue that the contenders are being covered and it's OK to scrutinize them more closely, but it's still unfair. In my opinion it's laughable and embarassing that call-ins are allowed. If it's so important that we know whether a ball moved or just oscillated, we should have a standard video review process in place.
  4. Seeking Five Members for Players Towel Reviews

    I'd love to do this!
  5. Joining A "No Match" league

    This is exactly why I created my SocialPutts app. I like to play golf different ways. Sometimes I want a serious league or match, sometimes I just want to play with good friends, talk a little smack, have a beer or two and the score is secondary. I like to play more often and I like to meet more people who are of a similar mindset to play with. The app. is free and helps you connect with other golfers who play your favorite courses. It also has Beginners Groups, Just for Fun golfer groups, etc around every major US city. We just rolled out in TX, but I'd be happy to set up a group in your area for you. I could even contact your local courses and see if they'd be willing to make their golfers aware of the app. DM me if you're interested.
  6. Dallas area golfers

    I'm in Austin, which is a little far, but I'd love to play if you're ever in town. I have a free app., SocialPutts, I developed that helps golfers to connect with one another, set free times to play and book tee times. We've started rolling it out in Austin, but it sounds like it could help you in Dallas as we start to get more Dallas-area golfers on the app. If you have a second, I'd love for you to download it and lmk what you think. The links are in my signature below.
  7. What keeps you from playing more golf?

    I wanted to take a second to thank everyone for responding to this survey and providing your thoughts and feedback. As the Founder of SocialPutts, I've taken your input to heart and we are adjusting our app. and approach. For the past month or so we've been working hard and not playing as much golf or interacting on TST as I'd like. Looking forward to diving back in!
  8. SocialPutts: Looking for a Pilot group

    Rick, thanks for downloading the app. Glad you like it! Have you gotten any of your friends on board yet? If you have any questions, please let me know.
  9. July 31 Practiced putting indoors from 4-8 feet. Felt good, getting more consistent ball striking but need to develop better feel on longer putts. Will also try to hit 54 and 58 degrees wedges into chipping target if I can squeeze it in. I have completed the July Challenge and wish to claim my award!
  10. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot a 48 on the back 9 (the easier 9) at Forest Creek, my home course. The greens are still in bad shape and they had 3 temp greens. I've played at least 9 holes for 7 straight weeks, the longest streak of my life, yet my putting has never felt worse. Starting to think that trying to putt on greens that are part grass, part scorched earth and part sand is impacting my ability to putt. It's definitely taken a toll on my confidence. I had 2 recovery shots, didn't lose a ball and only had on par. With the greens in sad shape, I need to do a better job of pitching and chipping so I have shorter, easier putts. LOTS of chipping and pitchng practice this weekend!
  11. SocialPutts: Looking for a Pilot group

    Thank you to everyone who's been trying out the SocialPutts app. The feedback has been tremendous and the support is greatly appreciated. There's a lot of functionality in the app., and we're working on a comprehensive demo video based upon your specific feedback. The video will be several minutes long and we plan on also chping up it into smaller chunks by function. Once the rough video is complete I'll be certain to post it for everyone's enjoyment and amusement. Thanks again, and please keep the feedback rolling in!
  12. What keeps you from playing more golf?

    I actually considered adding bad weather as an option, but there's not a while lot we can do about that resides relocating. Here in TX I'm sure 106 degree heat this weekend will take a toll on the number of rounds played. My 10 yr old son's scheduled to play tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm, not sure that's going to happen.

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