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  1. 7/23 Played 9 holes yesterday. Quite a roller coaster. Had 4 pars, 2 triples and a snowman on a par 4. Shot a 49. Had to start on #2, which is the hardest hole. Started par, par, triple, snowman. Ended up parring the two toughest holes on the course and butchering a few others. Chili dipped a few chips, so worked on chipping into my chipping net today with my 58 degree wedge for 15 mins. Off the tee I'm either really good....or gone. Either a nice fade with the driver or pulled left. By the time we got ot play #1, I decided to try a driver, which isn;t really necessary. Bombed it, but went too far. Three chips later, two from under trees, I was on the green and 2 putted for a 6. Above all things, I think I need to work on my mental game. I have the shots, just not consistently.
  2. 7/22/17 Playing 9 holes at 5pm. Will get there early and work on lag putting for 15 mins. Over 100 degrees and dragging a bit today, need to focus on maintaining concentration. Shooting for a 43 or better.
  3. Unfortunately, I haven't. I just bought the ball that best fit my swing and took a chance with it.
  4. I don't know that I would say it felt different, but the distance I got with my driver and 3W initially surprised me. I putted with the ball a bit prior to my round, and with the soft feel I didn't expect it to jump off my driver. I was pleasantly surprised by the distance.
  5. 7/21 Practiced putting for 15 mins this morning. Mostly short putts indoors, focusing on clean contact and proper speed. Played 12 holes yesterday. Well, I still need to focus on lag putting and keeping my drives in play. Hit my first drive in the trees, punched it out under another tree, etc. On #3 hit a great drive but caught the bunker. Had a bad lie, clipped the lip coming out and landed in another bunker with another lie I couldn't advance. Had a bunch of punch outs, bad luck and 4 3-putts on the first 9 holes, but managed to par 3 of the last 4 holes to shoot a 46. Tried the VICE Pro Soft balls fr the first time and really likes them. The bright yellow made them easy to see in the trees.
  6. I played 12 holes with this ball yesterday. Overall, I really liked it. I got very good distance, more than usual, and the feel was good around the greens. As far as putting, I like the softer feel but it took a few holes to get used to it. My putts inside 8 feet were true, it rolled well, but I found myself coming up short on my longer lag putts. Tough to tell how much of this was the ball and how much was my lousy putting lately. Overall, I'm excited to continue playing this ball.
  7. I am playing them (matte yellow) for the first time this afternoon, in about an hour. I was putting with them the other day and they seemed very soft. Interested and excited to see how they perform.
  8. 7/20 Practiced putting for 15 mins and will be playing 9 holes (maybe more!) at 4pm. Need to focus on lag putting and keeping my drives in play. Has 2 punch outs on my last 9, need to eliminate those wasted shots. Interested to see how the VICE Pro Soft balls perform. Using them for the first time today.
  9. Welcome aboard, TST is great! I've bene on a few weeks, lots of fun, great membership and great info. I'm originally from NJ, lots of family still there, but I live in Austin, TX.
  10. 7/19 Spent 15 mins practicing lag putts from 20 feet indoors in my hallway. Trying new Vice Pro Soft golf balls tomorrow and trying to get a feel for them beforehand....and improve my putting which has be horrible.
  11. 7/18 Practiced 7 irons into my backyard net for 20 mins. Feels like I've taken 2 steps back. Hooked a few, after that started chili dipping them and grounding some out. Was out of rhythm as I got a little frustrated, started a slower take away but had quickened my down swing. Got it under control for the last 3 shots, but overall this session was a it of a struggle. Determined to keep at it!
  12. 7/17 Practiced putting indoors for 15 mins with my new Vice golf balls (looking forward to trying them out on the course!). Focused on not accelerating or decelerating..smooth motion. Varied distance 4-8 feet.
  13. @pganapathy Thanks for your interest. I responded to your direct message before seeing this post. We only have US courses on the app. so far. Please reach out to me directly with any issues you bump into and I'll do what I can to help you. To get you started, I'd like to create a free Bangalore, India golfers group for you and your friends on SocialPutts. Would you like it called 'Bangalore Golfers' or 'Bengaluru Golfers'? Due to current address field limitations, I won't be ale to have the group's address as Bangalore, it will have to be a US city, but your friends can simply search for the group name to join it and connect with one another.
  14. @Let it Fly I had the exact same problem. I love golf, but it's much more fun playing with friends. I actually created a free app., SocialPutts, to solved this exact problem for me. Using SocialPutts you can connect with your friends, mark the calendar when you're available to play golf and expand your cicrle of golf buddies so that you can play more often. I'd love for you to check out the app. to see what you think. The app. was recently released on the AppStore and Google Play and I'm looking for folks to kick the tires. There's even a thread on TST around this:
  15. July 16 In the middle of nowhere, hoping this post loads. Practiced swings focusing on weight transfer. Didn't hit golf balls, just focused on mechanics of my swing. Also stretched to improve range of rotation.