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  1. Help needed with short irons.

    Wow that really is different from so much advice out there. I'll sure give this a try but I'm concerned this will make my problem worse with short irons and giving me the tendency to straighten my left knee also.
  2. Help needed with short irons.

    Thanks for the welcome and reply. So are you saying you straighten your right leg during the swing? Thanks again.
  3. Having an issue thinning shots with shorter irons. Obviously these irons are shorter. Any thoughts as to reason for thinning shots? I'm trying to keep my knees flexed and maintain spine angle. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Please can you help me with this simple set up matter. So let's say you are using an 8 iron with ball in middle of your stance. What are you moving in your stance to get your head behind the ball? I know your back needs to be as straight as possible. Are you moving your hips closer toward target to get your spine on a tilt like the reverse k position or are your hips more centred to ball and you tilt your spine way from target more or what do you do? Also roughly what part of your head should be behind the ball? Just so I know not to go too far behind. Sorry for my ignorance! Any feedback gratefully appreciated.
  5. Very very interesting indeed. Thanks
  6. That's exactly what I'm asking about. (:0)
  7. Now you got me thinking! I guess I always assumed that was the case and that was how you swung down on the ball but I suppose if your head stays in same position your centre if plane should stay in same place. So you saying then that whether you have a forward bump with hips or not your divot if there is one will be at same place?
  8. Apologies as I am clearly not explaining myself well at all. Here's a quick sketch that might show what I mean better below. The red is the club head path at address without any change in body position on the downswing. The blue is the path with hip bump towards target. The green is the club lol I'm thinking the club face is no longer striking the ball dead centre on the downswing. And therefore wonder if at set up the club fave alignment should be adjusted to compensate for this. Hope this clears things up slightly better
  9. First post on here so please be kind. (:0) So let's assume you've set up correctly to ball with club face centred. When you bump your hips towards the target during the swing your centre of arc path is now around 2 or 3 inches closer to the target. At this point your club head is same distance away from you as it was at initial set up. However your ball was 2 or 3 inches behind and club face has hit the ball closer to the the heel of club. I know we are not talking a huge inaccuracy but it's making me wonder if I should be setting up the club face differently at address. I know I'm not explaining this very well but hope someone understands what I'm on about.

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