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  1. I hit the ball towards the toe on irons and woods. My divots are pretty straight. They used to be at a angle. I have always came over the top. I have been working on it. K am sure I don't. Come from the inside like I should. Could I be coming over the top enough I am hitting it on the toe. It's like I am hitting the sweet spot except towards the toe. I lose a lot of distance. When I do hit it in the center I can definitely tell the difference. Any advice. Thanks I did buy a set of Majek Hybrid irons with senior shafts. I really do like them.
  2. I will try the towel method also. I have just always had trouble hitting ball first. I got to watching videos and came up with the drill of putting something behind the ball. I can chip pretty well without hitting the alignment rod ( while in the house chipping I use a pencil) but on a full swing I have problems. I think I am bringing the club back to low. Only problem is I have probably been doing this forever and I know it would or will be hard to change. Still love to try though.
  3. I was watching chipping technique by Padrig Harrington on you tube. He says to put an alignment rod about six inches behind the ball. On takeaway and striking the ball you shouldn't hit the stick. I feel like I drag the club too much on regular shots. Would this be the same on regular iron shots and chipping. Should I not hit the stick?
  4. I will try the " pick out a spot in front of the ball". I would say I look at the back of the ball. I guess your supposed to hit the point your looking at. Sometime of practice swings I hit way behind the ball. I need try try the towel drill also. I am probably coming into the ball at the wrong angle too. I did try that chipping. I felt like I was picking the club up instead of taking it back. Thanks for the advice.
  5. I definitely hit a lot of fat shots. I just have trouble hitting the ball first and I am bad about coming over the top. I am 74. Been playing off and on for years. My parents probably couldn't have afforded lessons but I can see that would have been the thing to do. I have been doing things wrong for years and it will be hard to change. I got me a new net. Just going to start fixing self and hit a lot of balls if I can. I have a good idea of what I am doing wrong but I don't know if I can change it. I was going to try and change to the single plane swing. I had better luck
  6. Can you get good feed back hitting off a matt. I have a good matt and just bought a net. I guess you can good feedback with the driver. Whether your hitting it in the center of the face. I know you can't really tell what the ball would do. I was wondering more about the irons hitting off the matt. Just wondering.
  7. Just wondering what some of you seniors have for a swing speed. I turned 74 back in August. Just started back playing some. Was playing regular shafts. I bought a used driver off ebay. It a Cobra with 11.5 loft and a senior shaft. I have read seniors probably need a little more loft. From the length of my drives I figure my swing speed is somewhere between 75 and 80 with the driver. The driver was sold as 46". I checked the swing weight. It was D4. I didn't feel good with the length. I cut it off 1 1/8". It had a standard 50 gram grip on it. I put one wrap of tape and then
  8. Any advice for not hitting the ground with my driver? No matter how hard I try I either hit the ground or I am very close to the ground when I hit my driver. I am 71. Not real flexible either. I feel like I have a pretty good set up. I have tried not grounding the driver and it seems to help a little. I am usually high on the face and a little towards the toe. I have hitting in the net at home, marking the face and that is my pattern. I can really tell when I hit the center of the face. Anybody know of any good videos or drills to try. Thanks
  9. We only have one shop where I live so I don't have a big choice. Like I said I just like the shorter driver. I am 5'9". I think as far as swingweight unless it feels real heavy or real light I probably wouldn't know any difference. I think one of the guys on here said don't get hung up on swingweight just do what feels right.
  10. Yeah I know what you mean. I have only ever had two, if you want to call them fittings and I wasn't real impressed. I played last Monday with my driver I cut off and if felt good with the shorter shaft. I hit some good drives and some bad ones but the driver definitely feels better to me. If you would feel better with it shorter just buy the economy swingweight scale and check and see what your driver is and after you cut it off put it back to the same thing. I cut mine off 1 1/4 inches and put on a 25 gram grip and add 2 more grams to the grip and according to my little scale I am at
  11. This is what I did. I have a Titletist 917 D2 with a Diamana 60 gram shaft in regular flex. I measured it at 45 3/4 inches. I didn't have any way to check the swingweight before I cut it off. I took 1 1/4 inches off of it. I put on a 25 gram shaft and added 7 grams of lead tape. I played with it and did ok. The head of it felt a little heavy but really couldn't tell. I ordered one of the economy swingweight scales to check and see what I had. I came out with a D1 with no tape on the head, with the 25 gram grip and adding 5 grams on the end of the grip. It feels ok swinging it. Goin
  12. Well I cut it off 1 1/4" off and put a golf pride 25 gram grip on and added 6 grams of tape to the head. I ordered me a swingweight scale so I can tell what it is. I like the feel of the shorter shaft. Going to play a round Monday. Did put some impact tape on and it in the net. Had a pretty good pattern. I'll post after the round.
  13. Savel25. What do you mean swingweight is outdated. I want to ask everyone this question. If I have a 44 1/2 inch driver at swingweight DO and it has a certain feel then I cut it off the 1 1/4 inch and I do what ever I have to to get it back to DO will it feel the same. If it is off two or three swing weights could I tell the difference anyway. If I make a good swing and hit it in the sweet spot will it make any difference in what the ball does? Does the swingweight just help me get the club back to the center of the sweet spot? Thanks for the information and still looking for more.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I've have tried gripping down and it just doesn't work for me. I prefer to hold the top of the club. If I can cut 1 1/4" off and use the 25 gram grip and get to within two swing weights I'll just add a couple of grams of lead tape to the head and that should put me close. I probably wont' know the difference anyhow. That's kind of what I wanted to know. I have the driver set to 10.5 with a slight draw. I had it set to 11.5 but couldn't really tell any difference. I don't tee my ball up real high. Usually about centerline of ball to top of driver. I use
  15. I know this subject has been discussed many times on the forum and there are many different opinions. I have several drivers of different lengths and I prefer the shorter driver. None of them have been re swingweighted. I am a senior golfer with a 81 mph swing speed with driver. As far a length goes it seems about 43 1/2 feels the best. I have a Callaway x2 driver that is 43 inches long and I really like the length. I added some tape to the head but I know the swing weight is still off. This is my question. I have a Titleist 917 d2 driver with a Diamana 60 gram shaft in regular flex.
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