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  1. Ditching 3w for 5w

    I think I am going to take the 3 out of my bag also. I am a senior also. I am more apt to get a good hit with the 5 than the three and for me it is not that much difference in distance which isn't much anyway. A good hit with my 5 wood is about 180 and not much farther with my 3. If I take it out I won't be tempted to hit it.
  2. Ping g20 irons

    The Fly Z shafts weigh 65 grams. I didn't know how much the CFS shaft weighed. I hadn't thought about the length. I just went out to my shop and compared the length between the Ping 7 iron and the Cobra 7 iron. It is 1/8". I don't know how you measure the length of a iron though. I stood them up and put the toe of both clubs even then looked at the top of the grip. The Cobra is 1/8" longer. The sole of the Ping is much wider. I have two other seven irons. One is a old Adams Idea iron and the other is a older Adams o5. I have the sets of both. They are older clubs and the Cobra's the newest and they are a few years old. I basically hit the two Adams sets and the Cobra's about the same. The Ping is different. I hit it straight up in the air and no distance. I don't do this with the other three seven irons so I don't know. My other clubs dont's have near the offset. Don't know if that would have anything to do with it. I did not get a full fitting. I just hit them in the simulator and thought they felt good and bought them. I think if I would have carried them to the range I would have knew I couldn't hit them. I'll probably take them back and see if he has anything else I can try. For no more than I get to play the clubs I have are probably fine I just thought I might get some clubs that are a little newer. The Adams clubs are old, I am not sure on the Fly Z's. I am going to take them back and see if the guy will work with me. If he won't I'll sell them on ebay and just take a loss. I gave 350.00 plus tax for them. They are 4 -9 with pw, u, sw with the cfs shaft and ping grips in good shape. I'll take 325.00 shipped if anyone wants them.
  3. Ping g20 irons

    I posted that I had bought some Ping g20 irons with the ping shaft in regular flex. I just cannot hit them. I just sky the ball and they feel heavy. I weighed them on my scales (just static weight) and they are heavier than the clubs ( Cobra Fly Z) than I have been playing with. For an example the Cobra 7 iron weighs 380 grams and the Ping 7 iron weighs 420 grams. The Cobra pitching wedge weighs 400 grams and the Ping pitching wedge weighs 440 grams. It is a definite difference when you pick one up and lay it down and pick the other one up. I didn't realize they were that much heavier. Like I said I just sky the ball and get no distance. I am sure it is just me. I bought them from the only shop in town on August 3rd. Wonder if they would let me trade them in on something else? Is that normal? All the clubs I have were bought online. I did buy a Titletist 917 d2 driver also so maybe they will help me out with some type trade. They had several used sets. Going to try to check tomorrow. If I look at another used set would it be out of line to ask them to let me take them to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls with them. The Ping g20's felt good hitting off the carpet but not when I actually played off grass. Thanks
  4. Titleist 917 D2 Question

    I may go by there tomorrow and let them check the swingweight and talk to them about it. Thanks
  5. Swing weight explained please

    Thanks arturo28mx for the reply. I agree with you. I think if the club head doesn't feel to light to you and your hitting it to suit you then play it. Just my 2 cents. Thanks
  6. I bought a used Titletist 917 d2 driver from the golf shop here in town. I hit it some of the monitor but I really couldn't tell if I was hitting it good or not. I've played a couple of round with it and I have hit one or two good drives with it. I was thinking about shortening the shaft but I just put a tape mark down a inch or so and thought I would try that. I have a net to hit into here in my yard so I put an impact sticker on it and hit balls into the net. Almost everything was low left on the face. It is adjusted to 10.5 degrees and slight draw. I don't draw the ball but thought it might help me hit it a little straighter. After I got through hitting I was cleaning the club and I noticed that towards the end of the club it looks like it has a plug in it. Does it come with this? I am wondering if the previous owner had the tip weighted. The head by itself weighs 200 grams. Total static weight of the club 320 ounces. Does this sound right. The reason I am asking is I have a Callaway X2 Hot driver that has a short shaft in. I took it to the golf shop and had them check the swing weight and of course it was way light. The guy told me I would have to add 20 grams of weight to the head to get it back close. I don't know exactly how much I did add because I didn't weigh it before I started adding tape but I add a pretty good bit. With all the tape on it it weighs 205 grams and total weight of the club is 315 grams.. I would like to know what the head of the 917 should weigh. I have 4 other drivers and it seem like I can hit the center of the face better with them. I think I am going to take it back to the shop and have them check the swing weight and ask about the plug. Thanks
  7. Swing weight explained please

    I've seen people choke down on drivers and I know they haven't done anything to the driver either. I can swing this 917 d2 and hold it at the very end or choke down a inch or so and swing it both ways and I can't tell any difference in the way it feels myself. One of the guys said on a post I read somewhere to don't get hung up on swing weight. He said if you cut the club off and it feels ok and you hit it ok don't worry about it so I don't really know. I have a Callaway x2 hot driver with a fubuki 50 gram shaft in A flex. It measures 43" long. I took it to the shop here in town and let them check the swing weight. It was way light. I liked the way if felt. I had some lead tape so I taped it up. With the tape the head it weighs the same as the 917 d2. Both heads weigh 200 grams. I know the shafts weigh a little different. I may send the 917 d2 off to someone that knows what they are doing and have it cut down a little. I would hope to be able to use the same shaft. I just like the shorter driver. Thanks for all the comments.
  8. Swing weight explained please

    I guess I don't understand what the difference of chokeing down 1 inch ( seems like that would make the swing weight different) and cutting off one inch and re gripping. Is it right that the more you choke down on the grip the lighter the swing weight is. I am with you on the shorter driver. LIke you said I can hit it in the center of the club way better with the shorter club. It seems from what I can read 43 inches used to the the standard but over the years it has gotten longer. Thanks for the input.
  9. Swing weight explained please

    So if I cut off one inch, re grip. it with a winn dry tac grip do you think I would be able to tell any difference or will it make any difference in how far the ball goes. I know I can swing it now gripping it at the end and then choke down one inch and swing it and I can't tell any difference. I guess if I do it and I can really tell a difference I can always use a shaft extender and get it back to where it was. I have another old club I've had for years. It is a Tour Edge Hoduni Bazooka. driver. It measures 43 1/2 inches long. It still has the tour edge grip on it so I don't think I have ever cut it off. I love the length but it has way too much loft. It doesn't say anywhere on the head but I believe it is 16 degrees. I need loft but not that much. I have no idea what swing weight it is but I like the length and the way it feels. Thanks for the information.
  10. I don't exactly understand swing weight. I tried a little experiment a little while ago. I have a Titletist 917 d2 driver I bought used a couple of weeks ago. It is a 10.5 degree loft. Has a Diamana 60 gram regular flex shaft. The way I measure it is I take the club and sit it on the ground like I am getting ready to hit. I take a 48" wooden ruler and put it on the ground under the hosel on the ground or floor and measure to the top of the grip. The best I can measure it is 45 5/8 I put a stick on marker on the face and hit 10 balls then I put on a new stick on marker and made a mark 1" down from the top of the grip and hit 10 more balls. My pattern this way was much more consistent and I feel like I have much more control of the club. Now if if cut the club off 1 inch is it going to swing completely different? Will the ball go as far? Does swing weight mainly have to do with how the club feels. If I cut 1 inch off will the head feel light I don't like to choke down on the grip. I feel like a standard grip held at the top of the club is just right. If I choke down the grip feels too small so I don't want to do that. I guess what I am saying is if I cut one inch off will it make that much difference?
  11. Yeah my Medicare Card with a lot of extra stuff too. I just do the best I can. I'll hit a good one every now and then. So far it's enough to keep me going back. I did buy me a used Titletist 917 d2 driver. I was used to hitting a shorter driver, although the swing weight was way off but I liked the shortness of it. I may talk to the shop where I got the driver and see it they can shorten it up a little and still keep close to the swing weight somehow. With shorter club I can hit closer to the sweet spot most of the time. Is there anyone on the forum that does work like this. We only have one shop in town. I wouldn't mind sending it to someone and let them shorten it, reswingweight and regrip it.
  12. Weights of different clubs

    Yeah I probably need some lessons. I took some years back and I wasn't too impressed. I went probably 10 times. The guy would give me a bucket of balls to hit and make a suggestion every now and then. I was probably playing worse after I got through. I hit the six iron on the launch monitor and i was carrying it about 140 which for me is probably about right. That was the only iron I hit.The fitter didn't say anything about how high the ball was going. The clubs felt good on the monitor hitting off the carpet but when I started hitting off the turf I am having problems. I'll just work on my swing some and see what happens. I know it is me. Don't think it has anything to do with the clubs. Thanks for the suggestions Tiger. I am going to post some swings first chance I get.
  13. I have posted that I bought used set of Ping G20 Irons. So far I am not hitting them very good. I think my swing plane is way to steep. I called the golf shop where I got them and the guy said that is probably what my problem is. The clubs have the standard ping grip. I like the way they look. What I was wondering about is the weight of clubs. I have 4 pitching wedges. I have a Adams Tech 05 that weighs 430 grams. A older Adams Idea that weighs 415 grams. A Cobra Z fly that weighs 400 grams and the Ping G20 weighs 440 grams. It feels much heavier than the older Adams at 415 grams. Will that make much difference? I am going to have to try and learn to take very shallow divots to hit the G20's. I was just wondering if there was kind of a standard that clubs weigh. Going to play in the morning and see how it goes. I went to the course the other day and just hit a few balls but I was getting a huge deep divot and no distance. The ball was getting height I am not used to but no distance. Thanks for the comments.
  14. Ping g20 irons

    Sorry I meant to put cfs Ping shaft. I knew cfm didn't sound right.
  15. Ping g20 irons

    Seventy year old senior high handicapper. I have made several post on different things. I posted that I bought a used set of Ping g20 irons with the ping cfm regular shaft. I finally got a chance to go to the course and hit a few today. Just hit some balls. The irons felt great hitting inside on the swing monitor off the carpet. At the course it seems like everything goes straight up in the air and I don't know how many balls I just flat shanked and I don't hardly ever do that. I hit a 8,9 and pw. I could barley get 90 to 100 yards out of the nine iron. I have never had clubs that I get this much height out of but I am not getting any distance. Is it just my swing or is it common for these clubs. The clubs seem to have a lot of offset. Could this matter. I also have a set of Cobra Z Fly irons with A flex shafts. It seemed like I got a little more distance with them but not as much height. Any comments.