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  1. Hosting a Friends tournament

    Thanks for the feedbak. Looks like we are going for this setup: Day 1: 75% HCP from 56 tees: Stableford with Closest to pin and Longest Drive Day 2: 100% HCP from 62 tees (only 6 holes): Strokeplay Think this might be fair and fun for everyone. And I have said that if people don't want to play from 62 tees that is fair :) Trophies are ordered and I am getting pretty excited
  2. Hosting a Friends tournament

    Thanks for all the feedback and advice guys. Only reason I am considering 75% handicap is because a 36 handicapper is getting 44 strokes from 5600. And the mens league on this course is 75% handicap stableford and have proven to be pretty fair for everyone. I think i will up the handicap to 100% on the Stroke play but keep the 6200 tee. It's really only longer on 3 holes (it's a 9hole course). And everyone that is participating are long strikers except me. The slope rating for 5600 is 72/128 and for 6200 its 74,9/144. But atleast 4 of the 62 tees is played as 5600 tee. We do all want to play the hardest hole from 6200. It's 580m from 6200 and 477 from 5600.
  3. Hosting a Friends tournament

    I know you got alot of wisdom on everything golf @iacas. And I really wanna make this as fair as possible for everyone. You got any advice for me?
  4. Had a good year!

    Thanks guys. It's been a really fun year and I am so sad that the season soon is over. One of the major things I have been getting a lot better at is to play from bad lies since my drives still is short and all over the place. But my 5 last rounds I have hit 15m or closer to the pin for 84% from 100-125meters and 83% from 50-75 meters. I am still lacking a good percentage on 75-100 meters, but I am lacking a 52degree in my bag atm. Short game are getting very good atm.
  5. Hosting a Friends tournament

    Hey guys, I have decided to host a Friends open as a last official end to the season. We will be around 7-9 players participating in the range from 15-36 in HCP. We are all playing at our home course and I am in need of some help. I am trying to figure out the most fair formats to play for everyone. I want the one that plays the best to be the winner. So my suggestions were. Day 1: Playing the 18 hole as 5600 meters and a Stableford format with a 75% HCP. Players will score points by the placements they get. Day 2: Playing the 18 holes as 6200 meters as stroke play with 50% HCP. Players will get points by the placement. If there is a tie there will be a playoff hole(s) with 50% HCP. Does this seem like a fair setup or will this favor a higher handicap and vice versa? Thanks in advance.
  6. Had a good year!

    So I started playing golf this year after a couple of times on the range. I took the intro course on the 17th of june and started playing right after. I had a goal to get down to 25 in HCP, from 54 (clubhandicap here in Norway). I reached my goal mid august and played myself down to 24.2. I was happy and didn't really expect more. Last week i had 2x18 hole rounds and one 9 hole (due to massive rain). My goal got blown away. I am now 17.4 and I am immensly proud. With about 3 weeks left of the season I am hoping I can get a little lower, but we will see. Just wanted to share it and brag a little My last rounds: My home course, played with a stranger - Had a 87 round Went with a friend to his home course. Only played it twice and posted an even 100. Was a good score, but ended to write myself alittle bit up. 3rd round was at my home course again, posted a 44 front 9 and had to end it due to massive rain.
  7. What are Your 2017 Golf Goals?

    A little revamp and update of my 2017 golf goals. 19.06.2017: I just finished my intro course and the goal I had in mind was to reach under 100 and 25 in index. 31.07.2017 I am regularly under under 100 with my best score at 90. My index is around 25 ish. I didn't write myself down on the 90 round since I felt I was overperforming. My new goals is to get rid of the slice on the driver and add another 20-30 yards to my drive. (Currently all over the place from 200 to the longest on 299yards). I would also love to win the Club championship. I am participating in 2 classes - Men Stableford (This is the one I hope to win) and net stroke (hope to place decent and go a round around 90). If I can't do it all this year I am not disappointed since I have reached my first goals in less then 1.5 months!!!
  8. Your Toughest Hole; Your Nemesis Hole

    I haven't had chance to play so many courses in my short career. But hole 3, a par 5 on my home course is a real bitch for me. It's a dogleg left with water on the right. Heavy rough on the left and right side. The fairway is tilting to the right. So unless you play the tee shot far left you will not be able to stick to the fairway. Then second shot has to be placed between 3 bunkers to have a decent short game on this course. You can see the layout on the attachement.
  9. Help to choose irons

    Yeah, i sent an email asking if they would extend the offer to friday for me so I can atleast try them out. Both Vapor fly and XR OS usually retail for 815$ here in Norway.
  10. Help to choose irons

    Some typos because of my autocorrect. But you all get the jiff:)
  11. Help to choose irons

    Hey guys, I dunno if this is the right place to post this. But I will give it a go. I am currently playing on some work down Wilson X31 box irons. And I have come over an amazing deal for either the Nike Vapor fly 5-PW for 430$, Callaway XR OS 5-PW for 430$ or V Speed Mrsir 5-Pw Sw for 250$. The problem is that it's å limiter offer and I dont have time to get fitted. Do any insight is helpfull. Thanks om advance.
  12. From 120 to 100. How long did it take you?

    I started playing June 18th 2017 when i finished my Road to golf course here in Norway. I have had some good 9 hole rounds but never really been able to keep it up for 18 holes. Until this weekend. I shot 99 on 18 holes and wrote myself down to 26.1 in HCP. And I played 9 more straight after and ended on a solid 52 shots. I have been playing ALOT over the first month tho, and aiming to go to a pro to get rid of my horrendous slice in the weeks to come.
  13. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    I just wrote myself down from 32.6 to 26.2 over one 18 hole round. I didn't want to update anything before I had atleast one more round in the same ballpark. Felt i wrote myself down too much, and I wasn't sure if I just had a very good round or that I have improved so much since i started playing for 4 weeks ago :)
  14. Greetings from Norway!

    I am located close to Oslo ? I have just played 3 weeks, so haven't been able to play 5-6 courses. But I have heard good things about Fana golf club. And I have played Miklagard, Hauger and Losby here in the Oslo area. Very nice courses, especially Losby. Bought a membership there with free play ?
  15. What'd You Shoot Today?

    3 weeks since I started playing and been playing so much. Finally I can start to overcome some obstacles. My drives were fairly straight, not so long and had some misfits. Fairway accuracy was below par but the lie was great most of the time. GIR was insanely bad, gotta work hard on this. But guys, I broke 100 on 18 for the first time ever! ? http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Chriasp/round/1693114

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