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  1. I started playing June 18th 2017 when i finished my Road to golf course here in Norway. I have had some good 9 hole rounds but never really been able to keep it up for 18 holes. Until this weekend. I shot 99 on 18 holes and wrote myself down to 26.1 in HCP. And I played 9 more straight after and ended on a solid 52 shots. I have been playing ALOT over the first month tho, and aiming to go to a pro to get rid of my horrendous slice in the weeks to come.
  2. I just wrote myself down from 32.6 to 26.2 over one 18 hole round. I didn't want to update anything before I had atleast one more round in the same ballpark. Felt i wrote myself down too much, and I wasn't sure if I just had a very good round or that I have improved so much since i started playing for 4 weeks ago :)
  3. I am located close to Oslo ? I have just played 3 weeks, so haven't been able to play 5-6 courses. But I have heard good things about Fana golf club. And I have played Miklagard, Hauger and Losby here in the Oslo area. Very nice courses, especially Losby. Bought a membership there with free play ?
  4. 3 weeks since I started playing and been playing so much. Finally I can start to overcome some obstacles. My drives were fairly straight, not so long and had some misfits. Fairway accuracy was below par but the lie was great most of the time. GIR was insanely bad, gotta work hard on this. But guys, I broke 100 on 18 for the first time ever! ? http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Chriasp/round/1693114
  5. I have left a follow for most of you guys, feel free to follow back if you like
  6. Hey folks Been a vivid reader if the forum since I got bitten by the golf bug a couple of weeks ago. Decided to join since I bought a game golf live. Looking forward to hang around while I work my way down in hcp ?
  7. Received my GG today, if anyone want to follow my road to glory: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Chriasp :)
  8. I just started playing last weekend, and are receiving my GG today/tomorrow. 34,5 hcp. So I can post the link to my profile when I get it up and running. Really hope GG works good on the courses in Norway. I know golfshot does.