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  1. Yes, i hit the distance and direction I intended. I will try playing a pro V1. I played a round with a chrome soft. I play a chrome soft. I position the ball just on the inside of my front door in hopes of higher flight. I am going to position ball closer to the middle in hopes of generating more spin.
  2. I hit a 4 iron, 5, and 8. Pure contact. No, i didnt get printouts. Most shots landed in the middle of the green and rolled off the back of the green. My 4 iron hit in the front of the green and rolled back...albeit it was a smaller green.
  3. Hello, I recently was fitted for Mizuno JPX 900 irons with a true temper XP 95 S300 shaft. During the fitting, i was told that my swing speed was around 85mph. On my long/mid irons (4-8 irons). I can't seem to hold the greens as my ball just rolls off the back. I've only played two rounds. One round on greens that were recently punched. The other was on a very hot day and greens were very firm. I have played a round with a callaway chrome soft and a vice Pro which is a new ball. I have struck the ball fairly well and have placed the ball towards the front of my stance. My question is, what recourse do i have to make these irons work? Should I bite the bullet and change the shafts? This will certainly will require more money, which would not be good. I don't think Rodger Dunn would swap out. Should i add a degree if loft? Im not even sure if this would ve an option. I know i may be overreacting very early, but this is frustrating as I paid about $1000 irons that aren't doing the job.
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