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  1. My Swing (Grizvok)

    Played 18 today at this pretty demanding course I've been playing the past few weeks and had some ups and downs but I think it was a mostly positive round for me. My driver was pretty decent but with a few off of the toe and heel that weren't struck drastically off center and still produced an okay'ish distance and direction. These are the kind of mishits I don't mind as much. Surprisingly I think my irons were probably my weak point of the day. I'm not sure as to the cause but I seemed to be pushing quite a few iron shots. I believe the cause was that my new priority piece/today's swing thought of sliding the hips forward to begin the downswing was causing me to be even less open than normal at impact which had my club face and path both to the right causing a push. Even though I hear "slide don't rotate the hips" pretty often, I think for me both of these should be happening in tandem to both help get my weight forward while also being more open at impact. Both important things. My wedge play was pretty good. I've been embracing the challenge of using the 60* wedge and it was a good club for me today. I think I'm getting a hang of using the bounce of the club and it is really making my pitching game more consistent. Putting was bad but still a big improvement over last week. I've been trying a new thing out which is keeping my arms tighter into my body so it feels my biceps are pressing into my chest. This feeling seemed to promote a better pendulum like swing. Along with this on every putt I was trying to match up my backswing length to my follow through which actually had my speed much better. Distance control on putting is definitely better managed through backswing length than acceleration. Sorry for being so verbose.
  2. Value irons from globalgolf are actually in pretty good shape all things considered. Very playable. I bought an iron set from them 4-PW of Titleist AP2 710's, and I couldn't be happier.
  3. My Swing (JeremyMik84)

    Yeah I think topping the ball is pretty common with this swing flaw as well. Even though I'm not a pro or anything I would be pretty confident in saying rectifying this problem is the first thing you should focus on.
  4. My Swing (JeremyMik84)

    I'm a newer golfer too, but I think you are WAYYY too loose with the wrists at the top of the backswing. Wrist hinge is good but a floppy club at the top isn't.
  5. Over extended or ok?

    Sorry I should've said shifting to the right.
  6. Over extended or ok?

    No, you are shifting backwards laterally during the backswing. Never a good thing. Read this:
  7. My Swing (saevel25)

    I like this recommendation. I'm bad compared to you guys but I've improved my pitching immensely by following @iacas pitching video and the relatively early wrist set those techniques promote make it easier for me to be set up better for certain backswing percentages when my normal full swing does include a pretty late hinge. I think my pitch swing looks a good bit different than my full swing and I'm no sure if that's good or bad.
  8. How many wedges

    I just added a 60* wedge to my bag so I've got my PW, 52*, 56*, and the 60*. I did a lot of practice today with the 60* wedge and I think it's going to become a pretty important part of my arsenal. I was actually pretty surprised how far I could hit it when really going after it. The course I've been playing at recently has a LOT of bunkers around the greens so having an even higher lofted club to safely carry them while being able to stick it relatively close and not roll forever will definitely help give myself easier looks at birdies and pars.
  9. I'm entirely the opposite. I like what @mvmac says in the commonalities of a functional grip thread so I've been playing with a long lead thumb on the left hand which sort of forces a fatter V. Then with the right hand thumb I used to have too much thumb in contact with the grip so I switched to his recommendation of only the upper right portion of the trail thumb in contact with the grip which again forces a slightly fatter V. Edit: I guess not the opposite of what you are finding is helping you but the opposite of what you mentioned you thought was important.
  10. My Swing (Grizvok)

    Yeah, that's definitely something I need to fix with how I shoot video. Essentially I think I just need to back up the camera a few feet so that the top of the backswing is more visible. That's the major thing but some of my angles especially with the face-on view are a little bit off for sure. So I spent a little while today hitting into a net mainly with my irons as well as hitting around the yard with my 60* wedge which is a brand new club for me that I'm trying to introduce to my bag. Well to make a long story short I've definitely decided that working on my "hip slide" and the concept of a "ground up" downswing is going to be my next priority piece. I guess I can go ahead and call this proper sequencing. What I'm finding is that the hip slide and more importantly a properly timed hip slide is absolutely crucial to controlling the low point of my swing. I think the upside of nailing this down greatly outweighs the benefits of fixing my humping of the goat.
  11. My Swing (Grizvok)

    No new video to show unfortunately, but I've been working diligently for close to 3 weeks now on the centered turn that @saevel25 was talking about and it has done wonders for my contact especially with my irons from the deck. After the first few sessions of working on this I found that I was in fact now probably swaying too much in the opposite direction (forward) on the backswing which wasn't necessarily bad as it sort of got me used to that feeling and then allowed me to find a good middle ground. Now I've been really focused on centered coupled with proper hip / shoulder rotation which have me striking irons very well compared to my handicap. Even my driver has gotten substantially better as a result of this work. In the 18 holes I played today I can only really remember one horrendous drive which was a shank and a half off of the heel. All in all I was pretty psyched with how I struck the ball except for the short game (especially putting). I was attempting some new things with the putter that overall seemed detrimental, but I began feeling a bit better about putting as the round got further along because I had reverted to my normal putting grip as well as made a few minor changes to stance width and trying to get the club to be more in line with my arms in general which really helped the pendulum feeling. Putting is obviously a HUGEEEEEE weakness of mine. The range right near me simply doesn't have a spot to chip and putt at so my practice on those skills has been pretty much zero which needs to be remedied. Right now the main decision is what my next priority piece should be. My two real contenders as of this moment are either a focus on the "ground up" sequencing of the down swing with exceptional levels of focus going towards sliding the hips forward or working on maintaining my spine angle through the stroke so that I'm not humping the goat and causing thin or topped shots (a miss that has been pretty rare for me).
  12. Hmm videoing and taking notes of how I strike the ball when using different focal points is something that never really crossed my mind to try. I guess today perhaps being the first time I made conscious effort to experiment with changing that up.
  13. What would 2k17 saevel say? Laser focus on the ball?

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