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  1. How is the single phrase I quoted at all about neurotic/ocd behavior? He did more practice on full swing shots from bad lies than other players on tour (according to some guy).
  2. Wow. I think this is the single biggest takeaway, “Most guys are chipping shots around the green to see how the ball reacts during testing,” Rehberg said. “Bryson’s out here doing the same thing, but he’s the only one I know of who’s purposely putting the ball in bad lies to see how it holds up.” Given where his game is right now, it seems like a great approach.
  3. Without Googling anything, from what I know it would be relatively easy to get away with doing a cycle of Testosterone. Some of the esters leave the system relatively quickly. I'm not accusing Bryson at all but if he had actually wanted to do a cycle of test during the months off (and the PGA wasn't testing during the lockdown), it would be pretty easy to get away with.
  4. There is absolutely nothing inherent about lifting weights that makes you automatically gain weight.
  5. Much better on the video angle here. Keep trying to replicate this when taking video.
  6. What doesn't make sense is the fitting... I'd want my money back.
  7. If you objectively hit them better than what other information do you need?
  8. I spent the past two weeks not recording my swing and instead working on developing a feel that I can take to the course to bind together the two priority pieces. What I came up with is a mantra. The mantra is pretty simple and goes "set and stomp". The "set" part refers to the actions of the wrists in the backswing to try and get my hinging done relatively early, and the "stomp" refers to what I do in transition to the lead foot. I don't think it is a coincidence that my work on this produced one of my better rounds so far this season, which was an 85 (including an awful 38 putts) on a relat
  9. Shot an 85 at Rolling Acres. Played from the tips which was about 6700 yards. This coulda shoulda woulda been a round in the 70’s had the putter showed up. 38 putts total. Driving was incredible. Iron play was decent. Short game had some let downs but was still reasonably good. And as previously mentioned, putting was atrocious.
  10. A huge part of getting to the top in a better position is going to be about the torso turn. I would do the COVID-19 Day 2 practice drills.
  11. The best players in the world don’t have their weight and pressure forward throughout the entirety of the swing. There is a small shift laterally backwards often only an inch or two plus a pressure spike on the trail foot. I’d say it’s easiest for a newer golfer to just worry about making a centered pivot and not necessarily focus on what this guy is suggesting. Regardless, getting weight forward is crucial, but I don’t think the majority of it has to start and stay there.
  12. Day 46: Did some mirror and feel work around the slightly updated left knee feel to start the downswing. Net session tomorrow.
  13. Why do you see people like @iacas talk about using the mirror and the feedback it can provide? Surely he isn't inside hitting balls while using the mirror. Same goes for a lot of the earlier COVID-19 practice plan drills. Is it doing harm/no good at all to practice my takeaway to A3 and not hit a ball at all? I highly doubt it. And who said anything about not hitting balls whatsoever? I don't think anybody (from this forum) said anything to that affect, although I guess the tiny little tidbit about being in lockdown from the IG post could be construed that way.
  14. It depends what you are working on. If I'm working on ingraining my new swing thought of beginning the transition with a left knee bump towards the target and down, does it really matter that the club in my hand is 2' long? Probably not.
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