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  1. I'd say too weak is probably a more common occurrence. However, I think you have to analyze the hands independently to get a real idea about what is wrong with the grip since you could have a weak left hand and really strong right hand which is probably the most common combination from high handicappers.
  2. Grizvok

    My Swing (21social)

    No problem! Give this thread a read as well. Imo one of the best on this entire site (and there are a hell of a lot of good ones).
  3. Grizvok

    My Swing (21social)

    Yes. A professional hitting an iron is probably moving something like an inch to the right at the furthest point with the pelvis as a reference point. I'd like to see the stance narrower for sure and I'd really like to see some outward flare of the feet. I think this is a really good practice for people who might have problems with the lead leg caving in.
  4. Grizvok

    My Swing (21social)

    Well it's immediately obvious as to why you constantly chunk the ball. Anyone would with that much horizontal sway away from the target!
  5. Grizvok

    My Swing (UFGator0587)

    It's all about picking the one thing that you see (after some analysis) that should be your priority piece. Work on that one thing religiously through drills and/or video feedback until that it is ingrained into your normal on the course swing. Re-analyze your swing for your next priority piece and repeat.
  6. Grizvok

    My Swing (UFGator0587)

    How do you have an index of 26 with that swing?
  7. Grizvok

    My Swing (SemperFi)

    Another thread I would take a look at:
  8. Grizvok

    My Swing (SemperFi)

    After a second look I’d say the wrists aren’t actually too bad but looked it because of how much that left arm collapses. An extremely straight left arm definitely isn’t something that’s required to play great golf but the amount of bend has to be within reason and should not collapse at the top of the backswing which I certainly think yours does. Look at the two screenshots I attached both for just how much that arm has collapsed and for another potentially even bigger problem which is your horizontal sway away from the target. That is a very large amount of sway and will make getting back into position really tough if not impossible on a regular basis.
  9. Grizvok

    My Swing (SemperFi)

    You've got that typical ridiculous amount of looseness at the top of the backswing where the wrists drastically break and the left arm collapses that makes playing good golf near impossible.
  10. Grizvok

    Grip Revelation

    You're damn right.
  11. Grizvok

    Grip Revelation

  12. Grizvok

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    They said something about a sprinkler.
  13. Grizvok

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Dottie just mentioned the 9 iron and boy do I have to agree. He's been hitting that club like an absolute madman.

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