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  1. I've been looking into getting a wedge more in line with these characteristics. My current 60 degree wedge is a Vokey with 8 degrees of bounce, and I've never really liked how it interacts with the ground regardless of the lie. Will be a fun opportunity to test some things out because I've never hit with a wedge above 12 degrees of bounce I think?
  2. According to MPF they are awful for a high handicapper. Sounds like a random purchase that wouldn’t make much sense.
  3. How is your chest and upper body supposed to “cover” the ball if it isn’t part of the lateral shift towards the target in the later stages of the backswing and early stages of the downswing? Most videos I’ve seen from the AMG guys about lateral shift always touch on the importance of actually re-centering and moving laterally with the upper body in conjunction with the lower.
  4. Going from the second video, I'd like to see a slightly narrower stance for an iron and certainly add some outward flair of the feet. This is especially important on that lead foot because of the caving in of that left knee. Some outward flair of the feet can be a simple stance change that will help remedy this. Here is a great thread on that: I think the first thing to work on should be a more centered pivot which for you will revolve around not letting that left knee cave in.
  5. This. Big improvement in achieving a centered pivot but don't stop there; really make sure you have this ingrained before going forward.
  6. Even though it is still extremely important I’d say that the driver is one of the clubs that benefits the least from getting the weight forward at impact.
  7. Great shot from Rory.
  8. What a blunder from Spieth AND his caddy. Incredible.
  9. Cart path special. Koepka is such a ridiculously good putter.
  10. Certainly showing some real class thus far.
  11. Beautiful flop shot there from Rahm.
  12. I think you could also benefit from slightly less bend in the knees in your setup and a more neutral/rounded back.
  13. Rahm looking ridiculous. Tee shot on 12 was amazing.
  14. On top of this: it's kind of delusional to think your own brand of instruction is going to be better than from someone who has spent a large portion of their life learning the golf swing and instructing others to improve their own. While I largely instruct myself, I'm not so stupid as to believe my theories on the golf swing are anywhere near the level of somebody like @mvmac. I do believe that the two can work harmoniously though to perhaps eek even more out of what you are taught. For example: taking a 2 hour lesson from a teaching pro that focuses on a few deficiencies in your swing including being given drills to practice to ingrain certain motor patterns and then filming your swing to see how you are progressing and if what you are doing is lining up with what your instructor has said.
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