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  1. So I'm a pretty new golfer and have been using a very old set of irons from 1988 which are Titleist's DTR (distance through research) irons. Tomorrow I have a set of the AP2 710's from 2010 I believe coming in from globalgolf and I've been wondering what to expect. Given my golf playing experience I probably should've gone with something like the AP1's but the AP2's look very appealing to me so I went with them. Even though the AP2's are considered more of a player's club do you think they are still more forgiving than something like the DTR irons?
  2. Honestly I think the most important part of my pre-swing routine is taking one practice swing EXACTLY as I intend to swing at the real ball. Depending on the club I try to focus on different things during the practice stroke but for any iron or wood shot off the ground my number one focus is hitting ground after the ball. When I don't have any group playing close behind or anything I take quite a few practice strokes with my irons again making sure ground/turf contact happens a few inches after where the ball will be.
  3. When it comes to training for something I believe in specificity. So given that your goal is to get better at driving...you should probably be practicing with the driver.
  4. I'm pretty new to golf as well but typically the short irons like an 8 or 9 are going to be easier to hit than the longer irons. I'm not exactly sure why although I would think the length of the club being longer (for a long iron) might have something to do with it. There is simply more of a disconnect (distance) between the grip and the club head. I think psychologically too newer golfers get intimidated by the lower loft of a 4 or 5 iron and think "I really have to get under this one" which is of course just not what you need and will lead to a ton of fat shots. I've seen certain places/people advocate for a constant ball position (front/middle/back of stance etc) regardless of the club but in my limited experience it is better to have a couple of ball positions that you use based around the shot you are trying to hit and of course the club (the main factor). Take a look into placing the ball a bit further away from you as well as more forward in your stance with something like a 5 iron.
  5. I think that's a pretty tough sell to be honest. I mean I'm sure being able to hit out of a bunker is important but the question posited is what kind of shot is going to have the biggest reward after the full swing, and I think chipping/pitching/putting beat out a bunker shot by a mile in terms of how often you'll play them and then how drastically a consistent one of those shots will affect your score.
  6. Typically I think the full swing mechanics are probably number one even if you think that is the strongest part of your game. I will say that I do agree that a good chip is a great shot to have. I'm a newer golfer, and I literally did not know what an actual chip was or that it was a key component to a complete short game. My knowledge of a pitch/chip was that they were the same thing...a high lofted shot that you hit from right around the green area. Now that I know what a chip actually is and how to use it, I'm shaving strokes off very quickly. Of course the technique for the pitch/chip are incredibly important but WHEN to use each I think is also very pertinent.
  7. Yeah I think the bit about my trailing foot not turning really starts with what RandallT mentioned about the lack of engagement with my hips. I think my lower body in general needs a lot of work, and it starts with a good concept of what should be happening with the hips/pelvis which I'm just not sure about. I haven't had any kind of lessons but that's absolutely something I want to do in the near future. Thanks for the comment about my swing! I think my really big issue scoring wise is the short game. I liked iacas' thread about practice ratios and have been predominantly working on the full swing mechanics, but I'm thinking with how many strokes I gain right around and on the green I should probably skew those ratios a bit more in favor of practicing my chipping in particular which is honestly a shot that I NEVER hit. By that I mean if I'm right on the fringe around the green I guess given the definitions of pitching vs chipping I'm pretty much always pitching it and going for a high lofted shot where I get into tons of trouble because I aim way too close to the pin and end up with a good 20-30 feet of roll which puts me into a tough spot. This is a very recent realization (like in the last 24 hours) though, and I'm going to be much more cognizant about the chip shot as an option which I believe will shave a few strokes off of my score. The hips and the lower body in general are absolutely my next priority along with general weight transfer and moving in the direction of the shot which all sort of tie together. Thanks for the link. I will give that a good read.
  8. So the first two videos are of me using the 3w on a tee and the next 3 are of a 5 iron also tee'd up. One thing I'm noticing is that I certainly think that my turn (a word I've heard to describe the moment in the swing when it reaches the apex of the back swing and becomes the down swing) is much too fast. I'm not trying to be Matsuyama, but I think I should slow up the turn which I think will provide some added consistency. Besides that, I'm not really sure what to look for when it comes to problems from this view. I think I could be getting into a better position with my back/hips prior to the swing, and I think I may have issues maintaining a proper spine angle through the entirety of the stroke. Thanks for any comments!
  9. Will do. My number one focus right now on each and every swing is actually to really be swinging around my body more which has been amazing for my overall contact and distance. I really enjoyed iacas thread about swing thoughts and this has been mine for a few weeks. I should've had more views/angles up prior to starting the thread but I decided to get it started anyway and add content as I get more and more video of my strokes.
  10. Hello fellow golf enthusiasts. I'm Trevor, a relatively new golfer who has become addicted to this great sport, and I've been working really hard the past few months to improve my game and become more technically sound in all aspects. I'll be updating this thread along the way as I journey toward becoming a better golfer. In the past week I've just recently switched from a 10 finger baseball grip to a more conventional overlap and I love it so far. I think I'm starting to get the hands working together as a unit and as a result I think my mis-hit numbers have been falling pretty quickly. This shot was from a par 4 where I decided to tee up with my 3w that I'm in love with (especially when compared to my decade+ old driver with almost no grip left which will soon be replaced). So here's a video from earlier today with the 3 wood off of the tee. I've been hitting the range a lot and I think it is showing? Here's what I'm noticing: firstly, my grip doesn't look great but I think a big part of it is how incredibly far in front of my stance the ball is and in response how I address the ball. To that effect I think my back angle at the start of the stroke isn't great since I'm leaning forward pretty heavily which I believe starts a lot of the weight on the front foot. This probably inhibits good weight transfer. I will probably start having the ball slightly farther back in my stance. Thank you very much for any comments/critiques and happy golfing! I've been Playing Golf for: a few months My current handicap index or average score is: low 100's My typical ball flight is: high / fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: a weird one where with my driver I actually hit the ground like a full foot before the ball. Videos: