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  1. Day 13: I’m continuing with the helicopter drill. I’ve been doing 9 helicopter “backswings” and then grabbing a club and doing one normal backswing. I really like the position the helicopter drill puts me in at the top of the backswing.
  2. Day 12: I kind of found out that the helicopter drill @iacas posted in the covid practice plan thread is perfect for what I’m trying to work on since you are forced to keep the lead arm adduction angle static. Did that for 10-15 minutes.
  3. If you are hitting a 40 to 60 yard pitch shot, I'm not sure that a ton of forward shaft lean is doing anything positive for you. It might even account for why you are blocking it left.
  4. Day 11: Did a bunch of mirror work focusing on my new feel. Everything was done really slowly and I also tried to keep track of relative rates of turn. I need to be careful not to have my backswing get too long since I’m seeing better rotation with my thoracic spine.
  5. Gotcha. That all makes sense. Thanks for the response.
  6. Hey dude. I noticed we are the same age and from the same place. What course do you play?

    I play right across the PA border in WV and Ohio with a group. But I play some up near Robinson.

    1. Grizvok


      I play both Butler Lakeside and Woodside a decent amount. Hickory Heights, Moon Golf Club, Indian Run, and occasionally I venture out towards the Latrobe area to play at Glengarry with my brother.

      I am curious, what driving range is that in your videos? I go to Cool Springs’ driving range quite a bit, but it just isn’t a spot that is conducive to really good practice.

    2. Slim_Pivot


      I like Indian run. Both Indian run and moon are close enough to me.

      i go to millers driving range in Burgettstown, PA. It is the last exit in PA before you hit WV. 

      It is by starlake amphitheater /Pepsi roadhouse / whatever it’s current name is- where the concerts are.  

  7. ***Start Disclaimer*** I am not a golf professional so please take the following with that in mind. You are also significantly more experienced and a better golfer than myself. Maybe the stuff I'm seeing isn't even happening, and I'm just talking nonsense. Feel free to tell me that if it is the case. It also may be something you do to bring in a specific aspect of your swing I may be unaware of. ***End Disclaimer*** Have you always had that hitch with your head that occurs very early on in the backswing? I'd say it starts at like P1.5 and by P2 is very very different than anything I've seen from every pro swing I've looked at. Each line in the subsequent pictures is simply through the very top of the hat down through the chin. The first pictures of each set are P1 and then the latter picture of each set is P2.
  8. Day 10: Went to the range and did a bunch of 9 to 3 swings focusing on my new feel.
  9. Why focus your practice on something that is statistically shown to be less impactful on your ability to score better?
  10. In the daily practice thread I mentioned lead arm adduction angle and wanted to share this picture from an AMG Pros vs Ams segment. I’m absolutely doing what the amateur on the right is and having my lead arm get pulled way across my chest. This is why the breakdown of the left arm happens as @ShaftFarmer pointed out. That arm has no place to go so it bends. Swing feel that is being used to remedy this: feel like this angle does not change at all on the backswing.
  11. Day 9: I sound like a broken record but what I’m working on with this connection on the takeaway is syncing up so much stuff. Having the thoracic spine being much more involved just naturally gets my hips moving more too. Fixing any early extension has gone on the back burner while I work on remedying the backswing. I think I’m correct in prioritizing this.
  12. Day 7: Continued working on my takeaway, but this time taking it a bit further and going to A3. I found a great feel for staying more connected on the backswing which is to feel like the lead arm adduction angle remains static. I've been searching for a feel that speaks to me, and I think this one is it. Day 8: Takeaway after takeaway focusing on the aforementioned feel. This is working wonders.
  13. There we go. Saturday (Practice) at CHQ: @georgep @Hardspoon @BradSomrak @Bonvivant @Carl3 @vasaribm @ChetlovesMer @Grizvok Sunday (Playing) TBD: @saevel25 @georgep @Hardspoon @BradSomrak @Bonvivant @vasaribm @ChetlovesMer
  14. I'm a definite for Saturday. Name added to list. Thank you for putting this together. I can't freaking wait!
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