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  1. Don Golfo

    Drivers Insufficient Loft?

    Looking at both these guys it's interesting to see how different their launch conditions are yet both hit it a very long way? Sadlowski seems to be able to make quite a lot out of his significantly slower swing and ball speed presumably due to a much higher launch angle even with a relatively high spin rate. My reflection here is that there are likely a number of optimal, or approaching optimal, launch conditions that will maximise driving distance. I just don't think you can say that everybody should aim for 17 degrees launch and 1700 rpm spin. The reality is you need to find a driver and shaft combination that maximises your distance more or less through a process of trial and error with a club fitter guiding you.
  2. Don Golfo

    Drivers Insufficient Loft?

    Great contribution! I was sceptical about the higher lofts quoted for the higher ball speeds too. The data simply doesn't align with measurements on tour players who are achieving comparable distances (300 + yard drives) at comparable ball speeds. I think Adam Scott for example typically achieves a launch angle of around 12 degrees. I have carried out my own launch monitor experiments setting my driver at lofts of between 11 and 12.5 degrees. What I've seen is that the higher lofts do slightly increase the launch angle and give a somewhat better carry although the difference is quite small; probably a few extra yards. That may be explained by a lack of consistency on my part as my launch angle varies from 14.5 degrees to 16 degrees regardless of the driver loft setting. I found that varying (increasing) tee height had more of an influence as it significantly improved smash factor and reduced back spin (from 3000 rpm to 2700 rpm). I think the reason for this is that it helped me to hit the ball higher on the club face more consistently. The optimum setup seems to be 12.5 degrees of loft with the ball centreline slightly above the top edge of the driver face. That gets me into the 230-240 yards range on my better shots with a swing speed of around 90 mph and a ball speed of roughly 130 mph.
  3. Don Golfo

    Driver Loft advice

    Probably best to get a fitting on a launch monitor to judge the best loft and shaft combination? Otherwise the current advice seems to be more loft rather than less unless you have a high swing speed.
  4. Don Golfo

    Gigagolf? Need feedback

    Haven’t used them for a while but my past experience has been very good in the main, even shipping to the UK. They expose the economics of the big brands who largely buy from the same Chinese factories in all probability, but are forced into high prices to pay for endorsements, supply chain costs (retail and golf pro shop margins) and advertising. I bought an Nike SQ clone that was awesome and a few hybrids. The Giga advantage is that you pay realistic prices for high quality products, custom built to your specs. The downside is the slightly cheesy design aspects and the fact that they lag behind a bit technology wise. Their Pursuit line do look great though.
  5. https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-labs-the-driver-fitting-study/ Came across this interesting article. Given that an optimum launch angle for average golfers appears to be 17-19 degrees and hitting up plus shaft lag adds 5-7 degrees, this suggests the average golfer should be using a 12 degree driver? Slow swingers more like 13-15 degrees? Looking forward to the machismo flowing !!!?
  6. Don Golfo

    Fairway woods

    This might help?
  7. Has anybody tried the new Cleveland HB Irons yet? They're just released in September and I'm interested if they live up to the hype of the Cleveland marketing and "professional" reviewers. http://www.clevelandgolf.com/en/irons-/launcher-hb-irons/MLHBI.html
  8. Has anybody out there tried the Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Iron Woods? Thinking of importing a set from the USA. I'm nervous as there are no Tour Edge dealers in the UK and therefore I won't be able to see them properly before buying. How does Tour Edge compare to other brands quality wise? I realise they are quite affordable but this is mainly because they don't have player endorsements to fund?
  9. Don Golfo

    Anybody use a Chipper?

    Chipper's lack street cred but they have a number of advantages over a wedge when chipping: they have a steeper lie angle and typically a shorter shaft. This all combines for better control and in theory consisconsistency.
  10. Don Golfo

    Anybody use a Chipper?

    Will people take the Mick if I use one. My bro has vowed that he won't play with me if I carry one in my bag
  11. Anybody use one of these Chippers? http://www.callawaygolf.com/products/golf-clubs/odyssey-putters/x-act-tank-chippers/putters-2016-x-act-tank-chipper.html
  12. Don Golfo

    Orange Whip Swing Trainer

    Has anybody out there ever used the Orange Whip Swing Trainer? What was your experience? Is it beneficial?
  13. Don Golfo

    Replace mid irons with Hybrids

    I'm impressed with your dedication but why make Golf a form of penance? Really its a question of my skill level. I can hit a 6 or 7 iron but hybrids reduce the punishment on bad shots and give me a lot more consistency out of the rough. They are a lot more stable and sweep through rough where I'd have a much higher risk of the club face closing down hitting a terrible with a normal iron.
  14. Don Golfo

    5 Hybrid

    I've gone "full chopper" and have got 4H through 7H. I'm not a fantastic golfer but my logic is why would you want to make a very difficult game any harder than it needs to be. My bag does look a bit silly mind you....
  15. Replace mid irons with Hybrids I'm returning to golf after a few years of layoff. I decided early on to rely on hybrid clubs to replace all irons apart from 8-LW. So far it's been fine but I have a nagging feeling that it's taking the hacker's option not to mention a slightly bruised ego when people see my bag which looks like a travelling puppet show. Any thoughts out there? PS be polite!

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