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  1. You guys enter an event in which you can buy mulligans, string and throws, and expect a "fair" competition? PM me... I have this bridge I'd love to sell you!
  2. We have a saying around here... "first liar doesn't stand a chance"
  3. You could eat more. I entered the marine corps at 140 lbs, 6ft tall. While in, I learned to eat and train correctly and 2 yrs later I was up to about 180lbs. A few yrs later, 240, with abs still showing... but that kind of size is hard to maintain without getting fat. I've settled in at around 205-210, and don't lift as heavy as I used to, but I still can. Google Mark Rippetoe, 5x5 if you're serious about putting on some size.
  4. So, do you think Tiger is more handsome with or without the goatee? And, should I match my shoes to my bag,or my headcovers?
  5. Amen!!!!!
  6. Whites (middle). Those are the tees that give me the most enjoyment out of a round of golf.
  7. Guys who critique how other guys are dressed definately have a little too much cream in their coffee.
  8. OCD, no. Anal-retentive, yes.
  9. 3balls, Rockbottom, and Golfsmith for shirts and outerwear. Watch for good deals. For pants/shorts I shop at Kohl's, and every time I'm near a dept store I walk through the men's dept to look for deals. I pay full price for nothing.
  10. Life is truly great, and a proper list would fill pages and pages! Just a few of the highlights are: being married to hottie MILF who makes lots of money and tolerates my bs Having a wonderful 8 yr old daughter who happens to love golf as much as her daddy a great career that gives me lots of free time, and enough cash to finance the things I want to do living 3 miles from a course that I'm a member of, that is hardly ever crowded my skills on the charcoal grill
  11. Nope. I try to avoid junk food altogether. This conversation just brought the image of a bunch of stoners to mind.
  12. I went from posting alot of double and triple bogies to alot of pars and bogies by learning to play smarter. Even when I hit driver, I don't swing out of my shoes anymore.
  13. I live about 25 miles from BPS's mother store, and more importantly, the catalog outlet. Everything that gets returned or can't be sold for any reason is sold there at a DEEP discount.