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  1. Scrambling liars?

    You guys enter an event in which you can buy mulligans, string and throws, and expect a "fair" competition? PM me... I have this bridge I'd love to sell you!
  2. Driving Distance

    We have a saying around here... "first liar doesn't stand a chance"
  3. Pro golfers & gyms

    You could eat more. I entered the marine corps at 140 lbs, 6ft tall. While in, I learned to eat and train correctly and 2 yrs later I was up to about 180lbs. A few yrs later, 240, with abs still showing... but that kind of size is hard to maintain without getting fat. I've settled in at around 205-210, and don't lift as heavy as I used to, but I still can. Google Mark Rippetoe, 5x5 if you're serious about putting on some size.
  4. let's talk fashion

    So, do you think Tiger is more handsome with or without the goatee? And, should I match my shoes to my bag,or my headcovers?
  5. let's talk fashion

  6. What tee box do you play from?

    Whites (middle). Those are the tees that give me the most enjoyment out of a round of golf.
  7. let's talk fashion

    Guys who critique how other guys are dressed definately have a little too much cream in their coffee.
  8. Am I OCD, or does everyone do this?

    OCD, no. Anal-retentive, yes.
  9. Cheap Golf Apparel

    3balls, Rockbottom, and Golfsmith for shirts and outerwear. Watch for good deals. For pants/shorts I shop at Kohl's, and every time I'm near a dept store I walk through the men's dept to look for deals. I pay full price for nothing.
  10. Life Is Good!

    Life is truly great, and a proper list would fill pages and pages! Just a few of the highlights are: being married to hottie MILF who makes lots of money and tolerates my bs Having a wonderful 8 yr old daughter who happens to love golf as much as her daddy a great career that gives me lots of free time, and enough cash to finance the things I want to do living 3 miles from a course that I'm a member of, that is hardly ever crowded my skills on the charcoal grill
  11. Cheez-it vs Cheese Nips

    Nope. I try to avoid junk food altogether. This conversation just brought the image of a bunch of stoners to mind.
  12. Question for fellow High Handicappers

    I went from posting alot of double and triple bogies to alot of pars and bogies by learning to play smarter. Even when I hit driver, I don't swing out of my shoes anymore.
  13. Any Golfers Out There that also Fish?

    I live about 25 miles from BPS's mother store, and more importantly, the catalog outlet. Everything that gets returned or can't be sold for any reason is sold there at a DEEP discount.