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  1. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the replies. They have helped me think about things a little differently. I think I should clarify a few points, I completely love the game, the fact that it is so hard is what makes me keep wanting to play and be better. I really enjoy the challange. To give an example of my frustration is that since posting I have been out twice played 18 holes. The first time was last week and it was a really great game, iron shots were on point, crisp, it was just a wonderful evening - it just felt natural and relaxing. For me personally good shots are 140 yards from a 7 iron with a very good line of where I planned to hit it, 110 from 9i, 60-70 from a Lob Wedge. I would say 80% of iron shots were nice, other 10% ok, 10% crap (dont care). Driver shots were pathetic but I dont care too much about that either (for now) I then went out last week and it was shocking. Hardly any clean shots, balls going all over the place, left and right, not a single clean driver shot. I think that is the real struggle I have, is that I can go out one day and play great and go out the following week and be pants lol. One thing I start to do when I start to play bad is change what I am doing and figure out what I am doing wrong, I start to either rotate more, lift arms more or keep arms closer to my chest. I start to overthink everything trying in the hope to get my "mojo" back when in reality I am probably making things worst. My instructor used to tell me to trust my swing, I remember telling him I had trust issues LOL. I certainly am quite hard on myself and this doesn't help the matter. I am going to put into practice the tips I have been given here. I have booked a block of new lessons to a course local to me. I spoke to the instructor today who I explained the situation to and he mentioned he would take me on a quick 3 holes and see how I play and take it from there.
  2. Hi All, Thank you very much for the advise and words of confience. I think one thing I will read into is the pre shot routine. I know myself that franky I dont have one, I get up to the ball and all I worry about is hitting it however when I relax I dont worry about anything and have a thought process of get a nice clean hit and where it will end up. I guess it comes down to once I have a bad shot it shakes me up and if I get 2 or 3 in a row I might as well go home. lol I think a good thing I done recently was join my local course which I am very fortunate is rowallan castle golf course. I have been out a few times so far and its a great way to work on the game without worrying about a score and getting used to the mindset of being on a course. The range has its place but being on a course is completely different.
  3. defaulting to bad habits on the course Hi All, I have been on the forum a few times and have gained a wealth of knowledge which I am very grateful for. I have been playing golf for around a year and I am so far pleased with my progress (to give an idea on a good day playing well I can get 103-105 on an 18 hole course, on a bad day this can easily be 120-130). however I have an issue which I am sure many struggle with but I really have no idea how to resolve it. When I practice in doors with a mat/net/real balls or I go to the range I seem to strike the majority of my shots very very well, my swing is correct (feels great), I work on my swing a lot and seem to "crack" it when I am off the course making me have confidence. However when I get on the course I seem to forget almost everything I have learned and especially when I am under pressure on the tee box or people are watching I clam up and default to a horrible swing or trying to get too much power, go over the top, dont follow through correctly (shoulders stay stuck at impact and not rotated through): its everything a swing shouldnt be. In a way the good thing is because I learn, study and practice so much I can self analyze my mistakes. I am sure the more I play the more I will be relaxed etc but does anyone have any advise on firstly ingraning a better swing so that under pressure it should still be there and secondly trying to calm myself down when playing. Much of it is to do with my nature, when it comes to sports and performing I clam up and get nervous. Usually once I am in it and playing i tend to calm down I am fine. Trouble with golf is eac time you start a new hole its like restarting the mental torture again LOL
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