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  1. In my other thread "range practice" asking about hitting off mats, I went to the mat range today and it was semi enjoyable. I could tell when I hit it fat by the ball flight and was able to work on that matter with moderate success. But being completely new to golf, one more quick question. I did great with my 9 iron and 8 iron, wedge, but couldn't hit the ball well AT ALL with a 5 iron. And I did go back and forth with the 5 and 8 with same results. Any idea why that would be? My swing, I think, was the same. I guess for right now its a good thing I play only a par 29 (58 front and back) course, but someday would like to move to the bigger courses where the big boys and girls play. And if my long iron play is like it is, yikes. Thanks, Joe
  2. Gonna grab a bucket and hit the mats and save some for a move down the walk to the grass. Just see the difference
  3. I think I can feel when I do , but not super sure. Assuming the thump before ball contact would be just that? It happens so fast I guess I just have to figure that out.
  4. I, of course, am looking to improve, but the above is my reason for going out there.
  5. Dave, Like not rising on the swing?
  6. Is tha because your causing grass or dirt between you ball and club where you wouldn't from a Mat? So hitting from a mat "can" cause you problems down the line...
  7. Real quick question. Most of the driving ranges at my local courses are so beat up and I like to practice hitting off the grass (iron practice). It can be tough. A great place by me has, well it has grass also (also beat up) but has the stalls with the mats. Any disadvantage to hitting off those green mats or are you just wasting your time and should look for grass? Thanks Joe
  8. I have to agree. I work 2 jobs and at this point in life, neither are fulfilling. My wife constantly reminds me of that and to find something that is. I have been with my day Job 38yrs, am now 60, and just want to finish with it and retire.
  9. I just started my golf life in June, at 60yrs old its been a bit of a struggle. I play bad more than good ( I play at a good pace and not hold anyone back) but one thing I have learned in my short time, I want to enjoy the game, things most likely will get better and not to EVER get discouraged. Just go forward. This from a super newbie. For now I play par 29 9's and am happy just to be out there.
  10. Upstate NY we get winter, wet spring. storms all summer (this year) and then short fall, then 6 months of winter again. I just started my golf life in Mid june, so hot to play well this summer and days are short in the fall, so no after work time. Its is tough when time flies by.
  11. All good tips. I am going to work on proper hydration, not only for my game, but for me also. Thanks all.
  12. I know this is an old story but, super sorry to hear about you club loss, but it's a replaceable loss. Hope the new clubs are working for well for you. But your story now makes me think about how I just leave my cart and bag outside the clubhouse while I go in to use the facilities..
  13. Yes, I agree, it's is all about the money. The dress code change. Unless told what to do, the players lose the LPGA, the LPGA loses the sponsors, the players lose the the sponsors. The sponsors lose the money, the players lose the money, a big circle. Money. And yes, I do have to dress professionally in both my jobs. And I choose to because of the,,,,, money. I guess my last thought is, I really don't think the dress code (on the course) is that bad right now, but that's just me.
  14. They're not just asking. This worlds coming to we are being told to do something, or else.
  15. . Wow, for me it drives me crazy to the point I have to stop and smell the roses. Kinda say to myself. "stop hoping your next tee shot will go where it should and just play the darn game".. Hope has nothing to do with it....... Maybe a bit of prayer...