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  1. Yes, I agree, it's is all about the money. The dress code change. Unless told what to do, the players lose the LPGA, the LPGA loses the sponsors, the players lose the the sponsors. The sponsors lose the money, the players lose the money, a big circle. Money. And yes, I do have to dress professionally in both my jobs. And I choose to because of the,,,,, money. I guess my last thought is, I really don't think the dress code (on the course) is that bad right now, but that's just me.
  2. They're not just asking. This worlds coming to we are being told to do something, or else.
  3. . Wow, for me it drives me crazy to the point I have to stop and smell the roses. Kinda say to myself. "stop hoping your next tee shot will go where it should and just play the darn game".. Hope has nothing to do with it....... Maybe a bit of prayer...
  4. I agree with Moxley, I've learned allot from this thread. My home course is a par 29, either front or back and being new, I hit a bump and run more that I want to. I guess I really shouldn't learn, too much, how not to. Sounds like a tool to keep in the head.
  5. Yes, I learned wearing cotton is NOT the way to go....I believe it was a major problem, felt like I walked out of a pool with my shirt on and walked to the tee. Will check some out.
  6. I agree. Yesterday I watched the LPGA a bit, along with my wife. I, we, saw nothing offensive. Just enjoyed the golf. Maybe it is sponsor complaints but, I believe that should be between the sponsor and the player. Let big father stay OUT OF IT.
  7. Right now being new I'm on of the ones below 70 percent. Just working on getting it right first.
  8. Yesterday..... a 48 on a par 29....Off day.
  9. Thanks Gents. Bottom line I have things to work on, for sure, but mostly I am trying to keep positive no matter where my ball lands. I just can't let things bother me (other than I have to work on this or that) or I'm afraid I won't go forward. Joe
  10. I'm very new to golf, have only been on the course 4 times, I play 9 holes. (par 29) I know it's maybe too early to ask this question, but I think I may have gone through THIS my last round. Excluding the first round (jitters), I was very comfortable the next 2. (49 and 44 for my second and third round) This last round it just didn't feel good or right. Before I played this 4th round of my life, I went to the driving range, did ok (2:30),,,, 90 Degrees,,,, was fatigued from working 4 am to noon,,,, (round was at 3:30), forgot my gatorade on a brick wall at the clubhouse,,,, and my Shirt was soaked through. I'm not looking for someone to say, "sure you're going to play bad like that" but just want to know are there things that happen to you guys that just ruin a round and should you just pay a bad round when you know these things will affect you, or just back out, go home and have a beer? Thanks, Joe
  11. I really don't see a lot wrong with the way the ladies dress right now, but I guess I understand the reason behind the rule changes. I'm thinking the change is just to keep things classier in appearance. After all its the LPGA not the bikini golf at the local club for charity.
  12. Will definitely check it out. Joe
  13. LOL. I hope to never play golf,,, in that state.
  14. xmt, I had the very same problem. I hate to say it but before I played my first round of golf, I was a 50%'er on the range. So when I played my first round, which was just a month or so ago, I was nervous and I think it kinda ruined my first round. Then one day while on the putting green I just stood and watched folks tee off on the first and second hole at my local coourse and I realized that,,,, can't think of a real polite way to say it, most people aren't any better than I. But dang, they were enjoying it. So now, when I go out, I go out to do my best and enjoy it. Bottom line for me, it working and my scores over the last 2 rounds got allot better. Just some advice from someone very new and just wants to enjoy the game. Joe
  15. Well hate to say but so far my best is a par 3 ... par. I was lucky once and did have my one and only birdie and couple games back,,, but, I'm still waiting for the next birdie... and par too. But I'm working on it.
  16. I haven't figured out yet how to hook up with other players when my golf buddy isn't available. Once I figure that out I'll play more, but for right now it's the range and maybe the course every other week.
  17. For me and it surprises me more than any one. A par 4 and I hit my first shot a decent distance (for me) but it went into a pine tree area of the right side of the fairway. Found the ball and was getting ready to knock it back into the fairway and said what the heck. Made a great shot up over the pines to with in 50 feet of the green. My golfing partner was looking the other way. Dang.
  18. I'm still at the beginning and my best score so far is a 44 on a par 29. So I'm not there yet but, I do like a few have mentioned here on their practice style that I hope will finally get me down.
  19. Thanks all, have allot of exploring around here.
  20. Thanks gents. I left out my 9th hole score,,,,,, err, it was an 11. It was a par 4 and for some reason I just couldn't connect. 2 in the water and trouble getting out of the rough. I told myself it was a hot day and I was wearing down but, there just excuses. Oh well, I was still happy with my round and the great dinner in the club afterwards. Again, very glad to be here and look forward to all the great threads and posts. Joe
  21. Hi from Albany NY Well a newbie here, just turned 60 yesterday and played only my second round of golf ever. Was doing well until the last hole. (9th) Was able to better my first round and hopefully on my way. It's a par 3 and 4 course and with the exception of the 9th was able to do 4's 5' and 6's on the first 8. But the best thing, it was so much fun. Anywho glad to be here and pick up tips form folks who know what their doing. Joe
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