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  1. Provisional or Drop for a Water Hazard

    This thread has been very helpful. Thanks for asking this question OP and thanks @iacas and others for all the discussion/explanation
  2. Poor instruction is very common. Why?

    For me. I've had a lot of bad lessons because the instructor's focused on the wrong parts of my swing. Telling me to fix my club path 8 million times never did anything, no matter how hard I tried and practiced. Having me change my backswing fixed most of my path problems without ever thinking about downswing path. I also think some students lack the strength and flexibility required but maybe don't know it. My fingers in my left hand were weak, it absolutely had a large affect on my position at the top of my backswing and likely all the other positions I needed to get into. Until I got them stronger (and my core stronger), I couldn't make as good of a golf swing as I do now
  3. My Swing (jms5180)

    Thanks for the comment. I did notice how far laterally I was moving. I know that when I think to "load the back leg" on my backswing I have much better results. Assuming that leads to less sway. I had already played 18 and hit about 100 balls when this video was taken, so not sure if this is always my problem or one that happens when I get a bit more tired. I will try to get a video this weekend when I am fresh out there. Regardless, the wall drill mentioned in your thread seems very helpful for flexibility, form, and core strength. Happy to hear any other comments