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  1. No Mulligans said it a couple of pages ago --> rowing machine... I recently shelled out $900 (plus tax) for a Concept 2 Rower/Erg...over the last 4.5 months, my body composition has changed with daily (6x per week) rowing. Start very slow and force yourself to maintain great technique/form; your heart/lungs will adjust and adapt quicker than your joints/muscles. Rowing is both aerobic/anaerobic exercise (about 85% of your body's muscles are actively engaged), especially when you perform HIIT (going hard for a couple of minutes at a time) during your 40 - 50 minute rowing session. In fact, I zone out completely (nothing to distract me while I'm mesmerized staring at the chain) and I'm dripping with sweat. No gym membership necessary. I've been gluten free for about 7.5 years now (IBS and digestion), but if I do consume veggies/fruits (especially VitaMix smoothies) without major concern of counting carbs...
  2. Have you looked for a Tommy Armour 845 "Heater" that have 14* degree loft? I have a head (no shaft) that has a .355 tip -- maybe that will work for you. I don't have the swing speed to elevate that baby higher than 10' off the ground
  3. As previously mentioned by several posters -- Concept 2 Rower is the best full-bodied workout (aerobic + anaerobic together: 30-40 minutes, 6 days per week); you won't find better cardio than indoor rowing (all things considered...) It is, by far, the best $900 I've ever spent on any piece of exercise equipment, especially since Wifey rows as well
  4. Winn DriTac Midsize on everything except putter........
  5. Legs/Shoulders Pairs today -- 4 sets (15/13/12/10) of each exercise: Leg Curls + Military Presses (no rest between pair) Leg Reverse Curls + Landmine Presses (no rest between pair) Romanian Deadlifts + Front Delt Raises (no rest between pair) Squats + Side Delt Raises (no rest between pair) I add weight on 12 rep and 10 rep series -- rest between finished pair and changing PowerTec Lever machine settings. The entire workout from start to finish is 30-35 minutes. Occasionally, I will jump rope for 10 minute intervals to really push the heart/lungs (total of 40 minutes) Then I will hang on the inversion table for about 3-5 minutes (to stretch out...)
  6. There are only 2 things that I now perform to eliminate lower back tightness and SI joint pain -- the inversion table were I hang for 15-30 seconds and return upright (maybe 10x) is the first. The 2nd thing was returning to lifting weights to strengthen my hamstrings, quads, glutes, etc.
  7. I swapped out my old True Temper steel for a Paderson Kinetixx TS-I stiff flex -- very inexpensive and you'll pick up accuracy/dispersion and a little yardage distance...
  8. Lifting weights + switching to graphite iron shafts are the 2 best things that I did in 2017...no more tennis/golf elbow issues and my lower body and shoulders can now handle an increase in swing speed... For 2017, I stopped doing "cardio" as the primary exercise and switched to lifting weights -- my heart and lungs during the 35-45 minute weight workouts are pumping hard (albeit not the entire time like running or jogging) but I have no soreness or aches/pains like the jogging provided. Two days on/One day off and repeat... Even got Wifey on board lifting...
  9. Lift weights two days splitting between shoulders/legs and chest/back -- then one day off... My heart and lungs are pumping throughout the entire 35-45 minute workout...Nothing has changed my body composition this much before I started back into pushing/pulling weights; had done the P90X + Insanity + bodyweight exercises, but lifting doesn't stress my joints or cause delayed muscle soreness (like P90X/Insanity did)... On the occasion off day, I will jump rope (intervals) for maybe 10-15 minutes -- other than that, not really that much cardio.
  10. I have a brand new Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi 2 iron on order (backordered until November...) It's my only new golf club ever purchased.
  11. I'm still rockin' TA 845s SilverScots -- 1i through 9i with the Tour Step stiff flex...I've tried some others, but I don't hit new irons any farther (significant) distance...I may buy a 2nd set of TA 845s and put a Nippon Modus3 105 stiff shafts in them...
  12. I'm still rocking Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scots with the Tour Step stiff shafts, 1i through 9i with the old-school lofts....don't own a single fairway wood or hybrid...
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