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  1. Hi Everyone, I am a new member to TST and after reading a few posts the responses have been great so hopefully I can get a good bit of feedback too. I have been playing golf about a year and now currently work as a Greenskeeper at a Course in Reading. To join our club the fees are fairly high plus the monthly payments are well in excess off £100. All the clubs of a decent standard around the area are similar or slightly less. On site we have a Pro shop which sells all top brand clothing and clubs. This got me thinking that a lot of people may want to start golf but don't want to Pay huge money for clothing as the initial costs can be High enough. Reason for the post is to get some thoughts on whether you would like to see in your club pro shops some clothing that was of good standard but very reasonable money? Not to replace the Branded stuff such as Taylormade but just to give you the option of getting more for your money? If your not that worried about named items? Ive discussed this with my club and need support to get the ball rolling if people feel the same way. Please let me know your thoughts