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  1. single golfer

    My first guess would be the golf course.
  2. Three. A starter Dunlop set... dunno what model or whatever... just the kind that comes in a $300 starter set from Walmart lol An hand-me-down set of Wilson Staff Fat Shafts that my uncle gave to me A set of Wilson Staff Di7s that I just bought last month.
  3. Di7s are about as forgiving as it gets. It's hard not to hit them straight.
  4. Easy to hit irons

    I'd have to recommend the same set I use, Wilson Staff Di7's, or the Di9s, which, from what I heard, are even better. They will add distance, which isn't very important and is only a side effect imo, but something about those sticks... it just seems harder to mis-hit.
  5. Golf: Obsession, passion, addiction, other?

    E. Stress Reliever Even though I get stressed on the golf course on the regular
  6. World Series Picks?

    Yanks vs. Phils again... and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Yankees fan.
  7. I love Scotty Cameron putters, but...

    I agree it's stupid on their part because they could make more money if they just sold the headcovers (seeing as people would definitely buy them). But honestly, since SC is a "premium" brand, they probably do it to protect their name. They probably don't want every Joe Schmoe putting a SC headcover on their no name putter.
  8. Well at least you signed up... I'm kicking myself for not doing it at all.
  9. scotty cameron vs nike method putter

    I would never recommend a specific putter to anyone simply because a putter is such an individual thing. You can't know if it's right for you unless you've tried it. Now, you've already tried the method and it seems like you're not too crazy about it. If you're not, I wouldn't recommend getting it, because you probably never will feel great with it.
  10. 4 iron and 4 hybrid?

    If you don't have another club that can better fill the spot in your bag, there's nothing wrong with carrying both. It might be worthwhile to use the hybrid out of the rough and the iron on the fairway.
  11. Your Home Course Website.

    I have 3... When I'm at school and want to get a quick range session or quick round before class, http://casperkillgolf.com/golf/proto/casperkillgolf/ When I'm home and want the best round in the area... http://www.beekmangolf.com/golf/proto/beekmangolf/ When I'm home and don't feel like driving or spending the money... http://fishkillgolf.com/
  12. How do you putt?

    I also use an interlocking grip. Tried the whole switching hands thing out a while back but couldn't get the hang of it. My feet are together, and my head is directly over the ball.
  13. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm currently a culinary student (at the CIA) and work at a local restaurant. With school, work, or a combination of the two 7 days a week, with no spring break and basically half of a summer break, it makes finding time for golf difficult nowadays.