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  1. Shaft Flex 101 for Dummies

    I appreciate the feedback but am unsure where you are going with this. Do you feel that shaft makers are arbitrary with heir flex ratings? Or do you feel like they overstate or understate the flex? What do they gain by doing this? or is your view moreso that flex stiffness in general is an overrated measurement and the shaft makers exaggerate the impact of flex to help sell shafts? Is it usually a consistent type of miss? If so what was the miss?
  2. Shaft Flex 101 for Dummies

    So saevel, if I have the following 2 shafts, where can I find the specs on them and what do they mean? Driver: bassara e series 42 regular 3W: Fubuki Z65x5ct regular
  3. Shaft Flex 101 for Dummies

    100% get it but that's why I'm curious as to what specs a person should be on the lookout for. For example I read that torque is generally between 2 to 7. But it seems that regular and stiff flex from the same manufacturer can be in the 6 range so that doesn't seem to matter. Yeah mine said 4B2M. Not sure where to go from there.
  4. Shaft Flex 101 for Dummies

    thanks for the info. That's good to know. Im at that point where I could go stiff or regular (hit 8 iron from 150, 4H from 200), but I take the view of error on the side of a smooth swing. But every time I get a little wild with a hook or something I start second guessing whether a stiffer shaft would add to control. Head games more than anythiNg. I thought torque was more than anything the main component for stiff, and that is why I ha she visions of regular shafts flailing all over with a stiff shaft nice and controlled. But I see my driver shaft has almost the same torque whether it is stiff or regular, so no big deal I guess. Moving forward, the ease of callaway in just switching shafts out and they don't seem too expensive I wouldn't mind trying some others. What are some specs you might look for? I know that's a super loaded personal preference question, but hearing other people's preferences and why can be helpful. Thanks again. Good information. MY old 3W had a project X 5.5 shaft and I liked that one
  5. Shaft Flex 101 for Dummies

    What is the measurement or specification that actullay measures the flex stiffness? Or is it just a combination of all the specs and manufacturer decides what to label it?
  6. Shaft Flex 101 for Dummies

    Thanks for the info. I have a Bassara e 42 regular flex. I can't seem to tell the difference between that and the stiff flex. At first I thought it was the torque at 6 (with the assumption that closer to 2 would be stiffer), but the stiff has almost the same torque.
  7. Shaft Flex 101 for Dummies

    I understand that all manufacturers are different, etc... but im not sure what I should be looking for in the specs. Like I go to ebay for look for callaway optifit shafts and there are a ton of options for $40-$80. I try to research them and don't know what the specs even mean. And i I don't have access to a professional fitting with a launch monitor etc so that's not an option. Need to go the trial and error route.
  8. Ok, I understand the difference between the shafts basics, but these days trying to look deeper into it is like reading an engineering book. Soft tip, stepped on, kick point, weight, torque Can somebody dumb it down for me. I am right on the edge of stiff and regular. My swing speed could allow me to go stiff, but I don't mind using regular and don't need to feed my ego with a stiff. But what are some of the specifics in a shaft that would impact whether a flex is a firmer regular or a softer stiff flex than others?
  9. 5 Wood or Hybrid?

    That's where I am finding myself too
  10. 5 Wood or Hybrid?

    Why do so many pros play 5 woods? What is the advantage of them? I need to trim the bag down one club and the debate is the 5W or 3H to stay in the locker. i don't notice a huge difference (if any at all) between my 5W and 3H. Both get pretty good height. I think my dispersion with my 3H is a little tighter. I hit my 5W well, so it's not a matter of me not liking it What would the advantage to a 5W be?
  11. In a tournament may the caddy do the ball marking for a player?
  12. Poor instruction is very common. Why?

    I think the problem is not enough time for the instructions. Go to a lesson for an hour, pick up a few things, try them on the range for a week while old habits slip in or you develop new flaws as you correct old ones, then go see the pro again next week for an hour and repeat. but now with swing apps like swing profile where you can stay in contact with your pro (if they are willing to do so) to give daily feedback after your daily range session lessons can become even more productive. They can identify if you are implementing the technique they taught last week or catch new bad habits as they develop. But going to one lesson and expecting a miracle would be like going to one piano lesson and not understanding why you can't play awesome after being at home practicing for a couple of weeks.