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  1. I like the idea of which club is more versatile being the choice as off a clean lie I have similar results. Im intrigued by the idea of a 5W being easier to hit out of a hairy lie than a 3H. What's the rationale behind this view?
  2. Why do so many pros play 5 woods? What is the advantage of them? I need to trim the bag down one club and the debate is the 5W or 3H to stay in the locker. i don't notice a huge difference (if any at all) between my 5W and 3H. Both get pretty good height. I think my dispersion with my 3H is a little tighter. I hit my 5W well, so it's not a matter of me not liking it What would the advantage to a 5W be?
  3. In a tournament may the caddy do the ball marking for a player?
  4. I think the problem is not enough time for the instructions. Go to a lesson for an hour, pick up a few things, try them on the range for a week while old habits slip in or you develop new flaws as you correct old ones, then go see the pro again next week for an hour and repeat. but now with swing apps like swing profile where you can stay in contact with your pro (if they are willing to do so) to give daily feedback after your daily range session lessons can become even more productive. They can identify if you are implementing the technique they taught last week or catch new bad habits as they develop. But going to one lesson and expecting a miracle would be like going to one piano lesson and not understanding why you can't play awesome after being at home practicing for a couple of weeks.
  5. I went with the 816. $95 for a used one appearing to be in decent shape from photos. I have Adams 3H and 4H and like them a lot. Never even considered them for fairway woods
  6. Thanks
  7. The alpha 816 looks interesting. Not a small head with some forgiveness. Not a closed face (adjustable)
  8. What was their high end line prior to the Epic? Seems like they have a lot of different lines out there (steelhead, x, etc...) i have a diablo octane, but it sets up slightly closed, and I like my clubs to set up neutral. I also have a ft iz driver l that sets up slightly closed (seems to be a callaway thing). I know their "tour" model sets up more neutral, but I don't think I want the tour model with the smaller head etc.... also, if anybody has any recommendations of a good fairway wood from the past few yearsthat does not set up closed I appreciate it. I like to buy them used rather than paying $200 for a new one. The current 3W I am hitting is a Nike VR pro project x 5.5 shaft and I love it. However the very top of the face just cracked. I can't seem to find too many of these models around online anywhere. thanks for the help.
  9. So I got one and am using it on wedges I don't use. I'm not sure I like it 1. For the most part just using it to clean grooves it is nice. But that's without using it as a decide to actually sharpen anything. And it isn't really better than the groove tool pencil looking thing 2. When I apply pressure to it to make actually remove material I don't think I like what it does to the club.
  10. Exactly probably brandel Chamblee and his fan club. Just looking for issues that don't exist
  11. The grooves in third picture are not wider than in the first picture. I traced both of them from the same original. It is just shallower so it appears wider. (Maybe my tracing is bad?) so as long as the grooves are within the conforming width and depth, then it's fine. The removing of material doesn't make it inherently wrong.
  12. THen go away. You haven't added anything to the conversation anyway. You won't be missed. THanks for the feedback Phil
  13. Here is my artistic rendering. If the sharpener isn't wider, then it just goes deeper, so it wouldn't be illegal. Right. You remove material, like sharpening a knife. But you don't necessarily make it wider or nonconforming.
  14. Here is the above picture. I would disagree that #3 is necessarily what would happen with a sharpener. Why would it have to widen? Why wouldn't it just get deeper to again look like picture #1? It looks like the groove sharpeners have different sized heads so that you don't have to use one that will widen the club. In the picture it looks like the person is assuming using a wide tool that will widen the grooves and again, I'm not talking about aggressively reconfiguring the grooves. Just a little maintenance to clean them out a bit. And removing some material is not illegal
  15. Is there a device available to measure from it is conforming? I have a few extra wedges I wouldn't mind one practicing on before fixing the ones I actually use. If it is worn down then it is not at the maximum depth. So cutting it deeper wouldn't necessarily keep it illegal