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  1. What a rough day :(

    Well I am playing those vivid yellow bridgestones, and the range balls at my course are kinda close.
  2. What a rough day :(

    I like the first part of that tip, but I'm too cheap to leave any balls behind. Especially when I'm paying 14 whole cents a ball.
  3. Chipping green etiquette

    That would be news to all the clubs I've played at where they put out range balls on all the practice areas. I'll second chilipepper's what a maroon comment.
  4. This X1000. I also play guitar, not as well as I would like, but I'm learning. The part in this post by iacas where he describes how the violinist learned to play a new song is spot on. I do the same with the guitar. And, as is also in that post, golf is the same. Joe Walsh when asked how he got so good supposedly said you have to be willing to be bad while you learn to be good. Something like that I think.
  5. Automatic Avatar Selection?

    Ok, I now remember seeing that, but forgot. Thanks for the assist and I do like the choice.
  6. I just noticed that my avatar went from the default last name initial to a picture of the USS John Marshall SSBN-611. I assume this is because my user name is ssbn611, chosen because I am a former US Navy submariner, and that boat is my first and qual boat. So, is this some new functionality? I'm good with the choice too.
  7. 2017 Women's British Open

    I believe iacas is referring to Wie's whiplash injury last year that may still be occasionally bothering her. Last month she withdrew from the US Open due to neck pain.
  8. What's the Hottest You'd Walk 18?

    I live and play in the Baltimore area and have a push cart with an umbrella holder. I always use the umbrella when it is hot (85+) or a warm day without clouds. It makes a huge difference as just getting under the umbrella will lower the temp several degrees. I will often have playing partners take advantage of my umbrella too. It is similar to when I am playing in the Palm Springs area during the hot months where I will look for shade areas on each hole and take advantage of them. You will not regret using the umbrella on the cart. That and drink lots of water on the hot days.
  9. What's the Hottest You'd Walk 18?

    A couple of Sundays ago I played in 93+ temps here in the Baltimore area. Something I've done before. I walk with a push cart and umbrella, try to keep hydrated, but this time apparently not well enough. I had a similar experience where after walking off 18 I had to sit in the shade for about 30 mins. before packing up and going home. I'm re-thinking what my temp limit will be going forward as it was a bit scary. On the other hand, and despite a mostly crappy back 9 I managed to par the last three holes; I felt like a zombie on 18. BTW sjduffers, I used to play at Santa Teresa quite a lot when I still lived in San Jose. Miss that course. Rawitzer really improved it from how it was when I was in high school.
  10. I feel like I'm in good company after reading this thread. Zero for me in at least 30 years of active golfing. I've only witnessed one hole-in-one in person. I don't count the ones on TV.
  11. What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

    I pretty much did the same. I listened to it driving to Augusta from ATL and on my Masters trip. The reason I liked it was I am into what I call 'slice of life' type shows. That is my term for a TV show. movie or podcast that exposes one to life as other people are living it. Of course the characters have to be interesting and their needs to be some type of conflict or drama. I think S-Town was all of that for me. The ending where you learned more about the central character was very interesting to me at least. Different as others have already said. I would say not quite as detailed as Serial. I like Serial but have some issues with the way some of it is presented. At least for the Adnan Sayed episodes.
  12. My son has the first gen Arccos system which he likes. I am leaning towards Game Golf with the reasons being the tag size (even compared to 2nd Gen Arccos) and no batteries in the Game Golf tags. Also the GG Live price is very good, even though I missed the Amazon Prime sale.
  13. Good Cheap golf balls

    I just bought a box of the Bridgestone B6 in vivid yellow. Decent ball and very easy to see off the tee and on the ground.