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  1. ssbn611

    2019 Masters Lottery

    Two of my three brothers have been selected for practice round tickets. One in 2008 and one in 2016. I’ve gone with them both times. I’ve never been selected, including this year’s lottery.
  2. Bar Stool Sports’ Dave Portnoy thinks he could shoot 4 under each day an win at 12 under if he had unlimited mulligans. Apparently the USGA heard his boast and now he will play Shinnecock Hills the Monday after the open. He will have five hours to play 18 and unlimited mulligans. I think he is a bit deluded. 🙂 More here: https://www.barstoolsports.com/boston/for-go-pres-go-fans-only-i-have-been-set-up-for-failure-by-the-usga-but-they-have-underestimated-my-competitive-spirt-and-will-to-win/?_referrer=twitter&_branch_match_id=490004825108762243
  3. ssbn611

    What Would You Do?

    I appreciate all the responses. Here's the update which makes the whole episode even more ridiculous. My son describes the front cart wheels as appearing to be in a v shape with each wheel pointing towards the outside of the cart. He told me the course said they replaced a $50 part and the labor was $25 so they were trying to get him to pay $75. I told him that his response is always "the cart broke under normal operating conditions." He replied well that is what happened so it's easy to say the same thing each time because it's the truth. I can't imagine the course will pursue this any further given the amount involved, but I told him they may not let him play there again. He said that was OK because the course isn't all that anyway.
  4. ssbn611

    What Would You Do?

    Here’s the scenario. My 34 year old son was playing at a local course and using course provided EZ Go golf cart. According to him, something broke in the steering mechanism which caused the cart to crash, not hard, into a tree. He reported this to pro shop who requested his insurance info. He reminded them that cart broke during normal use and that lead to hitting the tree. Course tried to put in claim against his insurance which was denied. Expecting the course to continue to pursue reimbursement even though his three playing partners will confirm the cart broke during normal use. Oh, and the cart was new. I have zero reason to doubt his story because he drives like my grandmother whenever I’ve been in a cart with him. Anyone have any similar experience and what was the outcome?
  5. You could always go to World Tour Golf in Myrtle Beach, or Renditions in Maryland to play Augusta #12.
  6. ssbn611

    Paying for handicap scam

    I think we may need a “Bugger, I’m drunk” thread.
  7. ssbn611

    Geek Golf Driver Crown Detached

    I was asking because STS in the Navy stands for Sonar Technician Submarines which I was. So we don't have that in common, but we do have golf in common. Thanks for the reply, Jeff
  8. ssbn611

    Geek Golf Driver Crown Detached

    May I ask what STS stands for in your handle?
  9. I love my Ecco shoes. I have a pair of Biom and a pair of Biom Hybrids. I don’t even consider other brands. Most comfortable golf shoes I’ve owned. I actually got the Hybrids for $80 from Amazon by signing up for their credit card which I didn’t even have tp use for the purchase.
  10. ssbn611


  11. I thought this thread was going to be about how to prevent your wife from taking up the game.
  12. My oldest son gave me Game Golf Live. I gifted myself a new pair of Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 GTX shoes. :)
  13. I still have my old school plastic Pasatiempo bag tag. I don't think green fees for non-members were over $100 the last time I played there. Another great course in that area is DeLaveaga.

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