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  1. When is it too cold to golf?

    JonMA1 gives me hope that my annual Myrtle Beach golf trip next week will be ok despite the forecast. Off to the store for that compression shirt. :D
  2. I thought this thread was going to be about how to prevent your wife from taking up the game.
  3. My oldest son gave me Game Golf Live. I gifted myself a new pair of Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 GTX shoes. :)
  4. I still have my old school plastic Pasatiempo bag tag. I don't think green fees for non-members were over $100 the last time I played there. Another great course in that area is DeLaveaga.
  5. Driving Range Etiquette

    Would you provide some examples of what you mean by acting or dressing trashy? That would help with context. Personally I don't expect that dress code at a public course DR is the same as on the course itself. I would expect people to behave normally for a public setting.
  6. Marker Size

    I use a Hong Kong two dollar coin because I'm old and it is big enough and shiny enough for me to find when it's my turn to putt.
  7. Chipping from Rough vs Fairway

    My approach to the short game is to know my distance based on how far back I take the club. So I practice this with my 56 degree wedge, pitching wedge and 9 or 8 iron with a 1/4 and 1/2 backswing, sometimes a little more or less, maintaining the club face toward the target after impact. I feel very confident with regards to distance control so my focus is on making good contact with the ball.
  8. What a rough day :(

    Well I am playing those vivid yellow bridgestones, and the range balls at my course are kinda close.
  9. What a rough day :(

    I like the first part of that tip, but I'm too cheap to leave any balls behind. Especially when I'm paying 14 whole cents a ball.
  10. Chipping green etiquette

    That would be news to all the clubs I've played at where they put out range balls on all the practice areas. I'll second chilipepper's what a maroon comment.
  11. This X1000. I also play guitar, not as well as I would like, but I'm learning. The part in this post by iacas where he describes how the violinist learned to play a new song is spot on. I do the same with the guitar. And, as is also in that post, golf is the same. Joe Walsh when asked how he got so good supposedly said you have to be willing to be bad while you learn to be good. Something like that I think.
  12. Automatic Avatar Selection?

    Ok, I now remember seeing that, but forgot. Thanks for the assist and I do like the choice.
  13. I just noticed that my avatar went from the default last name initial to a picture of the USS John Marshall SSBN-611. I assume this is because my user name is ssbn611, chosen because I am a former US Navy submariner, and that boat is my first and qual boat. So, is this some new functionality? I'm good with the choice too.
  14. 2017 Women's British Open

    I believe iacas is referring to Wie's whiplash injury last year that may still be occasionally bothering her. Last month she withdrew from the US Open due to neck pain.
  15. What's the Hottest You'd Walk 18?

    I live and play in the Baltimore area and have a push cart with an umbrella holder. I always use the umbrella when it is hot (85+) or a warm day without clouds. It makes a huge difference as just getting under the umbrella will lower the temp several degrees. I will often have playing partners take advantage of my umbrella too. It is similar to when I am playing in the Palm Springs area during the hot months where I will look for shade areas on each hole and take advantage of them. You will not regret using the umbrella on the cart. That and drink lots of water on the hot days.

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