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  1. What are your thoughts on indoor lessons from places like Golf Galaxy? They seem to have technology, but is the indoor experience lacking somehow. I've not taken indoor lessons, but am considering doing so. Primarily because of the access to video and other swing analysis tech.
  2. I feel like I'm in good company after reading this thread. Zero for me in at least 30 years of active golfing. I've only witnessed one hole-in-one in person. I don't count the ones on TV.
  3. I pretty much did the same. I listened to it driving to Augusta from ATL and on my Masters trip. The reason I liked it was I am into what I call 'slice of life' type shows. That is my term for a TV show. movie or podcast that exposes one to life as other people are living it. Of course the characters have to be interesting and their needs to be some type of conflict or drama. I think S-Town was all of that for me. The ending where you learned more about the central character was very interesting to me at least. Different as others have already said. I would say not quite as detailed as Serial. I like Serial but have some issues with the way some of it is presented. At least for the Adnan Sayed episodes.
  4. Don't forget Lorena Ochoa. :)
  5. My son has the first gen Arccos system which he likes. I am leaning towards Game Golf with the reasons being the tag size (even compared to 2nd Gen Arccos) and no batteries in the Game Golf tags. Also the GG Live price is very good, even though I missed the Amazon Prime sale.
  6. I just bought a box of the Bridgestone B6 in vivid yellow. Decent ball and very easy to see off the tee and on the ground.
  7. Welcome from Maryland.
  8. It probably isn't fair to these guys to throw out guesses.
  9. Yes, your Wednesday practice round tickets include the par 3 contest. Unless you're unlucky like us this year and get rained out. I was lucky again though when my brother let me use his Thursday ticket. I wish you the best time and weather possible. If you've not yet been it will be a trip to remember.
  10. Time and money are "holding" me back. My wife lets me have a golf budget and I can only squeeze in so many rounds and practice buckets. As soon as I hit the lottery ...
  11. Thanks for the welcomes. I wanted to join in on the fun May deal on NoVA, but I was in out of the country for work during that time period. I will keep an eye out for the next one.
  12. Using Google Earth is: 1. Humbling because many golfers (myself included) don't hit the ball off the tee as far as we think we do. 2. Helpful in learning that one does not need to hit the ball 250+ to play decent golf. 220-240 and in the fairway or close to it can work well for many (most?) players. 3. Shows you where a 280 yard drive would put you on a given hole so you can see just how good the pros really are. 4. Did I say it is humbling? Definitely for me.
  13. I am a IT Business Analyst for a California based health care company. I work from my home in Maryland.
  14. After a year or so of lurking I've finally registered. I've enjoyed what I've seen on here and the atmosphere is mostly positive. I live just outside of Baltimore and play at Diamond Ridge a lot with a few others sprinkled in here and there. I started playing golf when I was around 10 years old. I was fortunate enough to live in a small town with a good junior golf program and lots of encouragement to play. Always looking to improve and this site has already helped in that regard so thanks!