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  1. Top left: 3W, 4H Top right: Driver Next slot down: 3, 4, 5 irons Next slot down: 6, 7 irons Bottom left: 8, 9 irons Bottom right: PW and 56 degree wedge Outside left: putter Outside right: Gold Flex trainer to hang club towel The last two get swapped depending on if I am driving or a passenger in the cart. I used to arrange my tool box a specific way when I was a field engineer. I hated it when people would borrow a tool and put it back in the "wrong" place. What's the matter with them? Can't they see where it is supposed to go? 🙃
  2. Yes. That is how I’ve always used it. I sometimes look at the hole map when playing an unfamiliar course, which admittedly isn’t that often.
  3. Game Golf Live using iPhone app. I’ve always uploaded my rounds fairly soon after I finish via my iPhone. Is that what you were looking for?
  4. I can load and unload the shaft on my Gold Flex swing trainer. My actual clubs, not so much. Now I can remember feeling balata balls compress on the face of my Orlimar driver back in the day.
  5. My round yesterday uploaded with no issues. Seemed to work like normal to me.
  6. I think in the Bay Area that is not uncommon. I noted in my first post on this topic that I used to play at Santa Teresa in San Jose every Saturday morning and 4:30 would have been considered a fairly quick round. 😀
  7. To clarify, my comment was related to a foursome behind my group. I will let singles, twosomes and even threesomes play though if they are playing faster than my group. I always appreciate it when others do that for me in that scenario.
  8. My personal habits for monitoring mine and my group's speed of play: Play ready golf. If I get to the next tee first then I am going to tee off as soon as possible and I'm getting ready to do that Be ready to play my shot as soon as it is my turn Move quickly to the ball after I hit my shot and it is safe for me to do so Line up putts ahead of time which is almost always possible, if not then I don't spend a lot of time on lining up the putt for that hole Cart get parked on the side of the green as close to the next tee as possible If I see my group is falli
  9. I used to have problems with it, but no longer. I remember I had a cortisone shot at one point, but the real key is your shoes. Make sure you aren't wearing shoes that are too tight or short in the toe box area. Any of your shoes, not just golf shoes. Warning: I am not a medical professional. The above is my opinion based on personal experience.
  10. I will second this one. I did a one hour driver fitting yesterday at 2nd Swing and that was probably the max time for me. Towards the end my swing speed started dropping a little and I admit I was starting to get tired. And as has been true with my previous fitting sessions, what I thought I would like isn't what was working best for me. Just reinforces that you really need to hit a few different options and go with what is best for you and your swing.
  11. Trade in value is around $200 USD according to 2nd Swing’s web site.
  12. In Maryland, MSGA membership includes: Championships & Invitationals – Eligibility for men’s and women’s state championships and invitationals conducted from April to October. One-Day Events – Eligibility and reduced entry fees for 6 events at private courses, open to men and women of all ages and abilities. Fun formats include Four-Ball, Stableford, and more. Hole-in-One Club – Have you made a hole-in-one? Members are eligible for listing on the Hole-in-One club honor roll and will also receive a certificate suitable for framing. USGA Handicap Index – Members receive
  13. The Feds have been protecting Mickelson all along. They didn't go after him for the Billy Walters insider trading deal, and they didn't go after him for the gambling debt payoff (~$3M). There is a rumor as to why, but I can't confirm it so won't repeat it here. Bottom line is Smiley McGambler can pretty much do what he wants and let others take the hit for him. 🙃
  14. At my club, MSGA (Maryland) handicap fee is $25.
  15. If one is at the first tee on time, who cares how much time they spend in the parking lot? FWIW, I like to arrive around 45-60 mins. Early so I can warm up and stretch. But that’s just me. I play with several people who are drive up load the cart and go to the 1st tee guys. None of them play slow. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all. 🙂
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