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  1. I really like to hit my 5 wood. if i have a terrific lie i hit my three, usually get a nice long low stinger out of it
  2. most of my driver hooks were caused by a too flat swing plane. adressing the ball with my hands lower and closer to my body really helps me,
  3. o.k. guys, when the ball is below my feet, that is the most difficult shot for me. I aim left a little and now I've changed my grip to a baseball style, only in this lie. Having some luck with this, but I'm looking for help.
  4. does anyone use a geek driver? i just bought a geek failsafe 3 driver and i'm bombin in twenty yards past where my r7 goes! it's only one degree less loft, but it seems so explosive off the face. I can't wait till it warms up around here to see what i can do with it.
  5. just a quick comment. If it is really wet where you play, like it is here{near seattle}, try choking up a little as your feet tend to sink into the turf, and you may hit it fat.
  6. I put my right foot back a little when using my irons. It helps me from pulling my shots and helps me turn my hips. but then again I'm older and not flexible
  7. yes I play it forward in my stance, just about like the 5 iron. i have a hard time hitting anything with the ball back in my stance. It feels like good contact, but doesn't get any hieght. P.S. I shot 96 last weekend on a frozen course! I didn't use anything off the fairway bigger than my 5 iron, which I got along with so well that I took it out to dinner afterwards.
  8. happy new year first, second a question. now i'm hitting my driver well, about 260, and my irons are much improved until I get to my 4 iron. 5 iron, I'm getting close to 170now but i just cant hit the 4, and the three is worse. Just low liners. Any help?
  9. I have to say it's the par threes. They scare me to death and are the holes that i put up the worst numbers on.I don't know why I get so nervous in the tee box.
  10. So-cal, manoman... I got 18 in, no rain, but it was pretty muddy. The wind blew pretty good on the back nine, and all in all it was really fun. Sure was hard to loosen up, but i got it together and shot 103.
  11. It hasn't quit raining in over a month here in western washington, but I'm takin my weak game out today. I can only stand going to the range so many times. anybody else going out in the foul weather today?
  12. i had em bad at the end of a round last month, with my driver. i lost my ball two holes in a row, and i even ripped one straight sideways, right through my buddies golf cart! what a relief to finish that was.
  13. first of all i drive the ball 300+.. really though, try some of your friends clubs and see what you hit better. Last year i could not hit the driver for beans, but i hit my friends 3 wood like crazy, so thats what i teed off with.
  14. I have been using my hybrid 19* lately, and out of the rough slightly forward in my stance, some success. question i have, where to put it in my stance when i have a good lie?
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