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  1. Yes I've been using GHIN but I did not get an email, but I'm sure I updated my profile last week when I saw the red banner at the website, but still not working so I sent an email. Thanks Did I say crap?, no I haven't renew it yet.
  2. Hello, am I the only one having issues login in GHIN? I sent an email, will see what happened. Do yo use GHIN or USHandicap?
  3. Hello. I have Morton's neuroma in my right foot. I'm applying Ice hot with lidocaína and according to my doctor I have to wait for the next month to see any improvements or he has to do an injection. So does any one have experienced this ? Any advice for treatment or how to avoid this and other injuries? Thanks
  4. I'm looking for 35 but just curious, can I see it? how much and why are you selling it?
  5. Thank you all., I think I found the answer in this video. Min, 50'
  6. Hello, does anyone knows the difference between the Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven S Putter (with "S") and the one without the "S" ? Thanks
  7. Hello, I'm gonna buy a mat for my backyard, it has grass. I need help deciding. Anyone tried the 5 STAR 3' x 5' GORILLA Commercial Driving Range Golf Mats from Martin Hall? I wanna practice with my spike shoes on it. Thanks 5 Star Commercial Driving Range Golf Mats 3' x 5' | 5StarGolfMats.com 5 Star Commercial Mats are easy on the wrists and elbows while still standing up to golfers of all levels. Our Commercial Driving Range Mats are a favorite with driving ranges and country clubs nationwide!
  8. Yes. I thought the same but it shows that it works. So I'll keep an eye on that. Thanks
  9. I bought the Jordan spieth under armour. They're little heavier than my other shoes. The give me more stability. The only issue is I feel tired with this ones after 9 holes. I paid 40 dollars at Ross and the original price was 200 I have the classic footjoy $45 in black Friday at galaxy golf. They're excellent. And I paid $20 for Adidas in the outlet store and $20 Nike at Burlington.
  10. Yes. I posted 34.2 wich is half and it worked. This course is not listed in the ghin. So I did it manually. I contacted the Florida state golf association and USGA and with the same issue. They told me they're waiting for an update from this course. They're supposed to validate the rating every 10 years but they haven't done it. Thanks
  11. Hello, can you please help me. I played 9 holes For white tees, Par 72, 6,072 yards 68.4 Course Rating 119 Slope (18 holes) I'm trying to post my score but I'm unable to put the course rating in the GHIN but is asking me for values between 25 and 40 and it's 68.4 Course Rating So how do I post it? Thanks Luis Fernandez
  12. Hello, Is Golf Channel Amateur Champ a good start for beginners? What other (Big, Good, prestigious) tournaments should be a good start?
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