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  1. Can you PM me or direct me to link on this? See it referenced here often and not sure what this is.
  2. That was my first thought, except without the just kidding part. Besides my first wife, would say second home that I owned. Turned into a real downer when the city sold out, and let the greenbelt behind that house be developed into a subdivision. Thought would be my last house with the quiet and view and suddenly had a few of fenced and the top of other houses.
  3. Nooooooooo Don't tell me summer is almost over. It does seem to be going away quickly. We have had a very, very rainy spring and summer, and the golf courses have taken a beating. An already short season has been much shorter because at least 2 or 3 days every week you can't or don't want to slog through the course. Yesterday had four drives that hit in the middle of the fairway and bounced back a few inches because the ground is so soft. Hoping that the snow stays away this fall and we get to play into November like last year.
  4. Over the years have been on every side of this thread. When I started making real improvements in my game, I self sabotaged a lot of rounds. I realized if I kept such a close eye on the total it lead to some awful back nines and closing holes. Noticed when I started just writing the score and concentrated on the next hole without adding the round went better for me. I have an idea what I might be shooting, but try very hard to not to focus on it till after.....
  5. Hate to hear something like that, and I also hate cliches and coach speak so will try hard to avoid it here. I would follow up some on what @klineka said with some other thoughts. Also, take a notebook with you for a few rounds and make notes on how you miss the putts. Are they constantly coming up short? Missing to the left, missing to the right? You get the idea... Might be painful, but afterwards look for a pattern. You might see something there. I was reading a book yesterday called Slaying The Tiger where the author followed the young guns on tour for a year. In his chapter about Rory McIlroy there was in interesting section how he noticed he was missing everything to the right even when he thought he was lined up perfectly. After careful study he realized he was lined up wrong and when he corrected that starting hitting putts again. Hopefully these are some ideas that can help.
  6. I had a similar thought. If you can't find something to do in places like Orlando or say New Orleans you just aren't trying.
  7. Don't have words for how mad this would make me...... http://www.yardbarker.com/golf/articles/pro_golfer_using_random_clubs_after_airlines_lose_his_equipment_for_fourth_straight_week/s1_13156_24383104
  8. Normally it would be the time factor, but this summer I would have to say more of the health issue than anything right now. I am lucky that my wife is studying for board exams for the next 2 months and is happy if I go play golf after work every day. My back just is not cooperating with that idea. So I hit balls once maybe twice a week and a max 2 rounds of golf.
  9. That's pretty much me. I don't even do the skins. About the closest I get is closest to the pin wagers that might spontaneously happen as we walk up to a par 3 during the round. And only with people that I know well.
  10. The only time I buy clothing from a pro shop is if it is a place I probably won't likely get to play again, like say invited to play a private club with a member. Or if I am playing right after work, and realize when I get to the course I forgot to bring a golf shirt or shorts or more often socks. Like others have said, shop is always pricey and can get clothing for less easily elsewhere.
  11. Just remember the old expression: "The worst day on the golf course is better than your best day at work". No matter how long you play golf, this crazy game will find a way to get in your head some days had you just play bad. Look at what is going on at The Open right now on TV. The trick is to try and shrug it off and keep going.
  12. Should have put that in topic opener. Total stranger that just won't take no for an answer.
  13. Cool. Have seen the trainer in a few bags as they roll by the house. Have been curious about how effective they are, or just a gimmick. Looks like it would be really useful with the long winter off season around here.
  14. That's what I do with somebody I am not comfortable with as well.
  15. Am I correct in assuming this is one of the very few training aids (maybe the only one) I can remember that doesn't matter if you are a lefty? The trainer model, not the wedge or putter.....