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  1. Going to claim my broke 80 prize after shooting lowest round since my return to golf with a 79 yesterday at Ives Hill. Also a shout out to LSW.... Been using some of the strategy ideas especially on the par 5's not laying up or trying to figure perfect approach distance on 2nd shot, and firing at the middle of greens when further than 150 yards out instead of worrying about front pin or left pin etc. Think those 2 things alone helped save a few pars and prevented my usual bogey on both par 3's on the back nine.
  2. "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik

    Don't know if it matters, but I agree. LSW is also the first actual book I have purchased in years. On another note, did finish book last night, and now getting ready to start developing my practice plan.
  3. Try being 54 and having memories of how far you were hitting at 38 as your last reference..... :) Was a shocker at first.
  4. Definitely. Beginning of the summer when I started playing again was at least 40 yards shorter with the driver and 10 - 15 yards on every other club. Luckily most of that distance is back again with lots of patience, and practice and better swing mechanics. May never have old distance, but it is close...... and hope springs eternal to maybe be longer than ever with all the new club and ball technology, and launch monitor technology. Have explored that some, but like @satchmodog said in another thread, wanted to make sure back could handle golf again before I start spending money on new clubs.
  5. Physical therapist gave me the attached file to get me started on the planks. It is a very slow 30 day work up to 4 minutes. Started with that 2 years ago, and now do 5 minutes every morning. See what your doc says. 30 day plank challenge.rtf
  6. I was rear ended while stopped at a light, and as a result had both compression fractures which healed just fine, and spondylolisthesis which is basically where the vertebra are forced or slip out of joint because of impact and resulting in pinched nerves. Crazy as it sounds the planks have strengthened the muscles in my back and core like no other rehab stretching or exercises ever have. The theory for my injury was the stronger the muscles are, the more they help vertebra stay in place. Obviously this is a YMMV (your mileage may vary) and just because it seems to be working for me, doesn't mean it will for you. Or will continue for me either. Have had other moments over the years where I thought back was ready to handle golf and been disappointed. This summer have been able to play and practice more than in last 13 years. Think I have played an average of 3 times a week. Initially it was play rest back for 2 or 3 days and then play again. Also interesting back does better walking with push cart than riding in a golf cart. I think because the carts bounce so much around here with all the ruts from our wet summer. I would talk to a doctor or physical therapist to get their input before starting planks. I also started where I was only doing 30 secs a day. It seemed silly to do so little, but slowly built it up.
  7. How do you choose a coach?

    I think that is a really, really important point. For me, and I expect many people, watching on video the change starting to happen helped me stick with making the recommended changes. The results definitely lagged at the beginning. Initially on the range the results were many, many sessions of painfully thin awful shots until suddenly the results were good and now some of the more consistent striking of the ball I have ever accomplished.
  8. Welcome back to the game! Like you, I was once a low handicap golfer then had a car accident and back injury and at first could not swing a club for 2 years, and then once my back felt better just didn't play for the next 13 years. Starting back into golf this summer had quite a bit of back pain again, and learned to live on advil, ice packs, and other supplements while doing some back specific exercises. (Planks really help build strength). The result was old swing was just not there. Some balls were great and some just horrible exactly as you described. I wasted quite a bit of time on the range by myself attempting to figure out what was wrong and convincing myself I just needed more swings. Because the golf season where I now live is so short, and I just could not stand being bad at something I once had a 5 handicap at. I decided the only way to improve quickly before season was over was to get help from a pro that uses video so I could see what I was doing. I can't stress how much that helped me. I joined this group about the time I started working with a good golf pro. While I am not back to single digits yet, I have drastically dropped my handicap and feel I have a much more reliable swing. So my advice would be find a good teaching pro that videos, or get a good video and post here. Don't over practice at range because your back won't take it. I go to the range with specific things I am going to work on that day and limit range time to a medium bucket. I stretch before every range or round of golf. I do 5 - 10 minutes of planks every morning to help strengthen the muscles in my lower back. Good luck!
  9. Trackman Locations

    That's a good point. I am one of those people. None of these info was talked about or available to most people 15 years ago when I was playing. I would need somebody to interpret the data for me, and how that information can be used to improve swing or equipment that I use.
  10. Trackman Locations

    Well it certainly is much more budget friendly for the individual user that isn't a pro golfer. Might have to look more into it. Short of driving to a casino that has a golf dome 95 miles away have not found a Trackman I could hit off of around here.
  11. Food Thread

    Last Saturday for week 1 of College Football. Smoked a 14.5 lb turkey timed it just right to pull off smoker at halftime of Texas game.
  12. How do you choose a coach?

    I think that is a good idea. I have done that before in Austin where there are tons on instructors. It can be especially helpful if you get to watch/listen to the same instructor with different students. See it the instructor is teaching the same swing to each person i.e. a method coach or works with each student on their swing and flaws.
  13. NFL 2017-2018

    Good grief.... I am going to be asleep before this game even starts. Somebody needs to wake me up when kickoff finally happens.
  14. Water in bunker ruling

    Would definitely not consider the person I played with a buddy, more like an unfortunate pairing. Other than we both walk when we play we don't agree on much. I generally refer to him as "the topper" to my wife because any conversation always results in him having a better story etc. Which is why I was trying to be extra careful about where I took relief. I knew I would hear it the last 5 holes if he thought it was wrong. Which I did... Of course, he offered no help or opinion until after I played the ball. Least I know for next time.
  15. Water in bunker ruling

    I thought about dropping where you indicated, but also thought it might be closer to the pin, so opted for the spot I indicated.