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  1. scotth

    Would You Play A Tough Course?

    I agree. I have never understood this line of thought either. Drives me crazy when I am with somebody and they say it and then can't drive the ball past the most forward set of tees.
  2. Find a buddy that lives on a golf course and ask to see his bucket of golf balls. Having lived for two years on a course I have two different five galloon buckets that are almost full. One bucket are the "others" and the other bucket is just new Pro V1's, Callaway and Bridgestone tour balls. Have not purchased a ball in 2 years. My neighbors that also are on the fairway all have buckets just like I do of golf balls they have found in their yards. I am constantly giving balls to golf buddies as they go by my house and tell me they are running low and need a couple of balls just in case to finish the round.
  3. I would say it depends somewhat, on where you live. In the last 2 years living in a smaller more isolated area have used eBay much more than I ever did in 15 year of living in Dallas.
  4. scotth

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    About 25 rounds into the golf season this year and have noticed an alarming trend of "line drives" off the tee with my driver. Not sure what is going on, but I can't hit a ball with my driver that gets more than 40 feet up in the air. For an experiment yesterday every time I hit driver off the tee, I hit my 3 wood as well. I am outdriving myself probably an average of 30 yards with the 3. Higher and better trajectory resulting in more carry, not sure what changed from last season.
  5. scotth

    Would You Play A Tough Course?

    When I go on trips or golf vacations I want to play the well known places no matter how difficult. I might wait to go during the off season to try and keep the cost down, but love to play famous courses. The biggest drawback was playing Pebble Beach with my cousin who is an absolutely awful golfer (at least he paid for both of us). By the end of the first nine he had already lost a dozen balls.... but that's a different story.
  6. scotth

    Seeking Las Vegas Local Knowledge

    Well it's looking more and more likely that Vegas will be the next home for my wife and I. She is flying out later in the month for a few interviews and to look at areas of town to live. Had another question on the local golf scene for you guys..... One of the best things about golf up here is the number of golf courses you can easily walk because of the design, and of course the much cooler conditions. Does anybody walk any of the courses at any part of the year? Wondering if I should donate or sale my push cart here before we move?
  7. scotth

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Agree. I knew 10's at Austin Country Club that would shoot par at just about any other course in the area. I also know the 10 that I am carrying right now will probably blow up when we move and I don't have my pretty forgiving course in my backyard to play any longer. Have always heard if you were a single digit handicap or less at Shinnecock, Oakmont, The Champions or Merion you could probably shoot par just about any place else.
  8. scotth

    Your First Set of Clubs

    Right! That's what mine were made of in my post above. Could not remember that name for some reason.
  9. scotth

    Your First Set of Clubs

    My first set of clubs were purchased from a State Park golf course when they decided to get new rental clubs. I think they were Spalding's, maybe? It was a canvas bag with a putter, 3,5,7 and 9 irons, with a 1,3, and 5 wood. The "woods" seemed to be more plastic than wood, as I recall. In my defense, it was 1980 and used lefty clubs were next to impossible to find and they practically gave them to me since I was a cook at the grill and in high school.
  10. scotth

    Seeking Las Vegas Local Knowledge

    Did not realize the Golf Boards actually existed on courses. Saw the above video last summer and thought it was just a development video for a Kickstarter type program or a concept video to see what the public reaction was before actually starting large scale production of them. HAVE to give them a try that looks like a blast!!!!!
  11. scotth

    Seeking Las Vegas Local Knowledge

    Sweet... Thanks @Patch will take you up on the PM soon. Used to travel there quite often to speak at the many different conventions in the valley, but understand living in the area will be quite different.
  12. scotth

    Seeking Las Vegas Local Knowledge

    Rhodes Ranch for $15! That's fantastic..... I played this course when it was only about a year or two old and you could tell it was going to be great. Spanish trail sounds nice, but might be a little more spendy than the wife will allow initially. Thanks for the info.
  13. After a few years in the frozen tundra of Northern New York (22 miles from Canada in the 1000 Islands Region) my wife and I are planning on relocating. We are giving very serious thought to Las Vegas as their are tons of opportunities for both of us work wise. Pics below show view of golf course in February, and me dressed for golf on a rare non snowy Jan day. I have played many of the touristy courses like Desert Pines, Royal Links, Paiute back when there was only 1 course, Bali Hai, TPC but figure even with resident discounts those might be more than I want to pay for daily play. So where do the you locals / future me play on a day to day basis? Also wondering is a swimming pool at your home more trouble than it is worth or a necessity to cool down in after golf? Any local knowledge you want to impart would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  14. scotth

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Hey Guys! Long time no post 🙂 After an extremely long winter, a cold spring and that pesky work thing, finally getting a chance to play some rounds. Happy to see the net in the basement helped and have come out roaring with first full 18 hole rounds. Shot 82, 81, 85, 79, 80 over the Memorial Day weekend and last weekend.

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