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  1. My wife and I just moved from Bedford to New York. If you don't mind the plane noise from landing and taking off, you should try Bear Creek. As I recall they have heavily discounted early rates and I think senior rates. http://www.bearcreek-golf.com
  2. I got a good laugh at that one...... Our back deck is about 50 feet from the green on a local course, and I am amazed since the golf season started how many ProV-1's I find in either our back yard, side yard and sometimes on windy days the front yard. My total sell out moment might be yesterday when I ordered a University of Texas golf bag. Just because we live in New York, doesn't mean I am not still a proud UT alum :)
  3. The few times that I have see an LPGA tournament on TV, I have watched and noticed I learn more about game management than watching the PGA. The men these days are hitting clubs so much longer than anything I can relate to, I am usually dumbstruck by the distances. The club selection for approach shots by the women is much more relatable to me, and I find myself paying more attention. The long hitters on the LPGA tour are still much longer then me, but I learn quite a bit from the shorter and average length players.
  4. My best start ever was playing the front nine at even par on my old home course from the back tees. May not sound that great, but at the time was a relatively short driver of the ball, and playing from the back tees meant quite a few of those pars were 1 putts because I just could not get on in regulation.
  5. Don't know if I like them any better than anything else out right now..... Just hit that 7 iron tons better than my own club, and haven't hit any other new clubs. After being out of the game so long, trying to get a better idea of what is out "there" right now. Everything is so different then 2002 pre back injury. Don't remember the categories club makers want to put clubs in back then. Player clubs, game improvement clubs etc. Trying to contain my enthusiasm for what is new and buying a new set of clubs, or working with what I have while trying to redevelop my old swing and game.
  6. Thanks for the reply! That is good advice, but in the past in Dallas and Austin at demo days saw very limited selection for lefties. Granted that was 2001 and things may have changed. Would be great to show up at a demo day and actually see a large selection of left handed clubs to try. Also nearest city likely to have golf stores is Syracuse which is still 90 miles from me. That's why I was hoping to get some input on other lines of clubs similar to the G10 so I can do some research. Scott
  7. Returning to the game after a long, long layoff from a lower back injury in a car accident and have been wondering about a new set of irons. I still have my original King Cobra Left Handed irons from 1995 with Regular flex steel shafts. Because I have been away from game so long (last serious rounds were 2002) and knew I needed somebody to take a look at my swing and had a lesson yesterday. Shockingly the pro is also left handed, and had an old Ping G10 Orange seven iron that he was using to illustrate things during the lesson. After the lesson, I hit a few balls with his G10 and could not believe the difference! The resulting shots were night and day from hitting my old Cobra. If I understand the Ping chart the orange is 2 degrees flat. The Ping was also an inch taller than my Cobra. Naturally this has me thinking about a new set of irons, but have been away for so long not sure where to start. As I understand it the G10 is no longer made, but would like something like that..... Is it considered a game improvement iron? Have lot of questions, hoping to get some input.
  8. New to this forum, but not new to golf! In the mid 90's after working hard on my game, managed to lower my handicap to a 5. After being rear ended while stopped at a red light, fought lower back problems where I could not swing a club for a few years, which resulted in no golf until recently moving to a home on a golf course. Very excited to get back into golf and being involved here. Have lots of equipment questions, especially since it is a little more difficult to try the latest when you are a lefty in a fairly remote area.....
  9. Outside sales for a local winery.
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