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  1. Sweet... Thanks @Patch will take you up on the PM soon. Used to travel there quite often to speak at the many different conventions in the valley, but understand living in the area will be quite different.
  2. Rhodes Ranch for $15! That's fantastic..... I played this course when it was only about a year or two old and you could tell it was going to be great. Spanish trail sounds nice, but might be a little more spendy than the wife will allow initially. Thanks for the info.
  3. After a few years in the frozen tundra of Northern New York (22 miles from Canada in the 1000 Islands Region) my wife and I are planning on relocating. We are giving very serious thought to Las Vegas as their are tons of opportunities for both of us work wise. Pics below show view of golf course in February, and me dressed for golf on a rare non snowy Jan day. I have played many of the touristy courses like Desert Pines, Royal Links, Paiute back when there was only 1 course, Bali Hai, TPC but figure even with resident discounts those might be more than I want to pay for daily play. So where do the you locals / future me play on a day to day basis? Also wondering is a swimming pool at your home more trouble than it is worth or a necessity to cool down in after golf? Any local knowledge you want to impart would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  4. Hey Guys! Long time no post 🙂 After an extremely long winter, a cold spring and that pesky work thing, finally getting a chance to play some rounds. Happy to see the net in the basement helped and have come out roaring with first full 18 hole rounds. Shot 82, 81, 85, 79, 80 over the Memorial Day weekend and last weekend.
  5. When I have to wear so many layers to stay warm that I can no longer take a full unrestricted swing it has become to cold for me. Last winter played a few rounds when it was 20 and 24. That is about as cold as I think I would be comfortable playing.
  6. scotth

    Winter Rules

    That's how I look at it. I am just happy to be getting a chance to play. It does amuse me how serious some people are taking it. Certainly not playing a match.
  7. All the area courses around here are now closed for the season, but most of the private courses allow members to brave the elements and play year round. This has prompted several discussions lately on the first tee box about winter rules. Usually somebody will say winter rules are in effect, as if that makes everything ok with what is about to happen. Then I see people moving leafs out of sand traps to play their ball. Picking ball up and moving their ball 5 - 10 yards forward to get clear of wet areas, or leafy areas, and a host of other weird things, including one guy with an actual broom in his bag sweeping the green on his ball path to get rid of dirt, leafs and twigs. I really don't care, since I figure it is all practice at this point. No tee box markers or pins on the green makes things pretty relaxed as far as I am concerned. I am just happy to be swinging my clubs and hitting balls while walking to get exercise. My question however is there such a thing as a written set of "winter rules"? Or is it a local rule / common sense kind of thing?
  8. Think there is a lot of truth in this. Lot of people I know say they need to get better at their putting and chipping to bring down their scores, but like you mentioned are often hitting that 150 or 170 yard approach shot 10 or 15 yards short.
  9. No argument from me on that point! I asked him twice what he thought, and he just ignored me and acted like he was lining up a putt to win The Masters as walked around the green, marked his ball, cleaned his ball, did the silly plumb bob thing some guys do... Not my favorite guy to play a round of golf with.
  10. Played Saturday at Ives Hill, and shot a 81 which wasn't bad considering they quite mowing the course already. The grass is so tall even in the middle of the fairway it sometimes took forever to find your ball. Was hard to keep concentration up when it took so long between shots for everybody to find ball and play. That was also the last day of the season, and all the area courses are now officially closed for the season. Members can still walk and play Ives, but not sure when next round will be.... Rain for the next 7 days and then who knows how tall grass will be after that, plus possible snow next week.
  11. It has been a really odd few weeks weather wise in upstate New York as well. Today temps got back up to 76 with a crazy winds of 25 - 30 mph. Not only played in shorts but on one of the par 5's with the wind at my back caught it absolutely perfect off the tee and launched the ball about 50 yards further than I ever have!
  12. I have no problem with people getting their ball out of the yard. I DO HAVE a problem when they drive their cart into the yard, or any of the other antics I posted above. I have helped more than a few golfers find their wayward shots in our yard when I am outside and they come up the fairway looking for them.
  13. With leaves starting to drop off the trees, was thinking this weekend it sure would be nice if golf balls had some kind of sensor to find them. Had a few holes this weekend we could not find balls in the middle of the fairway, but knew more or less where they were. Would probably be quite expensive.
  14. I don't wear my wedding ring when I golf. I put my keys, ring, watch, and wallet in one of those velvet bags with the drawstring that Crown Royal comes in (pic attached) and take out my ball mark repair tool and marker clip. I put that bag in the lined valuables pocket of my golf bag. I do that every time so I know exactly where it is. Had many occasions before I started doing this where I had panic moments looking for one of the above items.
  15. Our back deck is 35 feet from the green on a golf course, and I don't mind players walking in to get their ball either. What does drive me crazy are: The players that have play their ball from our yard. Taken massive divots in our newly reseeded yard. Kids going as fast as the can down the hill and slamming on the brakes in my yard attempting to do donuts. The jackass standing on my deck "for a better vantage point" to find his ball in my yard. The friend of the jackass above who actually had the gall to ask for a refill on his coffee while his friend looked for his ball. (total stranger never saw him before or after). People driving over our side yard, parking golf cart in my driveway looking for ball in the front yard. All this and only lived in house 11 months. Now we have a fence for most of back yard, and put our own white stakes connected with yellow rope dow the 230 feet of our yard that is next to golf course.
  16. This morning the rain storm with thunder and lightning....... Not happy (:
  17. I open my stance and the blade when in bunkers, but vary where I put the ball in my stance. If I want the ball to fly higher I leave the ball in the middle of stance. If I want the ball to go lower, but run further on the green I play in back in my stance.
  18. Normally I would have said in February after the Super Bowl, but this year I am going to say right now. So fed up with the NFL for a variety of reasons.
  19. I don't repost mine that often, because I forget it quite often, and then it always takes me a while to remember where you update the index. Had a few bad rounds that offset my great (for me) rounds of 79 and had handicap slide back up. With the shorter and shorter days, not sure have enough time to get it down to single digit before the season ends up here and the courses shut down.
  20. Played a round yesterday with a guy who is my age, and his 16 year old daughter. She was out driving both of us by 20 yards on average, and on the first par 5 by about 45 yards. Things really got really humbling on the next hole, a par 3 that was 156 yards to the center of the green, we both pulled 7 irons and she pulled a 9 iron.
  21. I had the same problem this summer for a while. What a playing buddy noticed was that I was letting my ball position creep back in my stance for 3 wood and 7 wood. I didn't realize it until he said stop and look where your ball is in your stance right before I was about to start my backswing. I was lining up to the ball about where I usually would hit a 7 iron. I have had much better results lately since that was pointed out to me. Might want to double check that. Before he pointed that I was thinking the same things you were.... am I not sweeping, do I need to be steeper etc. Now I make double sure I have not let the ball creep back and then my usual swing thoughts.
  22. Guess it depends on what you consider old. I have one of the earliest left handed models of the Ping Anser. I put it back in my bag occasionally for old times sake or slow greens. The Scotty Cameron I usually carry is basically the same design, just a little heavier which I like for quicker greens.
  23. LOL. Clearly our golf games are in different worlds. The only time I ever put a drive out 330 yards it was on a super sunbaked fairway that was also pretty steep down hill fairway, and anytime I throw a wedge to 7 feet it is a happy accident. But I get your point. Gave up playing the back tees at the beginning of the summer. Heck, sometimes for an ego boost lately I have played from the senior tees, just to see what driver, 8 or 9 iron or wedge feels like on a par four.
  24. Don't know if anybody else has mentioned it, but in February, Rickie Fowler started playing a driver a full inch shorter than he previously used. Saw many articles about it at the time. This season have heard many commentators talking about how much more accurate he has been off the tee than in years past. Have not heard that many comments about being shorter off the tee.
  25. I do too! For that matter most of the clubs in my bag were purchased from 1995 - 1998.
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