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  1. You know, I might have actually played with a guy that would fit this category on Monday. If the ball was teed up he hit it a mile. However he could not hit anything off the deck. It was a series of fat shots and tops off the fairway all day. He was 40 - 50 yards past me off the tee shots, but by the time he got to the green and putted out he was 2 - 3 stokes higher than me per hole.
  2. My wife gave me one does that count? Which is probably a good thing. When we first met before my accident years ago golf spending ranged from $200 a month for monthly membership fees to as much as $3000 a month. In other words way out of control. Now days, I have $200 a month to spend any way I want of either green fees, lessons or equipment.
  3. Shot 80 yesterday at Ives Hill with a chance to birdie 18 for my first round in the 70's since being able to return to the game. Granted it was about a 40 footer, but was so excited to be that close after the long lay off.
  4. Hey @Braivo played yesterday and actually had leaves on a few greens already. Looked up.... and yep a few trees had actually already starting changing from green to orange. Think we better get as many rounds in as possible the next few weeks! Not even getting close to 18 holes after work here already. Happy to get 9.
  5. Having some people over for the Texas game at noon eastern time and the rest of the day -- actually skipping golf! Today's menu Smoked turkey Queso Cranberry salsa Chipotle lime salsa Chips Burgers Frozen Margaritas Beer
  6. I am assuming the shot above is after a single swing. If you hit several balls with the same club can it also give you an average?
  7. It really feels like it has slipped away this morning. 42 degrees and frost on the ground when I walked the dogs at 5:30 and only going to reach 62 all day. Going to try and play at least 9 every day that I can after work. Have to get as many rounds is as possible before the snow comes. The "Woe is me" people around here are already betting we have snow by mid October and a "white Halloween".
  8. Handling is a big concern. Last time I took my clubs with me I cringed as I looked out the window and watched the handlers throwing golf cases back on the cart after they fell off as they drove to plane. Also not sure if it is any more or less expensive to pay the baggage fee on American Airlines for my clubs vs using FedEx or somebody else.
  9. Reviving this old thread to get updated opinions on FedEx shipping clubs, Ship Sticks and anybody else that offers that service. Headed home in October for to play old home course and catch a Longhorn game in Austin. I used to travel with my clubs quite often for work, and became such a hassle I finally just picked nicer courses to play and rented clubs there. Really don't want to do that this go round, and just wondering a few years after this thread started what people are doing to get their clubs safely to their final destination. I do have a hard travel case that I used to put my clubs and other stuff in. Wondering if I should just bite the bullet and pay the extra baggage fee and do that.
  10. Hey @iacas was hoping you would see this and chime in. I kind of figured as @Buckeyebowman said anything he did to forget the last topped swings and get out of his head would probably help. His wider stance was soooo wide I thought he might fall over the first time he tried it. Which is why I was very surprised when he just ripped a 3 wood off the deck about 230 yards when his previous 4 swings were topped and went about 50 yards.
  11. Played with 2 strangers today and one of the guys was having an incredibly tough time with his fairway woods and long irons. He kept topping everything, but was hitting his short irons pretty well. After about 4 holes and some really painful topped shots his buddy suggested taking a much wider stance with a fairway wood. After doing so, the rest of the round this guy absolutely ripped some 3 woods from the deck and longer irons. I make it a point to not ask for or give swing advice during a round, especially with somebody I don't know, but curious what the logic of widening a stance would be. I have played long enough to realize that today's mental fix might be tomorrow's huge swing flaw, but was really surprised in the difference in the results this guy had. His original stance seemed fine to me, and I was frankly shocked how well he hit the ball with what I thought was a way to wide almost uncomfortable looking setup. Curious what people think of the idea and why it worked.
  12. I walk my 2 hunting dogs 2 miles every morning at 5:30 and when we get home do 5 minutes of planks. Try and walk and play 9 holes after work (that's starting to get difficult unless I get home by 5:30). On the weekend try and play 18 Sat and Sun.
  13. Might be different because of work. I spend most of my day on phone, average about 80 calls a day, or talking to people face to face in loud kitchens and restaurants. So when I get on the golf course during the week really want quiet. Don't mind it on the weekend so much as long as it is fairly low volume. Don't like it when I am sitting on deck relaxing and hear competing music quite loudly on # 2 green (by my house) and # 13 fairway which runs parallel.
  14. Doh! Head slap moment..... totally didn't get what you meant in first post. GREAT idea! Heading to a course that gets the most number of rounds each week to check out the lost and found at lunch. "Scathingly brilliant" of you as my wife likes to say.
  15. Did both of those. The only guy around here that works on clubs works at Dick's Sporting Goods and all the courses send work to him. Being a lefty cuts down on the lost and found opportunities. The club pro is a lefty, and I have borrowed his Ping G10 7 iron he uses while giving lessons a few times on the range. In fact, hitting his 7 iron made me start thinking about upgrading or modernizing my iron set. These last few days of looking for another club repair guy has made me think I might should hang out a shingle during the winter months.
  16. Have to admit I never thought about goodwill or eBay for shafts. Good ideas! Although Golf Works seems to have the best selection and price so far. Don't really want to do the work, just don't want to wait 2-3 weeks for the only guy around here that works on clubs to get back from vacation.
  17. Having been left handed all my life, I am quite aware of how few other lefties are around, and the economics. Doesn't mean I have to like it however..... :)
  18. I don't think the above is very realistic. You could end up spending an awful lot of time walking or driving cart back to practice area from course. Plus say you did hit a bad drive and end up in the rough, hacked out of the rough and then chipped on and 2 putts for a bogey (assuming it was a par 4) Which part would you go back to range to practice? Driver because you missed fairway from tee? Rescue shots from the rough because you missed the green? Chipping because you did not get close enough to hole to 1 putt? Putting because you 2 putted the green? I had one of my best rounds of the season yesterday yet off the tee box on the par 4 and 5's missed more than half the fairways. However, with a swing that is getting fundamentally better all summer was able to get on the green or quite near and chip very close for a large number of pars. Have to agree with the others, lessons and practice will cut strokes much faster than just practice.
  19. Buying from a local club maker or letting him fix the club would be ideal. So far, have not found any around near me. Think I am going to either wait for the guy at Dick's to get back from vacation, or drive to Syracuse, or order shaft online and do work myself. Waiting seems the most likely at this point. If it had been any club but my trusty 7 iron would wait no question. :)
  20. In the past if I had to replace a shaft or grip went to the original location of Custom Golf later known as Golfsmith to pick up any club components I needed. Now no longer in Texas and Golfsmith gone, wondering where people here order club components. The shaft snapped near the hosel on my 7 iron over the weekend, and the only guy at Dick's that works on clubs is on vacation for the next 2 weeks. Don't really want to wait that long, and all the local courses and pro's send their work to him so when he gets back will likely be a long line. I can do the work myself, just wondering who most people order shafts and other things from? The Golf Works seems to have really good prices and shipping is not as bad as others since it is closer to me. Thoughts? Opinions? Other suggestions?
  21. Sadly that seems to be the case for most club makers and new products if you are a lefty. I feel your pain!
  22. I've noticed it most often on days (like today) when the course is hosting some best ball group/corporate or charity event where you can tell a high percentage of the players only play once or twice a year.
  23. I agree with @iacas I think most serious golfers would want to check it out. I don't know if I would change where I play all the time, but I would for sure play a round or two to see what changes had been made. After that I might or might not make a change. If I liked it I might make it part of my rotation of courses I play. Even though I live on a course and am a member, fortunately the fees are such that I don't feel like I should only be playing that course because it is so expensive.
  24. So I know this is my first summer back to golf after a 15 year layoff, and I hope this doesn't put me in the grumpy "get off my lawn" old guy camp.... BUT what the heck? Living on a course and on one of the greens, I am constantly amazed how many golf carts pull up with music blasting from the cart. It is especially annoying on days like today when you are outside in your yard or deck or even in the house with the windows open. They are using the course carts, so I am assuming they are bringing their own speakers with them. Is this a common thing these days?
  25. They are pretty sweet looking..... Figure for me and where I live that by the time I could test a set of lefty clubs they will be onto the next newest set. :)
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