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  1. 4 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Did you reply to the USGA's poll/survey?

    P.S. Read up…

    Saw the article.  2 strokes on average since the 90's doesn't seem like a big enough reason to warrant a discussion, at least in my mind, about a "distance" issue.

    My observation from our 2 years literally feet from a hole on a golf course, is people may be hitting longer but the 2 full 5 gallon buckets of golf balls I still have (after not buying a golf ball in 2 years) tells me they aren't hitting any straighter.  :)

    And yes I did respond to the poll.

  2. Have watched this thread for a while, and really except for the PGA tour is hitting the golf ball further, overpowering courses really a problem???  At any course?

    Seems from what I have read and observed over the years, the average score across the country really hasn't dropped all that much even with longer balls, better equipment etc.  

    Don't understand why this is an issue the USGA is worried about for the mere mortal golfer.  

  3. It used to be getting away from the phone and enjoying the peace and quiet outdoors.  Sadly those days seem to be more and more often going away as people can't turn their electronics off on the course.  Have many friends that I rarely play golf with anymore because they spend more time texting, talking and tweeting than golfing.

    My favorite thing about golf is being outside away from the daily grind, enjoying the challenge of playing a game that can't ever really be perfected.

  4. 1 minute ago, iacas said:

    The best way for an average golfer might be to ask if they can observe a lesson or two by a few of the highly recommended instructors.

    That's what I have done in the past.  Sometimes can take a while when you have an area where the selection is large.  Guess that is a good problem as opposed to where we moved from where you had very, very limited quality instructors and facilities.

  5. 5 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Find a good instructor, commit to practicing the right way, and you'll get good results.

    Perhaps a few tips or ideas on how to do that?  Or link to thread where it has been discussed concisely?

    Just moved to new area that has MANY instructors and courses, some very well known, obviously many others that aren't...

    How do you find an instructor that is good for you and your game or personality?

  6. What about the Jubilee course in St. Andrews?  After reading Oliver Horovitz's book again a few weeks ago very curious what others think of that course.  He seemed to like it quite a bit in his book An American Caddie in St Andrews (which if you haven't read, you should) but don't hear many people talk about it when planning trips.

    Hoping to head that way myself in 2019.  Only golf trip to the U.K. I have previously had we played several of the Royal courses in England and didn't get to Scotland.

  7. 18 hours ago, Patch said:

    I voted with the masses. 

    Same here.  Here is a twist on the topic, and perhaps should be a thread all its own.... 

    When in a group with others, and a person in your group hits an errant ball, do you yell "fore" if you think somebody is in harm's way immediately or wait for the person who hit the ball?

    If I think they might be hit, I yell no matter who hit the ball.  

  8. While we were still in snow country we wanted to workout and not be inside just sitting on the couch watching TV all winter and bought a Total Gym.  It has been great. 

    Can find tons of workouts on YouTube for strength building or weight loss or whatever you are looking for.  

    OK...… Let the Chuck Norris joke begin. 🙂


  9. Well after a whirlwind 7 days have watched the POD collected at old house, driven cross country to Las Vegas from Upstate New York with a cat and dog in the car, found a house, turned on utilities and catching our breath while waiting for our stuff to catch up and move in!

    Can't wait to get things unpacked and settle in to some serious golf playing.  Any recommendations for the first course to play?  Can't decide if I want to play a course I have played on past trips or something totally new.

    New place is in Summerlin close to the old Silverstone course.  Thinking might should play Paiute because it is close and I played the original back when the place only had 1 course.  

  10. 10 hours ago, Valleygolfer said:

    Par 3 start is not ideal but I find that courses that end in par 3s are entirely unfulfilling. 

    Interesting, could make a tight round really, really interesting.  

    Don't think I have ever played a course that ends in a par 3 either...…..  Might be a topic for another post to see how many of those are out there.  

    21 hours ago, Buckeyebowman said:

    I remember one round where we made the mistake of standing to the right side of the green. We felt like we were under artillery fire! The slicers tried to get us!

    Think that's how our house we are moving out of must feel.  As we are packing and moving to Las Vegas this Friday, I just loaded two full 5 gallon buckets of golf balls in the POD.  Almost all have been found someplace on our property from the last two golf seasons.  🙂


  11. Watching some of the Women's British Open, and noticed that the first hole at Royal Lytham & St. Anne's is a par 3.  Guess I wasn't paying attention the last time the PGA tour was there or somehow it escaped my attention.  

    I can't think of another course I have ever played or seen where the first hole is a par 3.  Does anybody know another course that does this, or is this a unique feature to the course?

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