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  1. Working on better separation between lower and upper body, especially to start the downswing. Old habit was to start downswing with upper body or upper and lower together. Issues with contact and low point. Before change averages: 85-7 swing speed, 160-165 carry, dynamic loft around 26-8, spin 7000-8000. After change averages: 80-1 swing speed, 160-165 carry, dynamic loft 24-5, spin 6000-7000. In to out or neutral swing path for both. Above is 7i numbers. Big gain is better control over face and consistently good smash factors (many 1.4+ on track man with 7i). One of my main goals with improving my impact position was to bring down spin and launch as both were high and causing high, weak ball flights. Happy with that improvement. Thing I’m confused about is the loss in swing speed. For now im fine with it while I continue to ingrain the new movements/feelings but im surprised with the decline in speed. Fortunately the improved launch and impact conditions are off setting the lost speed to maintain distance. Anyone know what could be going on or gone through something similar? Basically transitioning from an upper body dominant swing to one with better sequencing but lost speed in the process. I plan to check in with my instructor about it but won’t see him for a bit. Thanks.
  2. Started in July 2017 with some used Burner 1.0s (stock everything as far as I can tell). Don't have a handicap, but shooting in the 90s mostly near end of last season, with a bunch in the low 90s near the end (including a 90). Courses are usually around 120-125 slope. Excited to break into the 80s. This winter I invested in an off-season practice/lesson plan that includes a handful of lessons and unlimited supervised practice (not GOLFTEC). About 6 weeks in and already I'm making measurable progress. Swing is consistently in-out now rather than out-in and although my swing speed is roughly the same as before (but perhaps more consistent), I've added ~10 yards to be 7i carry. For reference, my SS with a 7 averages about 87 but can push it to 90 at times. Club is I believe 31 loft, new carry is just over 170 yards average. Might even add a few more yards when I'm more consistent with my launch (used to launch it too high because of poor impact position). Anyway sorry for the ramble, but thought I'd provide context. Even before this winter my irons were the better (consistent) part of my game. I'm really confident that that will be even truer come spring. I'd plan to get fit for new irons around March, since I assume my current ones are limiting me at least a bit (regular shafts for example). I've hit a few at a big box store (different shafts too) and really like the JPX 919 Forged. Also looking at P790s. My fitter will be a Titleist guy so I'll get the hit AP3s again (and AP1/2) but I'm put off by the strong lofts in the shorter clubs. Given what I've described above regarding my game/progress, is it reasonable to be looking at these irons? I like the smaller head size and softer feel, and figure I can get more out of them as my game continues to improve. But I also don't want to move too quick if I'd be better served by strict GI irons. I'm making good progress regarding hitting out of the middle more often right now, but obviously I'm far from perfect. Like I said, my fitter will be a Titleist guy (part of my winter program) so he'll help me nail down my actual specs (and an idea about shaft hopefully) but if I choose not to go with Titleist I'll have to go hit a few elsewhere to decide. Basically trying to get an idea of a proper shortlist. Am I on the right track with 919F/P790s? Any others in that same category to recommend? Or am I off-base? Sorry for long post. Thanks!
  3. My apologies in advance if I ramble. Ok, the basics. I started last July and have worked myself from shooting ~130 my first time it to a personal best of 93 so far this summer. Not sure I’ll get the sub 90 before winter but that’s Ok. My short game needs a lot of work. Currently gaming Burner 2008 irons I picked up used. Everything on them seems stock (regular flex) except I regrouped them. Driver is a Cobra F6 I got for a good price (stock not fitted, stiff) and an Adams Speedline 3W (same). I’ve had some lessons and am definitely improving my swing. My instructor suggested I should get fit at this point. Now I already understand the value of being fit so I’m not really asking about that. I’d want to do it with my wedges and putter too but I’m not happy enough with my basics there to feel it’s worth it now. So I’m considering doing woods and metals before end of season. I’ve looked into options and honesty I’ve always been drawn to Titleist. But man buying them new is expensive. I’m looking at close to $3000 CAD if I’m fit into a TS3, AP3s and a hybrid/3W (ransom examples). That’s a big amount to dump so I’m hesitant. I think my apprehension comes from the investment side. If I knew I’d game the clubs for 5-10 years then I could stomach it but I worry that as my game improves I may need to get refit and may need new clubs again in a few years. Is that a legit concern? I could look to play the cheaper clubs from big brands that are either older models or just lower in their product lines but have a similar concern. I wouldn’t want to get the urge to upgrade to something better despite the fit still being good in a few years. Don’t want regret cheaping out. I thought I should avoid fitting at a big box store but in my area the pros at course generally only fit one brand or at most two, and it seems like some don't carry older heads so I could only fit into newest models. Any thoughts? Anyone been in a similar situation and what was your outcome? Curious how people would advise a high handicapper looking to get fit the first time. Thanks
  4. Ya I mean I felt alright about that lesson. It seems to me we all have different backswings and most people aren't going to get it perfect, so everyone will have their own manipulations (including pros?) and adjustments to achieve the same position at/after impact. Now I don't know. Oh well.
  5. Started playing last year and have had 5 lessons with 4 instructors. 1. Put me on video and compared me to Weir. Showed the differences at different positions. Taught me my weaknesses but didn't properly communicate how to fix them. Left with no idea how to practice and improve. 2. Same place as above but with a different person (free because I complained about prior lesson). Same basic approach. Did give me some drills but no real personal connection here. Drills also didn't feel particularly tailored to my problems. 3. New guy, he focused on having my bow my left wrist hard ( turn knuckles down ) from the top. 4. New guy, he focused on address - wanted my shoulders more square (tendency was to have them pointing left) and backswing more back and up rather than low and inside. Good lesson I thought. 5. Returned to prior guy and had lesson described in the OP. So ya, feel pretty discouraged RE: lessons and trying to get on track with a long-term development/practice plan.
  6. Alright then. Money well spent I guess... I think my 4th lesson (different instructors) and seems like a waste at this point.
  7. To be clear, he wasn't advising me to actually 'roll my wrists' into impact. He was saying that it should feel like that to me (compared to normal) since I had the habit of a cupped lead wrist at impact and/or hands not ahead at impact. The way I interpreted it was to try to work on 'knuckles down' into the downswing and then feeling like my wrists roll over at impact (practice swings with this feel seem to create the 'roll' or release after the ball though) even though the result is them releasing after the ball. Not trying to argue - maybe you're right given how I explained it.
  8. Alright so yesterday I had a lesson with a pro I saw a few months back. I'd been improving my game lately but had a particularly awful outing last week so the timing was great. We get started and I'm firing off the shots I'm used to - high, weakish shots that are either straight or leak/block right. 7i going about 155-165 on simulator, which is pretty normal for me (sim adding a few yards over real life probably). One of the things he'd asked me to work on previously was beginning the backswing going back straight and up, since I have a tendency to bring it back flat/shallow and to the inside. I hit a couple and they went out to the right, as he expected. He then told me that I have to work much harder to release the club - to feel like I'm really rolling over my wrists on the downswing to square up the face and potentially start drawing the ball. It worked. I immediately began hitting draws (some large ones but many tight draws and even some straight shots). Almost nothing to the right. More importantly, my ball flight came down to a height he liked better and I gained a ridiculous amount of distance. 7i was going 195-205 (95mph clubhead speed), 5i ~220, 3W 260-270. Didn't hit driver much but still wasn't getting the distance I should for the swing speed (110-115), but flight and dispersion were good. Before I go on, I know those numbers are BS - I'm not hitting a 7i 200+ for real ever, so I know the sim was adding 'some' yards there BUT I've hit these clubs on sims many times and almost always hit my 7i in the 145-165 range, with the odd pure shot around 190. So even if the numbers themselves aren't accurate, that improvement should still be relevant. OK so on to my real question. I had a round scheduled following the lesson and treated it as a practice round. On the sim I found I picked this new swing up very easily but once on the course I struggled. Not in terms of my scoring (expected that would suffer) but in executing what we were doing inside. I did hit some nice shots and a few draws throughout the round, but I also had a number of my usual high/weak/blocked type shots. Now I'm not dumb enough to expect 45 minutes if enough to suddenly change my shot, but I was surprised at how much harder it was to even replicate the ball flight on the course versus on the sim. I know sims add yards and cover up poor contact (although the pro still pointed out when I was hitting heavy etc), but is there another factor that could lead to it being so easy for me to start drawing the ball and adding big distance that isn't easy to bring to the course? I personally believe part of it is mental because inside I felt like I was swinging harder and maybe freer than on the course (where outcomes matter). I know I need to hit the range and really hammer in the habits and I plan to. I was just shocked with how much better everything looked and felt on the sim. Like I said, I've hit on sims before and had a few lessons and I've never felt immediate results like that before and produced that can of power and ball flight so consistently. So I'm excited but want to be aware of any factors that could limit my ability to translate to the course. Thoughts?
  9. Was at the range today and took some better videos with both angles. Not the same shot but the videos though since I recorded both with phone. These shots both resulted in good contact and distance with a divot in front of the ball. Watching it seems I've improved my backwards sway but not an upward sway. Today I felt like bending my knees and getting lower actually helped with getting my hips rotated both ways but the downside is ththat upward sway on hthe backswing which will keep me inconsistent. Also looks like in the DTL swing i have taken it away inside and come in a bit steep. My plan for next range day is to shorten the swing to avoid over over rotation and sway. Also focus on a more vertical backswing. Thoughts? Anything I've missed or suggestions on how to improve?
  10. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 month My current handicap index or average score is: N/A My typical ball flight is: Not consistent The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice on driver, weak shot on iron Alright, maybe premature but I'll add to this thread within the next week. Below is a 7i video and I apologize for just the one view. I was at the range today and doing different things to see how it impacted my swing. Wasn't feeling any improvements, so near the end I said "just swing in a way that feels natural" and below is that, sort of. The swing below is how I swung when I started golfing last month, with slightly improvements. On this particular shot I made good contact, left a divot slightly in front of the ball, and the ball carried 160+ yards pretty straight. Overall, it was a good shot for me. I recently had a lesson and the instructor focused on one thing only - that my head rises and moves back during my swing. I realize now that doing this causes a lot of inconsistency because my body needs to get back in the right position to make proper contact. Tonight I felt like I made progress by 'feeling' my weight stay more centered or even on my left foot through the shot instead of going from left to right to left foot. But then I looked at the video, and even though I felt like I stayed neutral and even kept my weight forward a bit, my head still moved back. The problem is, my instructor really didn't give me any/many tips or drills to get rid of that habit. So I'm posting here. I'll film more shots later in the week, including DTL, but wanted to get initial thoughts overall. I also feel like my weight isn't fully in my front foot as there's pressure on my right toe as I hold the finish. I filmed driver too but ended up breaking my G15 near the end of the session (oops) and had to pull out an old Acer Titan that I've swung like 5 times. I'll swing it more before filming it. With driver my problem is a slice right, but tonight I hit a few that were straight and even a pull (very rare). My change was trying to start my arms earlier and feeling like I was activating the wrists at impact/follow through, as my usual was to kind of set the wrists through the whole shot in addition to (I think) early extending/releasing the hips. OK, sorry for the long post. Hopefully you guys can give me some tips for the below. Even if you can't see much because of the angle or whatever, any tips about my body/head moving during the shot would be helpful. Videos:
  11. Played my 3rd round of 18 ever tonight. Took up the game this summer. Played this course last week and mostly practiced on the front and kept score on the back (48). It's an executive par 64 @ 4000 yards, so nothing impressive. Went back and played it again tonight. My irons were a mess (especially compared to last time) but my putting game felt great for most of it (no 3-putts on the front 9, sunk a 10 foot par putt and left a 20 foot par putt sitting on the lip). Scored a 101. Not that excited because it's a short course and honestly I didn't make good contact most of the night, but I did make a few nice shots and felt great on the green. Probably playing the same course on Saturday. I'd like to play some others in the area, but this one is the cheapest ($15 during twilight) and is in good enough condition to practice on.
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