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  1. This makes sense to me now. Playing with someone else at least for me does affect my game. I generally play better golf on a solo round then with someone. Since we joined a club my solo rounds are on course practice. I keep stats and a score but it's not accurate. So I do not post it. We do have to inform the Pro Shop of practice rounds. They watch tee times and score posting like a hawk. They will send a warning letter to the entire membership if to many people are not posting and will then follow-up to the competition committee. When I played publics I played a
  2. @mvmac or @iacas do you have drills to help get this down? I guessing you do, this site is filled with a lot of great stuff From deliberate to eventually full swing. Thanks
  3. Me to. I really enjoy The Open. Getting up early in the morning, having a nice cup of coffee. Lot's of fond memories of enjoying this with my Father. Also, my wife really gets into The Open. She cheers and groans, it's blast and such a wonderful time watching it with her.
  4. I believe what you saying regarding fans in the stands and losing money. I would think with the TV revenue they bring in it would not matter if there were fans in the stands. NBC Sports Acquires British Open in 12-Year Deal - Sports Media Watch This contract is for $50M per year dating back to 2006 with the contract starting in 2017 for 12 years.
  5. Glad you started this thread. Following to see what gets posted. I need to learn a lot more about stretching as you stated.
  6. Day 5 Halted my Gold Flex work out. Need to listen to the body, getting joint pain. My right knee was flaring up. I did Day 22 of the Covid challenge. Really needed this drill to get things squared away with set up. Once I finished doing those drills I used my 8 iron and started with small short swings keeping Day 22 in mind. Worked up 1/4 then 1/2 then 3/4 and finally finished with 5 full swings. Also kept in mind getting wide on back swing. Very happy with center face contact. Yesterday I was either center or toe contact. Today, center thru all, well except the ver
  7. I jumped down to Day 22 and did those drills. I felt off with my weight in stance, just didn't thinks were right. Got into the 3 drills, fixed my issues. I had to much of weight on my toes. I didn't have a pool noodle so I substituted PVC piping. That really worked my balance. Great drills!
  8. Reread your instruction. Easier for me to follow what to do. Planning on revisiting this one, thanks for the update
  9. Day 4 Morning Session: Recapped Day 1 of Covid drills then I did Day 2 of the drill. 25 minute session Evening Session: Warmed up with GF Multi - stretching, added more strectcing Did a recap of Covid Day 2 drills then hit Driver, 6i, 9i, 7i, 8i Finished with GF Left handed, Right handed and Core - all GF drills +5 from yesterday
  10. FYI I would be wearing shorts and a pullover in those temps while playing golf.
  11. Bumping this thread, it is a great thread filled with drills. Hope it is ok that I bumped it. I did Day 1 yesterday. Today I started with Day 1 and did 10 reps then I proceeded to do Day 2 and did 3 sets of 10 reps for the first 2 drills. For the third drill I pulled out my tablet and recorded the third drill doing 5 reps.
  12. When I watch a Pro and slow mo their swing I keep reminding myself they are Professional Athletes I am not. They can do more with a swing then I can. So I do worry about what you said, am I getting to long because of watching them Crazy how the ball goes just as far with what one thinks is a 1/2 or 3/4 type swing compared to a full swing. I just need to trust it more. Thank you for your response @Dwall4017
  13. I voted to long. Honestly I have no idea if my back swing is to long, just right or to short. I had neck surgery and that did not allow a big back swing for a long time. I had one Fitter tell me that I had a compact swing but managed to get a lot of efficiency out of it. Then last summer one of the guys I was playing with told me my back swing was getting huge. I watch videos on this site, PGA players swings in slow motion, some videos on line and to be honest I have no idea on how big a back swing should be. This off season I have been doing drills to work on 1/4, 1/2 an
  14. I will be Ohio next month for work, how early does the season start there?
  15. Day 3 - broke it into 2 morning session & evening session Morning - worked on take away - Covid Day 1 drill, straight soft trail arm, weight 60/60/100 for irons did 10 to 20 drills slow motion with 6i with no ball striking. Then I finished up with my 6i hitting 20 balls doing these drills at about 1/4 to 1/2 back swing. Focused on all of the above with final emphasis of getting my hips thru and 100% on my left leg after the swing is done. Evening Session - Warmed up with GF and 20 Multi swings, stretching Did the above drills to start then proceeded into full swing c
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