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  1. Day 8: 28 minute golf focused workout. PLEASE NOTE: I am not a PGA Instructor, i am only listing what i am doing as a journal log and if anyone who is a PGA Instructor wants to critique my routine and tell me where i am wrong with drills or not, please do. Stretching: hamstrings, back, shoulders and neck physical therapy routine. Swing Drills: All drills with full swings i incorporated the izzo swing trainer band - Drill #1 cross arm drill - Drill #2 get into position to hit a Drive, place Gold Flex across hips and hold the club close to hips. Push up and lift, with power and speed, belt buckle facing target when done. This is to increased speed and power and hitting on the way up - Drill #3 with Gold Flex, get into Driver position, then move the head of the Gold Flex to a point on the floor that is about 1 foot behind the ball. Start the swing. Goal is to stop outside in attack, stop slice, get back to inside out attack and more of a Draw flight. Start: Stretching 10 swings Drill #1 10 Swings with sklz tempo grip trainer stretching Drill #2 10 swings with Gold Flex doing Drill #3 Stretching 10 swings Drill #1 10 swings with sklz tempo grip trainer stretching 10 swing motions doing Drill #2 10 swings with Gold Flex doing Drill #3 stretching 15 baseball style swings with golf flex for core - going hard forward and back. stretching at the end. My right shoulder is feeling better and better and getting stronger. My neck pain is getting under control again and i am starting to make a full round without my neck hurting as well.
  2. It takes no talent to be a nice person. You maybe paired up with someone you have never meet or is new to your Club. They don't know anyone and that person is taking a huge step out of their comfort zone to meet new people by playing golf. By being nice to that person for 1 round of golf can make such a tremendous positive impact in their life. Remember: Life is hard, golf is hard, being nice is easy
  3. Day 7: My right shoulder is really starting to feel good again!!! Oh the real joy that comes from pain leaving the body. OK - i got in a really good 26 minute session today. i worked up a great sweat and felt so healthy for the first time since 2017! i am typing this now with minimal to no pain. My neck will always be an issue for a source of pain. With continued physcial therapy i can manage it without pain meds. Ok the work out: Opened with stretching my hamstrings, back, shoulders and neck. As i go forward i will continue to add more stretching exercises. While swinging i used the izzo swing trainer band and i have markings on the floor for alignment aid. Next 10 swings with my sklz tempo grip trainer - really focused on inside out swing path as i have been coming outside in lately with my Driver. Stretching routine Swing drill to work on hitting up with the Driver - really worked on exploding thru - 10 swings with this 10 swings with the sklz gold flex - but i placed a mark on the floor about 1 foot behind the ball mark on the floor. Started my swing at that point behind the ball to help get rid of the outside in and sky balls that showed up this past weekend with the Driver Stretching did a set of 10 cross arm swings did a set of 10 with my sklz temp grip trainer Stretching did a drill set of 10 to hit up with the Driver - did a set of 10 with my sklz golf flex starting out at the mark 1 foot behind the ball stretched set of ten cross arm swinging set of 10 baseball swings with the sklez golf flex. when i focus on the gold flex straight out in front of me bring is back, go thru the swing and then swing from left to right. i do this for core strength and really get after it, Planning on taking my wife and any family to the Clubs Practice facility tonight as well. I will be doing drills for my Driver as well as wedges.
  4. Day 4: 9 minutes golf workout. I wanted to not over work my shoulders, I bave been feeling it the last few days. Did my stretching. Did a cross arm set of 10 swings. Trying to focus on not pulling up or bailing out. A set of 10 with sklz gold flex Another set of cross arm A set of 10 with sklz gold flex Last set was cross arm Stretching between sets as well. Playing 9 holes tonight
  5. Without finishing the thread - all my money is on both of the Women. All day long every day. I am now finishing the thread. GREAT Thread by the way!! @Bump-n-MI
  6. I am taking a lesson tonight, scheduled it with the Teaching Pro at the Club my wife and i joined in June. This lesson is going out on the course to work on course management. i wanted to take this lesson to get my head screwed on straight while golfing and to see if i click correctly with this young man before taking more lessons. Let me back up for a second, let me get myself and anyone on here who may care caught up - no negative intended with that statement, ok. I am 57 1/2 years old. Yump as you age the half years start to come back as in when you were 7 1/2 years old. I have been playing golf for 50 years. Let that sink in for a moment. This is my 50th year of golf. I still have the very first 7 iron and putter that my dad taught me to golf with. In fact i have only owned 4 Putters my entire 50 years of golf and i still have all 4 Putters. My dad was the very best Golf Instructor i have ever been around - flat out. For some reason our entire life i never doubted him and always knew when it came to Golf, he was The Man. Many people that knew him would agree with this. i no longer have him to talk to, that's the hard part of life. In my 50 years of golf i have been a 7 year old just learning, to a nervous wreck in 7th Grade playing Varsity Golf (lot of older kids were ticked off that i beat them out) to taking the game way to serious in attempting to get to Scratch to well where i am today. i have played under Par, would get upset for not breaking 80 - i just got out of control with the quest to scratch in my 20s. I hated the game then. So i quit for a couple years, not 100% i would play a couple times a year and just go thru a course and shot an 85. This tore my dad apart, i regret that period of time and wish i was more mature then and handled it correctly. i really miss not playing golf with my Dad when i could try and stay with him. Those round were fun. Fast forward to 2017; my index got into the 7s i leveled out at 8.2/8.4 - i was happy with that. Golf was easy in 2017, see ball hit ball watch ball go the majority of the time where it was intended to go. Not always or i would have had a lower index - but still, it was simple. 2018 i am excitted to play, continue dropping my index hoping to get to a 1.4 to play once in a US Open Regional, it was a goal. i played 3 times in South Carolina in the early spring and came home and promptly fractured my heal. i was done golfing until the Fall. i got 2 rounds in that Fall and played really solid, good golf. i was happy and excited for 2019 that the skill had not eroded from the long injury. Total 5 rounds for 2018. 2019 i am really excitted to play golf. Head out to South Carolina and get 4 rounds in, some early rough moments some really awesome moments. i get back home and my right knee gets infected, septic bursitis. i was devastated. No golf until it healed and it wouldn't heal. Lost the entire summer and played 2 rounds in the Fall, even though i probably should not have. Somehow i scored very well, like i should not have scored like i did. Something was off with my Driver but the course i was playing was very forgiving for wayward Drives. 6 total rounds in 2019. 2020 rolls around - our company is blowing the doors off of sales, i am chomping at the bit to golf. i played 1 round in South Carolina around February. i did not break 100, i had 43 putts. i had forgotten my Driver at home and hit my 5 wood until i borrowed my friends Driver. i missed so many 2' and 3' putts it was ridiculous. Yet, i was still and 8.4 index. i was a good Golfer that had a little early rust in the game or so i thought and conned myself. i am conning myself. i no longer can putt, i am averaging 40 putts per round. i am mortified at a 2' putt. i miss 80+% of 2 & 3' Putts, that is not an exaggeration. When 18 rolls around and if my putt is 2 feet away everyone tells me to pick it up that i have had enough. i get the mercy rule putting, it is heartbreaking. i bought alignment sticks, they have really helped but still i wonder how to line up over a golf ball and aim. i have never been that person that runs out and buys new gear to fix my game, yet i bought a Driver, a 5 Wood, a 2 Utility Iron, and now all new irons. i went nuts over PXG. By the way, these are amazing clubs and without a doubt Trackman showed issues in head to head comparisons with my old clubs - more on that later. The PXG Driver: i have NEVER fit so many fairways in 1 round in my entire career as i have with this Driver. 12 of 13 Fairways and no crap distance lying of averaging 270. My swing speed at multiple check points is running a solid 108 this year. Yet hitting all those fairways, actually did it in 2 rounds resulted in an 86 with 4 water balls and a 95 with 40 putts. I have never been happier playing golf as i was this season, i am playing golf. My right shoulder is hurt but still i am playing golf. Yet, i am not even close to being the 13.4 index i have currently. It is more like a 22. I am not the 8.4 i thought i was. i am a 22. i have only broken 95 once this season. So - i need a plan. i am at a loss. i don't know what to do. i am not even good enough to play against a hacker, i would get my clocked cleaned. At the our new Country Club, they are all so nice. Lot's of guys invite me to golf with them and ask me play again with their group. Really nice people, they have seen the couple scores i posted from 2019 and they wondering what is real and what isn't. i know what is. i am a train wreck on the course. So, that's my get it off the chest, full-fledged Golf Confession. To really put a dagger in my pride, i haven't had 1 Birdie yet this season. Not one! i usually would get a least 1 to 2 per 18 holes. Not even close to getting one as well. Even though i am averaging 40 putts per round i am not getting a new Putter. i found an issue, i had gone to a very strong grip with the putter. Yesterday i "clapped" the putter and as my practice session went on i got more and more comfortable putting. More on line, better lag putting, forearms tension free. I finished the session by sinking a bunch of 2' & 3' putts. i wouldn't leave until i had a strong continuous sequence of watching the ball fall into the cup. i really like this game, i wish my Dad was here to fix my issues
  7. Day 3: 30 minute golf workout. Focus on inside out swing; center spine turn - no hip sway - ball position in stance. Stretching before starting and then stretching after each set, hamstrings, back and neck physical therapy i did 2 sets of 10 with the sklz tempo grip trainer i did 2 sets of ten with the sklz gold flex each set rotating between the two products while wearing the izzo smooth swing training aid the 5th and final set was with the sklz gold flex at 15 swings baseball style tonight i have a lesson with Clubs Teaching Pro. This is a on course lesson going over course management, best club choice for hitting out of the rough, under trees and such
  8. Day 2: I went to the practice facility and worked on trying to dial in my 1/2 to 3/4 swing with my 48* Wedge and 52* Wedge. I had my alignment sticks out and kept close attention to ball placement in my stance as well as aim. After practicing with my Wedges I moved into full swing with my 6, 5 3 Utility Iron and 2 Utility Iron while working with my alignment sticks All told I got about 1 hour of practice in. For my tracking, yesterday I added to my previous Day 1 practice by going to the practice facility in the evening. I hit 5 shots with my irons starting with my PW up to my 5i. I utilized my alignment sticks thru the session. After this I moved to the chipping area and worked on chipping from the approach. Then I worked on flop shots out of the groomed thick 2nd cut followed by sand trap shots. Then I finished with a putting session. All told 2 1/2 hours or so.
  9. Day 1: 21 minute 9 seconds (gotta love phone apps 😊) golf work out. Started by stretching my hamstrings and physical therapy routine for my neck - while doing all of the below swinging i wore my izzo golf smooth swing training aid 10 swings with the sklz golf tempo trainer did the stretching routine above 10 swings with the sklz gold flex did my stretching routine above 10 swings with the sklz golf temp trainer did the stretching above 10 swings with the sklz gold flex did the stretching above did 15 baseball style swings with the sklz gold flex for my stomach, i try do these as fast as possible while maintaining balance finished up with my stretching exercises
  10. I have been a fist bump person for a very long time for two reasons. 1) handshaking is a great way to catch anything, from the common cold, the flu, COVID-19 and anything that is on the person's hands from not washing well after going to the restroom or just anything. 2) i had hand surgery, shanking hands can be down right painful. That firm handshake leads to pain. I travel all over the country for work, on a travel ban currently and i am in hospitals all over the country for work. Early in my career i learned all about touch points and the best possible way to try and not spread any germs and avoid coming home with the traveler's flu. So all of this is just a natural carry over for me.
  11. I am in. My wife & I just joined at Southview and only have a few rounds in there. I will update the spreadsheet in a bit. Finally have a semi healthy body again. It's been a brutal 3 years, but I am excited to do this challenge
  12. Why I play golf, wow what a happy thought. It is a connection to my past, the good times with my Dad on a course. I can still remember 50 years ago this summer and the very first time i played. My Dad gave me a Junior Club 7 iron & Putter and off we went together. I still have both of those clubs. The joy of hitting a spectacular shot from an incredible lob wedge out of the rough last round to just hammering a Drive. To see those shots and look at a PGA player on TV and say - I can do that, while not as consistent but still to see it done and do it. I want no part of tackling Derrick Henry but i could play golf with Rory McIlroy, if he let me. The uniqueness of the architecture of each and every golf course all over the world. Are there really any two courses the same? To see how the Local 9 was laid out to some of the most exclusive Country Clubs in the country (yes i have been lucky to know some people). I find this so cool. To step up on the 1st Tee and meet someone for the first time and know already have in common - Golf and from there you build a new friendship. Golf is literally the coolest sport there is, you can hit one completely laterally and bomb the crap out of a Drive and still see the Pros do the same thing and laugh at yourself and them as well. So why i play the game - it fills me with Happy Thoughts
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