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  1. Day 61 I played 36 holes today at 2 different courses. Both rounds consisted a solid Front 9 with the Back 9 going south on me
  2. Day 60 Spent 45 minutes on the putting green today. Stayed focused on 15' and in with bulk of all practice from 10' and in. All distances and putted everything out. After analyzing my last round I need to focus on short game from 100 yards in. That has been my single largest area of lost strokes this season.
  3. Away course - made a very nice Birdie on Hole 4 at The Wilds in Prior Lake. Just missed a second birdie on hole 6. Missed a 3' putt for birdie there.
  4. Day 59 Great practice session before playing 18 today. The round was not good, need to get something for pain management
  5. Day 58 Neck is calming down but still in pain so i focused on swing drills tonight
  6. Day 57 Got to the Practice Facility tonight, warmed up with my 48* Wedge and then worked on my 6 Iron as it has given me fits this season. Then I hit a bunch of sand wedge shots from all over the practice bunker, fried egg, in foot prints, at the lips, feet out bunker ball in trap, sitting on top of sand,, at the back of the trap. It was a lot of fun. Thenni worked my bump on run shots as well as out of the rough. At the end I hit about 20 shots with my Driver. Fun night of practice showing lots of work needed.
  7. Day 56 My neck is screaming at me in pain, I did my best to get to 5 munutes doing some indore swing drills
  8. Didn't Gary Player preach this as also? For me to just aim at the middle of the green I have left such a large margin of error that I miss more greens then hit. Just to large of a target, but as you stated @DaveP043 find that small target and go for that. That doesn't mean the Flag but a good small point to narrow your focus on and hit at that small target. When I do this with any shot it has a better positive affect on my game.
  9. Day 56 My neck is screaming at me in pain, I did my best to get to 5 munutes doing some indore swing drills
  10. Day 55 I spent time in the backyard working on chipping, solid 30 minutes
  11. This is also what I do now. But back in the good old Persimmon days I always lined the ball up on the toe for center contact. When I finally got a 460 cc Driver I found that when lining the ball up on the toe I would get those dreaded sky marks on the toe from time to time.
  12. Day 54 Went to the Range tonight. Focused on hitting all Wedges at 1/2 swing then tried to hit flop shots off of a firm to hard range. Then i hit full as wing PWs. Also rotated in my Driver thru out the session. Finished up rotating between ny 5 Wood and Driver. Very happy with how my accuracy with how my accuracy with all my clubs is improving.
  13. Day 54 Did some light swing drills in the house.. This aging body was feeling sore from the last 2 weeks golf workload
  14. Day 53 Took The Wife to range tonight and both got a large bucket. I worked on my Driver, 5 Wood, 2 Utility Iron, 7 Iron, PW & 52* Wedge. Overall a good night of work. On the way home my Wife complained about how her first 15 to 20 golf balls went so good then after that it sucked. I started laughing and told her, it's because you hit an entire large bucket before I was not even half done with my bucket. I told she needed to slow way down. Let her body have some recovery time between shots. All in all we had a nice time together
  15. That's so true! Why I ended getting a 4 door pickup. It hauls a foursome for a long golf weekend in comfort and zero issues with storage space.
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