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  1. In September my group is heading to Fox Hills for a full weekend of golf. We decided to take a chance on the resort and courses without ever being there. Price is right for their unlimited golf plan, anybody play there and how are the courses? We try to get 90 holes in on this 'Manly Man' weekend of golf with so many different games going on that on Saturday we have to carry 3 different score cards and none of the cards actually state what are golf score is, Saturday is all about positive and negative points. Looking forward to hearing anything about Fox Hills
  2. Note: since I made these videos I have brought the ball deeper in my stands when hitting The Driver and that has stopped me from cutting/coming across the ball and being more consistent with a slight draw. I have also started to line up my dominate eye (right eye) on the ball, this is giving me a new head position on irons and fairways with tilt up left. But with the Driver going so well for me now I keep the tilt up right. Next round I am going to employ the new head position for the fairways and irons. Please note: I had neck surgery a while back, during the layoff and part of the reason for the layoff, this has lead to a shorter backswing or at least I think since I never had my swing taped before. Vanity statement: I have lost about 5 pounds since this video. I've been Playing Golf for: 47 years - I did have a 12 to 14 year layoff and restarted 3 seasons ago My current handicap index or average score is:12.4 My typical ball flight is: my whole life a fade with Driver and draw with irons - now I am drawing the Driver and irons, I have no issue with getting the ball up The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: inconsistency! Thin iron shots or hitting it fat Videos:
  3. Skol @Missouri Swede from a fellow Scandinavian! I did try a phone app and did not like it. I wear two gloves and the phone does not respond very well to that. Plus and really the most important reason is that when I play golf I am trying to escape from the world for that period of time. Work text and work email are always on the phone thus no escape. And I am the type of person that does not like to have everything on one device, when that one device goes down - ufda Do you use the added features on the G8? I am looking at the cost savings of the G6 and wondering if the added features of the G8 are worth the extra money.
  4. Thank you for advice, I will give this a go and let you know how it works. I have a fantastic putting green where I can work on this.
  5. @WUTiger how do you control the 4 hybrid doing this? I tried this earlier in the season and chocked down on the 4 hybrid set up just like I was putting and I found it very hard to control distance. Tendency was to come out so hot and long. I went back to using my putter and actually keeping my hands back for some extra loft to pop the ball up before rolling. Overall I feel that the 4 hybrid would be the better way to go with this type of shot for the long term. So any input would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. Thank you for your advice and questions! Greatly appreciated and here is an update. I talked The Boss regarding this and she agrees with the GPS first approach and @billchao and your comments regarding the G6 that pretty much settled it for me to go the Garmin Approach G6 instead of spending the extra money on the G8. Bonus time: I talked to my fitter today regarding the Cobra F7+ Driver I have on order and he is going to grab a used Cobra F7 4 Hybrid for me to test on the course and see how I like it. He is going to grab a used one with a shaft that matches what we are doing with all of my clubs as close as he can and if I like the Cobra F7 Hybrid he will do any custom work on the used that needs to be done thus saving me money @klineka I thought you might like hearing that since you reminded me of the used route (: If anyone else still wants to give advice, questions or general thoughts on this topic please do, I really enjoy it!
  7. excellent answers/questions I stopped carrying a 3 wood, I hit my 5 wood 220 to 240. When I am 200 to 220 I think nothing but green and it is very realistic which was my 7 wood but shaft broke and looking at getting a new shaft vs a hybrid, I leaning towards the hybrid. Used clubs are a great way to go, my putter was used and fitted at that for me. Saved me a ton of money. Not to sound defensive over the handicap, I have a lot or rust coming off after 12 year layoff from the game. Inconsistancy has kept the handicap up. I have played even par this year and also shot a 99 (: I play any and all courses and actually prefer longer courses. Irons are 5 thru PW then a 52 and 56. Driver, 5 wood and 7 wood plus the stolen 4 hybrid.
  8. Hello TST - this is my first attempt at starting a forum so I if did it wrong, sorry. Looking for input. I am currently looking at getting either a hand held GPS like the Garmin Approach G6 or G8 or similar or a 4 Hybrid. I currently do not own either of these items. I stole my son's 4 hybrid to see if I like such a club and I am finally getting a feel for hitting a hybrid plus he wants it back. That 200 to 220 yardage shot is a trouble spot for me. For reference I hit my 5 iron 190 yards carry. The bunch of guys I play with all like to float around and play different courses so we never get all that familiar with any one course and thus automatically know distances as when you play just one course. So we are hunting and searching for yardage makers and the "How far do you think it is". After playing with a couple guys that had a GPS it was an eye opener for time savings and distance accuracy. And I would rather have a GPS over a Range Finder. Buying both is optimum but out of the question as I have completely blown the golf budget for the year. Squeezing one of these two items is doable but not both for now. So which one would you get first? All input will be greatly appreciated, thank you
  9. Hilarious Apoc81 - maybe get a king sized bed to fit all of those "lady" friends. With 4 daughters a former and The Wife I just could not name all my clubs with women's names. Need some safe zone away from all of the bosses in my life (: How are Edel wedges? I have never hit them but they sure are pretty looking in the pictures
  10. Snell MTB is a very nice ball as well as TM TP5x both are my favorites. I do get Srixon and Bridgestone balls for free and play those a lot. But if I am paying for a ball I buy Snell and TP5x
  11. Mixed bag and I like most every type of manufacture Cobra driver (my sons's), Wishon 929 fairway woods, Callaway hybrid (my son's), Mizuno JPX 900 Forged irons, Mizuno T7 wedges, Bettinardi putter and a Ping Pioneer cart bag, awesome bag that can hold a lot of stuff
  12. Thursday at Creeksbend hole #6 Par 4 293 yards. The fairway elevates from the tee and you can see the top of the 150 marker but the green is blind. Sand trap on the left from of the green. I hit my drive right side of the fairway with a gentle draw. I was long by 10 yards. I was just as happy with my chip shot as it was in a tough spot. Got my par. Shot an 83 with two 8s and 4 water penalties
  13. I have not had a official handicap in years and estimated it based on average score over par, for example playing even boogey for 18 would give me an 18 hcp. After joining this forum this past weekend and reading parts of this thread I thought why not get an official handicap. I have my scorecards for the year thinking I might want to get this done. So today I signed up Golf.com and entered all of my scores and putts for the season. I was surprised at how close I had estimated my handicap and the actual. I am a 12.4 and current trend is at a 10.4. My goal has been to get back under 10 again since starting to golf again 3 seasons ago. The sad part of my game is how erratic it has been. I have had 2 rounds in the 70's and 2 rounds at 97 and 99. My last round two Triples (8's) and still shoot an 83. I have one Eagle so far this year and left a putt on the lip for a second Eagle. So in all of this rambling, thank you TST for somehow pushing me to get a real handicap and since I am a really true stats geek and total club geek I really like all of the stats that the handicap service is giving me. Here are my goals - get under 10 this season. Next goal get to scratch - when I was young I was close and out of frustration with getting to serious I walked away from that goal and then walked away from golf. With age I now can balance out the ups and downs of this absolutely crazy game. My ultimate goal is to play in a US Open Qualifying event - just once You can laugh at me if you want but I left it out there for all to see. Now I just have to figure out how to turn taped swing from a movie into youtube for TST to review. Thank you for letting me join this group
  14. Since I am new to this site I hope you don't mind if I back up to very early spring, like late March for this shot. It is more of the most memorable. Par 4 second hole short hole but massive up hill, like trying to climb Mt. Everest type up hill. Take out my Driver and let it rip only to have the most bizarre looking going low and left drive ever. End up in a yard and I am just thankful I did not nail the house. Before me and the guy I am playing with could say anything the largest German Shepard I have ever seen comes straight at us and then goes to my ball. He circles it without taking his eyes off of us then stops and takes a massive dump on my ball while looking at me the entire time. My golfing partner starts laughing so hard he can hardly breath, somehow he manages to ask me if I want to hit another drive. Fearing a total replay I say "No, in fact maybe we should just skip this hole". He asks "Do you want to go get your ball" laughing even harder and I reply "No, nope no way, I have plenty more". Since that day I have never been able to hit a drive at all on that hole
  15. @David in FL enjoy your "sleep with my wedges" statement - my dad always told me "if you find a putter you like sleep with it" (: Your statement brought back fond memories of him and his friends saying that and laughing together. Currently I feel lucky, I have bagging my Son's King Cobra Speed LD F/10.5 Driver who inherited it from my dad. When I hit that Driver it leaves a vapor trail, it is a sight to behold and a lot of fun. As well as my Mizuno T7 52 and 56 degree wedges in blue, oh how i like using them. Followed by my Bettinardi BB32 putter! I got fitted for this and man oh man is it sweet. Averaging 31 to 32 putts per 18 and I feel like when I have it in my hands I can sink a putt from anywhere