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  1. I am all over a quick trip to AZ, oh how I have had enough of this cold and snow. I will get the last 20 rounds I have played downloaded tonight. Thank you for the help
  2. I will find the time to get 8 score posted - can they be from last season? Or do I just go with new scores from 2020? If the 2nd question is true only nature will let me get 8 rounds in Minnesota. I have played once this year in South Carolina.
  3. I was online. I do not belong to a course. There was a course associated for my service but I cannot remember which one. It was in the norther suburbs of the Twin Cities. And I never did pay much attention to that. I was all over the statistics though Should I go back 2 years and enter those scores only? Or should I enter all the scores I have? I have the dates of each round on the score cards.
  4. I had that info printed but in a separate area and my wife inadvertently tossed it away. I had it stored on my laptop and that crashed and was not in my cloud back up so I lost it. I do not know my GHIN# regrettably.
  5. I need advice on how to best proceed with this. I went to log into my handicap service and my log in ID, password, email address - nothing existed. I am no longer in the system. I am not sure why my auto pay went thru but that was the least of my concerns. I can deal with the autopay issue separate. For some crazy reason I have virtually every score card for the last 5 + years. How far back should I go in entering my data? The last 2 seasons I have been injured so I have a low number of rounds. I need some type of index for the end of April as I am playing in a 4 day event that requires an index. The event is over multiple courses. Mods - if this should be in a different area please move the post. I did look around the site but did not find anything mentioning this but I did do a quick look.
  6. Thank you for doing this @Asheville I appreciate it. As far as downloading the rules on my phone thru an App. Not gonna happen. I turn my phone off when I play golf as often as I can. How else can I ever get a break from work.
  7. A lot of what you stated is spot on. When I last got fitted Callaway did not work for me, it worked for a lot of other people but not me. It came down to Taylormade or Cobra and I went with Cobra because visually it was more pleasing to my eye plus I wanted something that not everyone else is hitting. Now the shaft was critical, extremely critical in all of this as my dispersion was affected the most by different shafts. Distance had differences but not to the same extreme as dispersion was. As far as your statement regrading blue, I got a big smile on my face. Last fall when I took my daughter to a fitting session or a full bag the Fitter stated that color can be a big difference for golfers. In Texas the orange Tour AD shaft is the number one selling shaft. Not because of how well it did in fitting sessions, in fact golfers would ignore the fitting results of shafts that we a better fit for them and still opt in for the orange Tour AD, even when it was obvious they should not be using it. Why - well all the Longhorn fans can answer that 🙂 I feel the entire club from the grip (to many people overlook this) shaft and head all are of pretty equal importance. That is why when you get fitted tell your Fitter the truth of what you do and do not like in combinations, it makes their job a lot easier and trust the results. But if the club is butt lickin ugly to you don't buy it, just not worth hitting ugly.
  8. I don't see an issue in jumping a group at the turn if they stop for a bite to eat and you don't. Handling it with kindness almost always works plus thanking them for spending more money at your Club should be appreciated. Any cash from guests is money ahead. I would talk to the Pro Shop or someone about scheduling Guests with the first tee times in the morning. I would think that many of these golfers are first time players on the course and no matter what anyone says, first time golfers on a course are always slower. They don't know the ins and outs of a hole, trying to figure out where to hit a tee shot and losing golf balls more frequently is more the norm then not. I would want to push Guests out of the earliest slots to help stop with the back log that happens.
  9. I take my Driver head off and place that in my suitcase. I also use a club protector or a broom stick if you do not have one and wrap towels around my clubs. I will pack 1 pull over with my clubs and 1 pull over in my carry on luggage. A couple dozen golf balls plus a dozen loose balls in my bag and 1 pair of golf shoes. I always weigh my bag to make sure it is under 50 pounds. I do not lock my bag because of TSA and I do not pack electronics at all. They can tend to go bye bye sometimes. In my carry on luggage I will pack another dozen golf balls BUT a good TSA agent will always open the luggage and inspect. The shape of a dozen golf balls in a box gets them pretty nervous. I put my golf GPS in my computer backpack as that is the only way I can protect it from disappearing. I always bring my work laptop on all trips, as I own a business and with that I never ever get to go on a full vacation without doing any work. Every vacation, every long weekend trip I have to do something every day on my laptop. Thankfully with phones I can do quick email answers. Detailed spec answers I need my laptop. I rarely purchase travel insurance as I do fly a lot but when I am traveling with golf clubs I do purchase the extra travel insurance.
  10. djake

    NCAA Football 2019

    Yes a rabid tOSU fan 🙂 Uffda did I bite into this one. Realize I am not a rabid PSU fan but I am an rabid Golden Gopher fan so here is my best off of the cuff response. The recruiting is in favor of tOSU but is nominal Both teams return a lot, PSU I believe was even a younger team then tOSU in 2019, I can look that up but will need time. tOSU is losing more on Defense then PSU tOSU should not have a drop in coaching - PSU is going up in coaching. See addition of Kirk Ciarrocca (KC) as their new Offensive Coordinator, he is amazing! PSU's offense will show dramatic improvement in 2020 PSU will run one of the best RPOs in country next year. Now the RPO is not always what announcers state it is when a game is ongoing. It is a very difficult offense to defend when it is run correctly. With (KC) at the helm and the talent that PSU ahs returning tOSU will have their hands full. Yes PSU is losing their #1 producing WR but they have a lot of returning talent with size and speed at WR so the drop may not even be felt. Yet players have to play Urban Meyer is gone, so it is up to Day to keep up beating PSU. I like Franklin over Day so far, Franklin was the young and up and coming coach going against Urban who was/is one of the best in the game. Now the tables have turned and the coaching favors PSU by an edge. The game is in Happy Valley and that cannot be taken lightly, that is as difficult of a place to into and win as Columbus is. So, yes it will be considered an upset but I am sticking with PSU over tOSU in one heck of a football game. The new O.C for PSU and Franklin's experience will make the difference. And oh by the way the best Offensive Line in the Nation next year will be in Minnesota - HANDS DOWN!!
  11. djake

    NCAA Football 2019

    Stars stars stars - so are you one of the "Star Chasers" for recruiting? Based on 24/7 Recruiting site and they are using a composite for the average with the composite being weighted between 24/7, Rivals & the pathetic ESPN rankings here are the findings they show. 2018 average composite score tOSU 94.29 & PSU 91.70 - both were clearly #1 & #2 in the B1G that year. 2019 average composite score tOSU 91.87 & PSU 91.01 - both were top 3 in the B1G 2020 way to early average composite score tOSU 91.82 & PSU 89.49 - mind you this is way to early but it shows that both are bringing in strong recruits again. Composite score to me is the best indicator because is shows the average of the class from top to bottom and takes away from total score which can be skewed due to one team pulling in the max 25 for the year vs another team pulling in 21. Star ratings really throw things off, the difference between a 5 Start and a high 4 Star can be virtually nothing when based on scoring but just looking at Stars it can look like they are so far apart. So based on just this quick look down both teams are recruiting at an Elite level with almost no indiscernible difference. Thus, the real question is which coaching staff will get the most out of their recruits. It is to early to see if Day and staff will keep doing what they were but based on past performance and since the bulk of the staff stayed in place I would not anticipate a drop down in coaching from tOSU. PSU just hired a new O.C and he is a dandy of a coach, one of the best in the Nation in fact and thus with the athletes on staff they have I would anticipate an uptick in offensive production from PSU in 2020 and beyond. Kirk Ciarrocca (KC) average roughly 35 points per game with the talent the Gophers had in 2019. PSU has more overall talent then the Gophers, KC will do amazing things with PSU. I would anticipate PSU running the RPO between 40 & 45% of all plays in 2020 under KC and it is a thing of beauty in his hands. tOSU defensively will be seriously challenge with this offense. Just ask PSU and Auburn about it when they faced the Gophers. The player quotes are there for the finding.. So, if you want we can beat down the recruiting really deep - but I believe the numbers show both of these teams are recruiting at an Elite level and have Elite talent. tOSU playing in Happy Valley next year will get beat by PSU. it will be a fantastic game played by two very well coached teams filled with a lot of talent.
  12. djake

    NCAA Football 2019

    PSU was a very young team this season and they recruit on a very high level with tOSU. The game is in Happy Valley as well in 2020. Not taking anything away from tOSU at all but I really feel PSU will beat them next season. No matter what it will be an excellent game most likely coming down to the last possession
  13. djake

    NCAA Football 2019

    I will have to add that while I am a die hard B1G fan I did enjoy seeing Bama beat Michigan. I do not care for Harbaugh at all. Plus I have a real hard time pulling for Bucky Badger - other then that. Doesn't the B1G play 9 conference games and the SEC play 8? If so I would prefer that all of the Power 5 conferences play 9 with 3 non conference games. As far as non conference play it would be nice to see all P5 teams play 1 non conference against another P5 and 2 against Mid Majors. Playing a game against the FCS has little value as there is such a wide discrepancy in that division. Now if a P5 team is dumb enough to schedule NDSU then yes you deserve to get beat. I really feel there is a lot of parity in the P5 conferences and that there is not that large of a difference between any of them. FYI @saevel25 look out for PSU next year, they will be the team to beat in the B1G East.
  14. djake

    NCAA Football 2019

    You probably thought the same thing about last year with Bama playing Clemson. Well you would have been right about the game not even being close, except as memory serves me it was Clemson pounding the crap out of Bama 1st time in years the SEC had a winning bowl record. But then again the Minnesota Golden Gophers pounded Auburn. Like physically beat the crap out of them.
  15. I am like you. I like to get to the course way before my tee time. I like to take my time unpacking, observe what's going on. Get to know the area. I also need to stretch and get my body ready due to the numerous injuries from life. On the course Iike to keep moving, keep pace. I don't see much correlation in this. I have a friend I barely golf with and he is unpacked on the tee in a breakneck pace. On the course is painfully slow
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