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  1. Not trying to argue with you, ok 🙂 I see you are in Washington, your weather also helps out. In Minnesota we not only had a historic high in rounds at our Club this season by over 20+% we also had some tough hot weather that added into more labor costs. A lot more rounds, more rolling the greens to maintain that near perfect roll our course is noted for. Also the greens had to be pinned more frequently for health. Trap maintenance was up, approach areas needed more care, the fairways needed more care and the tee boxes needed more care. I found it amazing how our Super and staff kept the course in such fantastic shape this season. No two ways about it, if the course has significantly more play you will either pay more during the season to keep it at the quality level that is expected or the it will dive. It's grass, it can only take so much beating without proper care or it just collapses. I played courses around the country this year, the public courses took a beating on the greens and the approaches. One course in California in particular they people that I played with were constantly apologizing for the greens, they were just pounded from approach shots. The rule of the day was, fix your divot and fix 10 others. Granted, each course will be different and local conditions have a strong effect.
  2. I gotta side with Erik on this one. More play, especially at the levels so many courses reported will equate to more maintenance. Then add in other factors such as higher temps this year, even more maintenance. Our course had a historic high in rounds played. The Super in his newsletter to the membership explained how that added more work for the grounds crew to keep the course at it's standard of play.
  3. I have one putter with the Golf Pride Tour SNSR and I really like that grip I have another putter with the L.A.B Forward Press Grip and I really like that grip The L.A.B Forward Press Grip is winning out to become my new go to grip at this moment with the Tour SNSR fading to back up status
  4. I will try this during my next practice session. Logically this should help On 20'ish and longer putts I always putt to a point. That does help and actually that became a strength in my putting this year. It makes sense to do this on all putts. It should be easier to square my putter up to that shorter point and then trust the line.
  5. Your first paragraph hit it spot on. This is my second pair of progressive lens, my first set was a lot milder and lower in the lens. This set the transition is stronger and it is starting in the middle. Since reading your post I have been moving my head up and down non stop looking for the transition. I look like some bobble head sitting at my desk and walking around the office. This is the first golf season where I have been wearing my progressive glasses with a clip on for sunglasses as well. Never played golf with progressive lens much in the past, only for moments when my sunglasses wear to dark.
  6. Day 5 Week 4 Blended work out today between my SKLZ gear and the top of the bag. In order set of 5 each SKLZ Golf Flex, 5i, 5W, SKLZ Grip Trainer, 3Utility, 2 Utility SKLZ Gold Flex Then worked thru that order 1 shot at a time, did that set twice and finished with 1 final SKLZ Grip Trainer Last item was the Driver, hit 10 balls. I also did my stretching routine throughout the work out. Nice to mix it up and felt great today
  7. Or if they actually need too. If a course is booked solid why in the world do they need to lower their prices to anyone?
  8. Day 4 Week 4 Worked on putting today, not what was planned yet it was a good day. Practiced at all distances from 5' to 20'. 2 items of focus, pendulum swing and figuring out what is going on with my progressive lens.
  9. Full swing has not been an issue. I am guessing because I am standing further away from the ball and looking out at a point in the distance. Plus I tilt my head to the right and look down at the ball with my left eye, like Nicklaus did. When putting I am a lot more over the ball, putter thru Sam Put Lab set at 3*. When I go from ball to hole that's when issues happen. I am always moving my head to see everything clear, then my putter changes it's position and it all starts to get out of whack. This is a more of an issue on shorter putts as I am trying to make them so I am going back and forth with the cup. On distance putts I put to a point in the break. I really don't have an issue then. I am a lot more comfortable with long putts because of that.
  10. This year I really struggled with my putting. At first I could not figure out what was the reason. No consistency on how I was missing putts. In past past the bulk of all of my misses went right of the cup. This year missing both right and left. So I went to work on lag and this season by far I achieved the best distance control I have ever had. I worked on green reading, putting to a tee, 3', 5' 10' putts. Then one day on the 17th green I stood over my ball and froze, I backed away and then stood over it. I backed away again and my playing partners asked what was wrong and I told them that I couldn't line up my putt. That moment I realized my one consistent problem was I could not line up my putt. When I realized that I started to try and figure it out. I got so frustrated I even bought a new putter. All that did was confirm my issue. Yesterday what I felt was the issue my wife confirmed to me. We were putting in our office on our commercial carpet and she watch me and without me asking my wife declares very loudly that my putting issue is my glasses. My question to all who have progressive lens, do you golf with them or do you have glasses for golf that do not have progressive lens? If you putt with progressive lens how did you adapt?
  11. ummmmm actually no, it was not intentional. I am just that terrible with grammar and spelling. I have done and do a lot of writing at work but I have always had someone proof my work for me. In fact whenever we bring in a new hire the first thing I explain is that I have very thick skin regarding my writing, correct away. I will never get angry just do not change the intent of what is written. I find it incredible how much what I write changes to what is published 🙂 In short, I can't spell, I am horrific with grammar and I am color blind but dang all of my drives go 300+ yards, even on Par 3s
  12. I wear nothing but Ecco dress shoes for work. Phenomenal shoe but the golf shoes kill my feet. It drives me crazy as the rest of the Eccos are so nice. I have found Footjoy Pro SL spike less as a very comfortable and great traction.
  13. Day 3 Week 4 Wedge day! By logging my range activity it shows what I am not working on. This also answers why my Wedge play really went into the tank this season, from a strength to a complete collapse in 2020. Focus, 1/2 and 3/4 swing the entire session with my wedges. I realize that my 1/2 swing is more like a 3/4 swing and my 3/4 swing is a full swing as of recent I have had a couple people watch and tell me. As a pure guess one of the factors my wedge play went so backwards was a swing that got way to big. In order of use I started with 5 balls each PW, 56*, 48*, 52*. While doing this I realized during my swing I was deciding what to do with my back swing and that was an issue this season. For example I would envision a 50 yard shot but then in my swing I would decide how to swing and that just lead to failure. When this set finished I changed up what how I was practicing. I cycled each club 1 shot at a time and I made the determination that for each set I would do just a 1/2 swing or 3/4 swing before hitting the ball. I felt this helped as I was practicing with more a direct planned approach. I started with and kept the same order 3/4 swing with each starting with PW the, 56*, 48*, 52*. I followed this up with a full set of 1/2 swing, for 5 sets total. I finished my session up with the Driver and hit 10 balls with a focus on a more compact back swing as this too had gotten way to big, firing my hips thru getting that club head at the target. This was my best range session to date this offseason. One last item, I have been working on my grip and changing it since the middle of July. I am trying very hard to use the same grip and see the top 2 knuckles on my left hand as my grip had gotten really weak previously. This has been a struggle to correct and I have to really focus on every shot I take. A big shout out to @iacas for giving me the confidence to hit all of my wedges into my net and not have the ball sail up and over. While Erik was not speaking directly to me in that post, it gave me the security to try.
  14. +1 I would be gone in moments. Blam banned now. Put it this way, I am a much better putter then grammar and I SUCK at putting.
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