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  1. I have a 2 nets that I use in the backyard currently and the family enjoys hitting balls with me. The 2nd net is set up to the right side to specifically catch wayward shots. My wife and kids can tend to do that from time to time, hit the neighbors house once. The 2nd net stopped that. I worked at a small town golf course for 6 years and built sand traps and such. While it would be great to have a sand trap I just do not want the ongoing maintenance that it takes to keep it nice. I really like your set up though
  2. Great project photos James, I would probably use Class 5 as it packs nice and stays in place. Your photos show just as I feared, a lot of work. Plus add in wheel barrow loads up and down a steep hill, I just cannot psych myself for this project as much as I would enjoy a back yard putting green. I may try some indoor outdoor carpet that I can roll up and roll down as a temporary trial. But that would have to be fairly small as if it were to rain on it it would become a wet nightmare.
  3. My wife wants me to put in our back yard a practice green built out of artificial turf. I am having a hard time taking out the natural grass to do it. Crazy, the one golf thing The Boss wants and I am being the road block.
  4. @adamgoodman thank you for starting this, I was looking at starting something like this and just did not get around to it. I wanted to hear from members what specific golf work outs they were doing so i could review them to add to my offseason program. Yes I do a strength and conditioning program that is 100% built around golf. Why, because a sport specific strength and conditioning will yield superior results then a general overall program. And you need not run out and get a gym membership or spend lots of money on a at home gym system. I add items as I went forward over time. With minimal expense. I started my strength and conditioning program last year because I was having to much muscle fatigue in the later holes of a round and this lead to poor shot making and higher scores plus more lost golf balls. I noticed in 2016 that around hole16 everything just started to fall apart, Driver swing would be the first to go and then everything else just followed. Add to the fact that I was starting to see my Driver swing speed eroding and it lit a fire in me to do something about it. I started to search on the internet for Golf specific strength sets and there is a lot of excellent information out there to study. I bought resistance bands and stretch cords, both items that I can pack and travel with to do my exercise program while on the road. I travel a lot for our company and consistency is important for gain. I rarely use free weights and when I do nothing over 5 pounds. I also added 3 golf training items and I enjoy using them as well, the Gold flex, Izzo Smooth Swing and Skilz tempo and golf trainer. The results from my Golf specific work out program during the off season last year; Driver Swing speed stopped dropping and went from 106 mph to 111 mph at age 54. Hitting out of that nasty rough was noticeably easier from a physical stand point No more late round muscle fatigue thus I was able to finish off a round of golf consistently thus driving my scoring down. I went from hitting a lifelong fade tand slice to straight with a draw. Negative I did pick up a massive sway over the winter that this site fixed but that I attribute that to a bad lesson that I got over the winter. I knew what he was teaching me was not right yet because it was a lesson I stuck with it, my mistake. I do run an off season work out that is a lot more strenuous then during the golf season. I found that I had to scale back to a maintenance program during the golf season I would just beat up my body to much. Sorry for the long reply, I am passionate about sports specific strength and conditioning. It will make a positive impact on your game. This year I want to add yoga.
  5. @Hacker James can you putt on that turf also? Sorry if someone asked that already, just now reading thru this from the beginning to the end. Really nice set up
  6. Increasing club head speed with ghost balls

    @Zeph I totally agree with you and I understand the statistics supporting this. When my Driver is on I score, that plain and simple. Last season i averaged 106 mph with the Driver but I was noticing a slight decline at age 54. I was told that I could not increase my club head speed and to get used to it. That did not sit well with me. So last off season I started to study everything I could regarding the Driver and how I could optimize that one club. I also started to study how I could increase my club head speed and I set out to build a off season series of work outs specifically targeting Golf. My goal was to get to 110 mph with the Driver and at a minimum to stop or slow the decay of swing speed due to age. Well I hit 111mph going into this season and then I got professionally fit for the Driver and my distance off the Tee is further then i have EVER had in my life, at age 54! Now going into this offseason I feel that I have 2 1/2 more months of additional work out time because I have a solid base to start my workouts with that last year i did not have. I plan on adding and subtracting to my work out program so that I keep the work outs fresh. At age 55 my goal for next season is 115 mph with the Driver. I want to add, taking the time to get professionally fit for the current Driver I have made a significant difference in combination to my work outs. How tight my dispersion with the new Driver is at a level that i would dream about with added distance. As well as for the first time in my life I can actually work a Driver. I get on a tee box and the level of confidence I have is at a all time high and it sure is fun. Since this topic was about a method increasing club head speed, yes find a method and work it. If you stick to it the work outs it will make a difference. I want to add that during the golf season I scale my work outs way back and go to a maintenance level. to heavy of a work out set while i am in the middle of the golf season actually hurts my game. I will also do a "taper" (for those who understand that term) before major golf outings or tournaments.
  7. Increasing club head speed with ghost balls

    yeah I know, I just got a kick out of your one word answer. It literally was a day brightener
  8. Best Shot of the Week

    Spirit Hollow Golf Course 18th hole Par 5 playing from the "Blacks" at 521 yards. I hit a very nice drive that left me 211 yards out from the pin (GPS Measured), I was in the first cut of rough and hit my 4 Hybrid, as soon as I connected with the ball I knew it was going to be special. I walked forward watching the ball come into the green with a small draw, it bounced twice and hit the pin! It left me 3' from the hole. I missed my putt for what would have been my third Eagle this year but did what I needed to do and left it on the lip for a tap in Birdie to secure the win in our team match play event. This was not only my best shot of the week but also my best shot of the year.
  9. Increasing club head speed with ghost balls

    @iacas that's it? "Nope" I mean now really, just that "Nope"
  10. Best Shot of the Week

    On a day where I had kinds of issues I had one shot that stood out. Par 3 168 yards into the wind and stuck a 7 iron with in the pin below the cup. It was a pretty shot but alas I left my Birdie putt on the lip (:
  11. I start out with one of my favorite balls until "IT" eats the thing or one the bazillion leaves decide to wrap my ball up as a nice gift for someone to discover. After that happens I go to my collection of older balls. Does anyone think the brightly colored golf balls are easier to spot in the fall? I am 50/50 on this but can be persuaded if enough people think they are easier to see.
  12. My Stetson hat has no logo and I prefer that. I do have a Wishon cap that was a gift and it is a pretty cool cap to wear because so few people know what Wishon is and I get the curious look when people try to figure it out. If I bought a logo cap I would like one with no words on it. I like the Mizuno logo cap. But I wear a golf hat for better sun protection. I prefer to purchase a golf ball with the course name/logo on it. Those are more fun to collect and are a lot less money then buying a course logo cap. I play a lot of different courses and to collect a cap from each would be to much money.
  13. What'd You Shoot Today?

    5 Pars on the front with one triple and one double, 3 bogeys - 20 putts! On the back 1 birdie, 1 par, 6 bogeys and 1 double - 20 putts!! 40 total putts, 7 more putts then my average and I made a couple really nice putts. I decided to count every time I used my putter today as a putt even from the fringe and I was living on the fringe all day. I was just off on everything. I was hitting the ball very well yet I could not get a line down. All over the place. This was the first time I played the back nine on this course and it showed with very poor lines on 3 dog legs that i did not comprehend how much the dog leg was. I hit the wrong clubs off the tee twice and once off the fairway that added 3 strokes easy. And my chipping just sucked which is usually a strong part of my game. Just a very frustrating day, yet I had a relaxing round and enjoyed the day. I am noticing the lack of practicing between rounds
  14. @Lihu what I have seen from this season of getting irons fitted and purchased. when I purchased my wedges first I was building my distance from closest to the pin and out, I covered my gaps very well and I got wedges that really fit me nice. My GiR started going back up and my scoring went down. To know at a full swing what club to grab at any specific yardage is 110% confidence builder in my game. I was having serious issues with my old wedges not filling gaps and not hitting the yardage they needed to. My old 56 degree wedge was relegated to sand only as it was worthless on a full swing, I could not hit it 60 yards and when I did it got so high up in the air I was the mercy of to many conditions I could not control. So I had to go with my old 52 wedge and really learn to work it but that club could not get more then 80 to 90 yards and it too skied very high. This summer when I switched out to my new wedges I could hit my 56 at that 80 to 90 yards spot on and work it, draw, fade without it getting into the stratosphere. My new 52 wedge is that 110 yard hole I used to have and it is ultra dependable. These two wedges are fun to hit and learn to work in so many conditions the next club up is the PW, please don't get me wrong it is nice, but the technology on the full set of irons stops with the PW. Specifically made wedges have more technology stuck into them today. Look at all of the companies that just make wedges and the companies that really put an effort into their wedges, they are a step up and over the PW that is the "full" set of irons. I wish I had just gotten all of my wedges up to the 9i the same. As far as your statement on distance over 150 yards and hitting greens. To me this just sounds like lack of confidence. Anytime I grab an iron I think "up and down" no matter how far it is "up and down". I don't do that or I would be playing on TV but it really does make a difference when swinging when you place that positive thought and believe you CAN get there with any iron in your bag. i have always worked on my irons as i really like hitting them a lot. This forum has pushed me even harder to work on the full swing with all clubs, to attack the green. My GiR went way up this summer and my scores dropped all getting back to where i used to be 30 years ago. Work the full swing and then believe you can hit any green with the 5 iron on down. You will be a better golfer, i believe that with all my heart! Your 220 yard statement and hitting greens. If it is a Par 3 i am breaking out into a sweat, if it is a Par 5 and i am out 220 yards i am super excited and thinking Eagle time. Oh how goofy that is on my part but super true. I hate 220 yard Par 3's i love being 220 to 240 out on a Par 5 with my second shot. All i want for my Birthday is a Mizuno T7 48 degree wedge to fill that 120ish gap i now have (:

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