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  1. @iacas sorry for sounding stupid here, but when you stated "you don't have to flip to square the face" do you mean flipping the wrists? If so, would this stop me from getting so wristie on chip shots around the green?
  2. First - Thank you, all of you for your input regarding this. I enjoyed reading all of your suggestions. Sorry for the delay in updating what I finally decided on what to do with "That 14th Club" it has been a very hectic year with very little golf to date. But that is changing now. The Wife stopped me from ordering the CBX-119, in fact I got a rather short lecture from her regarding it. She told me "to go back to my Fitter and get fit for the 13th club and not just buy what you think will work. Get what will work." I will admit I was trying to short cut, get a hybrid and be done with it. 13th Club Fitting Session Finally on July 3rd I get into a fitting session with the same person I have been using over the years. I will say it is nice using the same fitter over and over because he knows what is going on with my clubs and it is fun because of the relationship build over time. At my fitting session I told him that between 5 iron and Driver he had free reign to find they clubs that worked best for me in filling the gaps. Because of this forum and suggestions @Casualgolfer and others I wanted to look at Utility Irons/driving irons as well as hybrids. It had been 2 years since I had been fitted for a club and the company had upgraded to Trackman, wow what an addicting piece of equipment that is. I could not believe the information that it puts out, it made a significant difference in telling me what club fit my gap after my 5 Iron vs what club I thought would fit me after my 5 Iron. Here are two clubs of the many we tested. Hybrid - Muzuno CLK 23 degree. Went wen thru a couple shaft changes during this process and wow I like this club. Supper easy to hit. Extremely accurate feedback where the ball was on the club face, just a wonderful club. Trackman results Club Speed 98.6 mph - Ball Speed 142.4 mph - Smash Factor 1.44 - Launch Angle 10.0 - Spin rate 4697 - Carry 210.1 - Total 225.2 - Height 83' - landing angle 40.5 - Attack Angle -0.4 Then we tried Utility Irons - here are the results from the other finalist. Utility Iron Srixon 20 degree - we went thru a couple changes with this club as well. Trackman results Club Speed 96.1 mph - Ball Speed 124.2 - Smash Factor 1.29 - Launch Angle 16.3 - Spin Rate 4850 - Carry 182.0 - Total 193.4 - Height 97 - Landing Angle 45.8 - Attack Angle 0.5 My Fitter flat out stated, Srixon Utility is the best club to fill after my 5 Iron. He noted the Landing Angle for coming into greens and the ability to hold better. As well as being the best club to fill after for yardage. Plus he noted the enjoyment I was having hitting this club during the fitting session. 13th Club Final Choice - Srixon 20 Degree with Recoil 95 F5 Shaft and Winn DryTec Mid Size Grip I am very excited about this, while in my earlier posts I stated my 5 Iron is my 185 Club as of now it is running 175. That is not unusual for me for the limited amount of golf I have been playing. I go down 1 full club until I am playing more. As I start playing more this summer everything points to my distances going up 10 more yards - BUT - if they don't no big deal, the upper gap still fits just right. Other 13th Clubs tested - Exotics CBX-119, Ping Crossover, TaylorMade GAPR low flight. If you are interested I would give my review of these clubs. The 14th Club Since this post started out about what to do with that 14th club I am happy to report that I also purchased that club on July 3rd. My Fitter and I spent a nice amount of time talking about what 14th club I should look at getting. He had me hit some lower lofted Hybrids as they were flying lower then my 5 Wood. He flat out told me not to replace my Wishon 5 Wood as he could not make a club that would out perform it. We talked about a 3 Wood and he challenged me to start marking up a score card on how often I would use either a 3 Wood or a 60 Degree Wedge. I told him I have already done that. With the money I have spent and getting fit for a Driver I am going to hit that off of the Tee. Flat out, it is what I practice with and am always working on mastering. Plus with all of the data stating be as long as possible off the tee for lower scoring why give up 20 yards with a 3 Wood, He totally agreed. With my 5 Wood that is my 220 yard club and when I have to reach out and touch someone at 240 yards I can do that with my 5 Wood. Wishon 929 5 Wood Trackman Results Club Speed 100.2 mph - Ball Speed 137.9 - Smash Factor 1.38 - Launch Angle 14.4 - Spin Rate 4010 - Carry 214.5 - Total 228.2 - Height 107 - Landing Angle 45.6 - Attack Angle -0.3 14th Club Choice - Mizuno T7 60/10 Wedge! and I am really excited to report I got it for $77.99!! Brand NEW. @klineka @David in FL my fitter pointed out many of the same things as you stated in getting a 60 Degree wedge, with fun learning to hit this club right up there. He stated that I will use this club a lot more then a 3 Wood and I agree. Plus if the bounce on this club does not work I can bring it back and get 100% store credit towards a different wedge and bounce set up. Everyone who contributed, I really appreciated! I took your advice and spent time researching clubs to be informed before purchasing, I even spent time looking a a let handed club as was pointed out. I posted my Trackman results because to me it is super cool. I also posted if anyone wants to point out issues and how to resolve them. I really get the ball up in the air and in high wind I either score really well or really bad. With that in mind, yes I see a 15th Club in the near future. I am looking at getting a Mizuno CLK hybrid for me to play on high wind days. You may have noticed that my 5 Wood peaks out 20' higher then the CLK hybrid. It just kills me in the wind. To have a club that I can switch out and stay lower is a must, not a want (in case my wife reads this) Sorry about the long follow up post - In conclusion - No you cannot have to many wedges 🙂 No 14 clubs are NEVER enough 🙂 that's why my Ping Pioneer holds 15 clubs. Who needs rules when the gear is this much fun 🙂 @iacas I would like a "college course" on bounce. Thanks for the input, but steer me into an area of more info please. Thanks In case anyone follows up to my last post, I will respond in time. I am going golfing now with my wife and daughter. My daughter has decided to pick up the game!! I super excited that she is 🙂
  3. I wear two compression gloves for every shot. Once I put them on to start a round I leave them on until I am done. If I take them off I cannot get them back on.
  4. I was 7 years old. My Dad walked me down to #8 and he gave me a 7 iron and a putter with a golf bag to start with. We played #8 and #9. I will never forget playing #8 that first time with my Dad. He was very patient with me. After playing #8 and #9 together he let me go out and play #8 and #9 by myself. As soon as I finished I walked into the club house and asked my Dad when I could hit The Driver. All of his buddies started laughing in a good way. He had me go get his Driver and then he had me stand next to it. He told me as soon as I was tall enough I could hit The Driver. From that moment on I was determined to play golf so I could hit a driver. My dad I played a lot of golf together over the years. We had a lot of very special moments together. I wish I had only played more golf with him now that he is gone. Every year since he died I will go out and play a couple rounds of year by myself so I can just think about our times together on the course.
  5. I have considered that as well, but I wonder how often I would use it in comparison to a 60? With my Driver 5 Wood combination I can give myself that chance to reach most Par 5s that are 500 to 550 yards. I can comfortably really get after a 5 Wood and I can comfortably ease off of it as well as dictated. It is a club that has been one of my favorites all of my golfing days. My only issue is wind and the 5 Wood, I get it up pretty good in the air so a club that I can hit long distance that flights lower is tempting. I still think in an entire golf season I would use a 60 degree wedge more often in the season and in a round.
  6. Thank you for adding this thread. I read thru the entire thread and it was very informative. So now based on this I should be looking at 60 degree 10 bounce with Mizuno. That is the biggest(?) most bounce they have in the S8. I am a big believer in having all of my wedges the same, with that in mind Mizuno only seams to make a 60 with a 6 or 10 bounce. Should I look at this one wedge differently and maybe get a different brand that makes a 60 with a higher bounce? I agree with you. That is why I added a 48 degree wedge last month. I have yet to use it because of the 2 million feet of snow still on the ground. I will get to use it at the end of the month when I go to South Carolina for 4 days of golf.
  7. You sound like my wife 😁 "Do you really need a 14th club". My Ping cart bag actually holds 15 clubs and I will fill it and even double up sometimes when I want to practice and have some more clubs to try. My Dad was a club hound, he never threw out a club. Or I will grab a couple older clubs to hit a couple shots for fun. I filled a gap in my bag with the 48 degree wedge. My 52 is a solid 110 yards and my PW is a sold 135. that 120-125 was killing me. I have lost the art of the "chock down" full swing PW and over swinging on the 52 caused uncontrollable back spin when hitting greens. Back to your question, which is a great question "Do I actually need a 14th club?" Only to help save strokes or lower my score. If I feel a 14th club will help do that then yes. The 13th club I just purchased will help me to lower my score as it filled a glaring gap. I would note on my score card every time I needed that 120 yard club in a round. It surprised me how often I had that shot. I am strongly leaning towards a 60 degree wedge for this club. I am envisioning more ways to use it then a 2 hybrid now. @klineka I enjoy the creative part, it is fun. I will carry two Drivers from time to time. My dad built a short shaft 10 degree driver, one of those square headed ones about the length of a 3 Wood. I will carry that when I know I am playing a course with more dog legs. Sometimes I like to carry it just to see the difference between my current Driver and hitting it. It is really loud. as far as bounce - Mizzuno makes their 60 degree wedge with a 6 bounce or a 10 bounce. I know very little about bounce to be honest. Which bounce would you suggest?
  8. I have been considering another hybrid as well as a 60 degree wedge. I have never hit a 60 degree wedge so I am rummaging around some of my dad's older clubs to see if he has one for me to hit to try and get a feel for it
  9. My son stole my 3 Wood it was a Ping G25. Current 5 Wood is a Wishon 929 and that is a stunning club. I like the Cobra F7+ Driver in my bag a lot! Even when I was using a 3 Wood instead of a Driver (Persimmon days) I still never hit that 3 Wood very well off of the deck, I have always gone to the 5 Wood to hit off the deck.
  10. After purchasing my 48 degree wedge I have filled the gaps from my 5 iron thru my 56 degree wedge. the 4 hybrid fills between the 5 iron and 5 wood. I like the idea of the 60 wedge but I am also considering a 2 Hybrid to fit between the 5 Wood and Driver - I currently hit my Driver 250 plus. My 5 Wood is 220 to 230 club with 230 pushing it out. 4 Hybrid is 200 to 210 and 5 iron is 185 to 190
  11. A good Fitter does explain the difference, at least with every fitting I have either had done or been at with friends getting clubs. Not only did my Fitter explain what the difference was between a Miura 7 Iron and a Mizuno 7 Iron he also explained why I should or should not consider one brand vs another while letting me choose which club head to focus on. A good Fitter will also go into great length on the best shaft to us as well and explain why that particular shaft with that particular head works best and not. Then a good Fitter will also go into the grip A good Fitter doesn't look at the loft of a particular brand, but how well those clubs gap and how best to maximize your game within your budget.
  12. Actually, no I have never thought of getting one. I learned to hit a 56 out of the sand when I was young and that has always been my go to. This is intriguing Ok, can you really have to many wedges?
  13. Over the last 4 years I have been updating my clubs and played with 12 clubs during this updating process. Well this year I want to round out the bag and I am looking for input for that final 14th club. I bought a 48 degree wedge as the 13th club and filled the gap between my PW and 52 degree wedge. I am also returning my son's 4 Hybrid and will be buying a Tour Edge CBX 119 22 degree loft hybrid. Currently this is what is in the bag. Driver, 5 Wood, 4 Hybrid, 5 Iron, 6 Iron, 7 Iron, 8 Iron, 9 Iron, PW, wedges 48, 52 & 56 plus The Putter. I have spent and will continue to spend a lot of time at the range in order to maintain and further develop the love affair I have with my Driver and when I don't hit the Driver off the tee I do like my 5 Wood. So I am not sold on getting a 3 Wood. Plus I have never been able to hit a 3 Wood off the deck so it feels like a waste of money. All ideas/opinions are appreciated. If it helps my 150 club is an 8 iron and my swing speed with the Driver is 106. Thank you
  14. I enjoy a good Scotch but not while reading any of those books, I want to stay awake while enjoying Scotch. I have a brush to clean my grooves and use it all the time. And I have stated that I am better then this, usually ending the sentence with really. While being totally embarrassed while saying it. My dad had white polished leather spikes, white belt, white pants, white shirt and red hair. It was a sight to behold as he went down the fairway. That's as close as I will come to that outfit. I don't own a range finder but after this I am tempted to get one just to use on the green to see what my buddies would say. It would be hilarious, for those of you that do I applaud you.
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