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  1. Best Shot of the Week

    On a day where I had kinds of issues I had one shot that stood out. Par 3 168 yards into the wind and stuck a 7 iron with in the pin below the cup. It was a pretty shot but alas I left my Birdie putt on the lip (:
  2. I start out with one of my favorite balls until "IT" eats the thing or one the bazillion leaves decide to wrap my ball up as a nice gift for someone to discover. After that happens I go to my collection of older balls. Does anyone think the brightly colored golf balls are easier to spot in the fall? I am 50/50 on this but can be persuaded if enough people think they are easier to see.
  3. My Stetson hat has no logo and I prefer that. I do have a Wishon cap that was a gift and it is a pretty cool cap to wear because so few people know what Wishon is and I get the curious look when people try to figure it out. If I bought a logo cap I would like one with no words on it. I like the Mizuno logo cap. But I wear a golf hat for better sun protection. I prefer to purchase a golf ball with the course name/logo on it. Those are more fun to collect and are a lot less money then buying a course logo cap. I play a lot of different courses and to collect a cap from each would be to much money.
  4. What'd You Shoot Today?

    5 Pars on the front with one triple and one double, 3 bogeys - 20 putts! On the back 1 birdie, 1 par, 6 bogeys and 1 double - 20 putts!! 40 total putts, 7 more putts then my average and I made a couple really nice putts. I decided to count every time I used my putter today as a putt even from the fringe and I was living on the fringe all day. I was just off on everything. I was hitting the ball very well yet I could not get a line down. All over the place. This was the first time I played the back nine on this course and it showed with very poor lines on 3 dog legs that i did not comprehend how much the dog leg was. I hit the wrong clubs off the tee twice and once off the fairway that added 3 strokes easy. And my chipping just sucked which is usually a strong part of my game. Just a very frustrating day, yet I had a relaxing round and enjoyed the day. I am noticing the lack of practicing between rounds
  5. @Lihu what I have seen from this season of getting irons fitted and purchased. when I purchased my wedges first I was building my distance from closest to the pin and out, I covered my gaps very well and I got wedges that really fit me nice. My GiR started going back up and my scoring went down. To know at a full swing what club to grab at any specific yardage is 110% confidence builder in my game. I was having serious issues with my old wedges not filling gaps and not hitting the yardage they needed to. My old 56 degree wedge was relegated to sand only as it was worthless on a full swing, I could not hit it 60 yards and when I did it got so high up in the air I was the mercy of to many conditions I could not control. So I had to go with my old 52 wedge and really learn to work it but that club could not get more then 80 to 90 yards and it too skied very high. This summer when I switched out to my new wedges I could hit my 56 at that 80 to 90 yards spot on and work it, draw, fade without it getting into the stratosphere. My new 52 wedge is that 110 yard hole I used to have and it is ultra dependable. These two wedges are fun to hit and learn to work in so many conditions the next club up is the PW, please don't get me wrong it is nice, but the technology on the full set of irons stops with the PW. Specifically made wedges have more technology stuck into them today. Look at all of the companies that just make wedges and the companies that really put an effort into their wedges, they are a step up and over the PW that is the "full" set of irons. I wish I had just gotten all of my wedges up to the 9i the same. As far as your statement on distance over 150 yards and hitting greens. To me this just sounds like lack of confidence. Anytime I grab an iron I think "up and down" no matter how far it is "up and down". I don't do that or I would be playing on TV but it really does make a difference when swinging when you place that positive thought and believe you CAN get there with any iron in your bag. i have always worked on my irons as i really like hitting them a lot. This forum has pushed me even harder to work on the full swing with all clubs, to attack the green. My GiR went way up this summer and my scores dropped all getting back to where i used to be 30 years ago. Work the full swing and then believe you can hit any green with the 5 iron on down. You will be a better golfer, i believe that with all my heart! Your 220 yard statement and hitting greens. If it is a Par 3 i am breaking out into a sweat, if it is a Par 5 and i am out 220 yards i am super excited and thinking Eagle time. Oh how goofy that is on my part but super true. I hate 220 yard Par 3's i love being 220 to 240 out on a Par 5 with my second shot. All i want for my Birthday is a Mizuno T7 48 degree wedge to fill that 120ish gap i now have (:
  6. Personally if I were to do it all over again I would NOT get the "stock" wedge that comes with the irons. I really like my current JPX Forged irons as well as the 2015 Ping i irons previously. But the PW just doesn't fit into the set the same. It's like it doesn't know if it wants to be one of the irons or one of the wedges. Just an odd duck out kinda deal. Sure Ping designed the Glide wedges off of the 2015 Ping i irons and they were nice but i would much rather have a complete set of wedges from PW loft on down. Better gap fitting if you buy the wedges separate after the 9 iron in my amateur opinion. I bought my current T7 wedges (52 and 56) separate from my irons and at the time they fit a huge gapping issue i had from my 2015 Ping i PW to the Mizuno T7 52 and then a nice fit to the T7 56. When i purchased the Mizuno JPX 900 Forged this year i picked up one solid extra club in distance thus now i have a gapping issue between my PW and 52. Thus off to get the T7 48 degree i go. Spending money solves that issue yet it does not solve the "feel" difference between the JPZ 900 Forged PW and T7 wedges. Personally i don't care if my wedges match or do not match my irons in appearance or brand. But i do want all of my wedges to the be same brand, shaft and grip.
  7. Thank you @todgot for being the ONE person in America that has not picked up my golf ball. My wallet appreciates you I pick up clubs, headcovers, just about everything as I would appreciate it if the same were done for me. Now golf balls, as the rule states, only when they have stopped rolling are they lost seriously I rarely pick up a golf ball. Only when I know for certain it has been considered a lost ball and even then 90% of the time I leave it for someone else. It can be so frustrating to hit a ball into the wrong fairway and to only see the oncoming foursome and no ball in sight. I would hate to do that to another person. The gear I pick up I try to catch the other group in front or turn it into lost and found. So far this year I have been able to find the owner of the lost gear while still playing
  8. What'd You Shoot Today?

    played Mississippi Dunes today the greens were in terrible condition the tee boxes were in terrible shape the fairways were alright considering. On the front side I had 5 GiR, one Eagle with 4 three putts. 19 total putts and was 6 over. I was hitting the ball pretty good but the greens were both really fast from lack of water super bumpy from lack of care. On the back side I hit 2 GiR with one Birdie. 14 putts and was 5 over. I played overall better on the front then the back To bad about the course, it is in very rough shape and used to be a nice course with amazing views. I doubt it will be around next year
  9. Best Shot of the Week

    Par 3 130 yards downhill hit a 52 degree wedge to 3' of the cup and made the putt for a birdie Par 5 Wind at my back, nailed my drive right down the middle, sitting 180 I hit a wind aided 7 iron and left it 8' below the pin. I sank my putt for a Eagle!
  10. Upright or no?

    @onthehunt526 hopefully you do a write up on the wedges you test and go with. I find wedges fascinating and a blast to hit. The only thing in my current bag set up I would look at having done different is not getting the PW in the set but instead include the PW on down in a full wedge fitting. Maybe I am wrong but 9 iron on up seam to be all in the same design pattern yet the PW almost seams like a after thought. Like the odd duck out of iron sets. Yet when you look at wedges alone they all fit together in harmony with each other. Thus why I fell if I were to do it over again I would go 5 iron on down to 9 iron for my set and fit the PW thru all the wedges as the same. sorry @Hacker James for probably pulling this off topic. I agree with you, the Recoils look like steel shafts and I hear that from people I golf with. But they are real smooth, dampen the shock thru my body yet still very good feedback. I am 1 1/2 degrees upright on my irons and I am 5'11"
  11. I like the Snell MTB followed by the Callaway Truvis Chrome Soft X and then the Taylormade TP5x. All 3 of those balls give me consistent gapping distance on all clubs with very nice performance. They all just seam to go further then any other ball I have tried and keep Driver spin under control. I wish Dean Snell did the Truvis pattern on his golf balls. It works for me and is a easy golf ball to find. Yellow and black pattern.
  12. What'd You Shoot Today?

    yesterday (I had to attend to the honey doo list when I got home) 5 over on the front and 6 over on the back. Shot an 84 on a Par 73 course. Super duper scramble day and I had fun with it. The wind was blowing and I could not get adjusted for it. On the front 9 it kept pushing my ball right. I only hit 3 GiR on the front and on the back I had only 1 GiR! 32 total putts with two 3 putts. While I really enjoyed the scrambling and I had a full round of practicing it but missing so many greens puts so much pressure on the chipping. One double on the front with one birdie. I left two par putt on the lip but I did make a 50' putt for the birdie. I just could not figure out the wind, it had me baffled all day. Yet it was a fun day of golf
  13. Bag thoughts.

    I have mid size grips also and use the Ping Pioneer Cart Bag. I either ride in a cart or walk using a push cart. I prefer to walk and the Ping Pioneer is not a very heavy bag to use on a push cart. I can have some minor issues with the grips binding but with a wiggle in they go and out they come. Why I went with the Ping Pioneer is the volume that big boy can hold and man can that bag can store everything including the kitchen sink. That is what I wanted, storage and ease of getting into the storage pockets. Ping does a fantastic job engineering their bags. Plus they are one of the few companies that actually makes their own golf bag. If you do not want the small Ping name on your bag then I would look at the Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag. That is also a fantastic bag! Interesting note, the Ping Yellow grips (mid size) did not bind in the Pioneer but the Winn Dry-Tac Mid size can bind some but not really not much and very seldom during a round. As stated before just a slight wiggle and they come out and go in.
  14. Cobra F7 or Ping G400

    I have the Cobra F7+ with the Aldila NV 44 Magnum shaft. For me it is a stunning set up. I went thru a full fitting session and tested a lot of different Drivers at the time. The Ping G400 was not out yet but I have since hit it because I really like testing clubs and shafts. I find it fascinating. Both the F7+ and G400 are smaller heads with the G400 coming in at 445 cc and the F7+ around 450 cc. It may not seam like much but the F7+ looks smaller when set next to the TM M2. I like smaller heads on clubs and as my fitter stated to me that I actually find the center more consistently with the smaller heads on Drivers and Irons. Please note the Cobra F7 is at 460cc. The F7+ is a lower spinning head! If you like the smaller heads one other Driver you should also test is the Honma TW737 450. That is a very nice Driver that retails at $499.00 I tested TW 737 450 and G400 side by side last week along with the Epic and TW M2. I hit the TW737 clearly better then the other 3 drivers with a tighter dispersion and more distance. The G400 was a distant second and really did nothing to move me to want to have it. I did not have my F7+ with during the test I did last week as I was traveling for business and did not bring my clubs with. It would be fun to do a head to head between those two Drivers though. I really really like my Cobra F7+ and Aldila NV44 shaft combo. I have picked up significant swing speed at 111mph from a former average of 106mph with my former Driver The TW737 450 was running 109mph when I was swinging it for comparison. The Ping G400 was staying around 106mph. All Drivers were tested at 10 degree lofts The Cobra F7+ is the first Driver I have been able to work with confidence, extremely forgiving with little loss of distance on off center hits, missing toward the toe. The Honma TW 737 is as forgiving as the Cobra with misses towards the toe. The Cobra F7+ gives you a lot of freedom to change lofts, move the weights around and change out the shaft. I keep my set at neutral with the 12 gram weight to the back as was found during my fitting to be the best set up. The Honma TW 737 does not have the ability to be changed around but they do offer a lot of different driver set ups in the TW737 line to help match you up with the best set up. Honma makes their own shafts and they are known as having very nice shafts, no skimping. Interesting note I believe Ping stated this. 50+% of all Drivers Ping sells thru Professional Fitters are draw biased set ups while off the rack purchases rarely account for draw biased set ups. Yet the vast majority of amateurs hit slices. Why I mention this. Take the time and go thru a Professional Fitter, if I had not I would not have ended up with my current set up in any of the clubs in my bag. It is worth the time to get what works best for you, my observations and findings may not work at all for you. A Pro Fitter is the one to rely on Hope this helps