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  1. I am like you. I like to get to the course way before my tee time. I like to take my time unpacking, observe what's going on. Get to know the area. I also need to stretch and get my body ready due to the numerous injuries from life. On the course Iike to keep moving, keep pace. I don't see much correlation in this. I have a friend I barely golf with and he is unpacked on the tee in a breakneck pace. On the course is painfully slow
  2. It started with skin cancer with my dad. it progressed. Today I can no longer play golf with my Dad. Protect your skin What type of reflective umbrella? I have been looking at those and wondering how they work and if they are effective. Please share
  3. Yes I would play one of the courses or more if the opportunity arises. It's golf, I could care less about politics when it comes to golf. The courses look very nice and as such I do like to play nice courses - but - I also enjoy playing small town courses as well. Just give me a dimpled yellow ball (easier to find) some sticks, a beautiful day and nice golf course. Really does it get much better then that? The name on the course does not matter to me, I am not into that type of thing anyway.
  4. Ok, have you ever lived thru 1 Minnesota winter? It's what we dream about. Warmth in January and golfing. Hell, it was 3 flippin degrees this morning. AND IT'S ONLY NOVEMBER
  5. djake

    What to Say?

    Depends: If it is one of my regular golfing buddies then there is a vast number of responses that fly towards that person, with laughter ensuing. And usually later in the round at no specific moment commentary about the terrible shot comes up again. If it is someone I have just meet I say nothing. If this person is the type that slams clubs, tosses them and swears a lot I will not play golf with them again.
  6. djake

    What to Say?

    Q1) if it's one of my friends I usually give them a backhanded compliment like, dang you just missed that one, like a1/16th of inch off center. But still, nice shot. But I do like to give compliments to people on nice shots. Q2) No matter how I think I hit the shot, when i get a compliment i always say "Thank you". And i appreciate it. Regarding your final statement, yes we can tend to be to hard on ourselves. We remember the really nice shots and want those to be the bar and that is good. That's why when I get a compliment on a ok shot I appreciate it and use it to see that shot thru their eyes. It helps. And when I give a compliment to someone and they grumble about it not being as good as expected I will usually answer and say yump your right, sorry about that but it could have been a lot worse also. Like in the pond or OB or not passed the Ladies tee. Enjoy it wasn't your best but it still was a nice shot. If I just got paired up with someone and just meet them if they hit what looks like a nice shot I might say, hey that looks really nice. Is that a nice shot for you? Because if it isn't I can't wait to see what you can do. And I say that with a very sincere tone.
  7. Ummmm so far no one. But since you mention it my son almost hit my daughter while using that same club. And it was even more of a diagonal shot on the driving range. It has to be the shaft 😁
  8. 50 years of playing golf so I generally do not get to embarrassed over this game any longer……….. Yet Back in May I go out to play 9 holes of customer golf. I payed for the round as I really wanted to but hey he was my customer so it is expected. Well it is a slow moving day and a nice sunny day. We are laughing and enjoying the relaxing round of golf. We get to the 6th hole and it is a 200 yard Par 3, elevated tee box so I tell him to hit your normal 200 yard club that the elevation really has no affect on this hole for some unknown reason. He tees off and doesn't hit the best of shots so I am up. For some reason he takes off walking to the right at an angle into the junk, almost lateral from the tee box. I have no idea how what happens next happens. I grab my 7 wood and start my back swing and everything goes completely off, I can feel the universe is way wrong. I start my downswing and I catch a glimpse of the guy walking and I hit the ball almost laterally directly at him. He somehow dodges the white scud missile and it screams past him. He looks at me and says "What the hell was that!" I answer "Fore!" He "you almost hit me" Me "I hate this 7 wood, the shaft is all wrong, why do I even try to use it" I was pretty embarrassed and to this date I have not used that 7 Wood, I think I actually gave it away to my wife.
  9. I use ZeroFriction golf gloves. They are my go to glove as they are the best compression golf gloves that I have found on the market. If you have issues with your fingers/hands I highly suggest giving these gloves a try. I wear them on both hands and keep them on during the entire round. I normally wear size XL in leather golf gloves. I have had some wear issues with ZeroFriction from time to time I feel those instances make up for how my hands feel after a round using other gloves. I do not use the GPS glove. I like my Garmin G8.
  10. My father passed down to me showing me how to be very involved in my athletics while never ever pushing me into athletics and that includes golf. He was the greatest coach I have ever had in my life and many people that he worked with in golf would say the same. I was fortunate to have some amazing coaches in my life.
  11. The first question leads to inaccurate information due to the fact that the vast majority of graphite shafts weigh less then steel shafts or the cost to go to a graphite shaft at near the same weight is prohibitive vs steel. Due to cost I have Recoil 95s in my irons. That shaft was a free upgrade for Mizuno. In all but 1 of my wedges i have Recoil 110s, one wedge my 48 is still in steal. But i wanted to test it out with that shaft. I will be reshafting it to a Recoil 110 for next season. Regrettably dur to injuries I have to have graphite shafts in my irons. With my Driver fitting the goal was to go as light as possible that worked for me. This did increase swing speed and thus more distance. The shaft was also very good for dispersion. That is 45 grams. I am looking a fitting to possibly change the shaft out with either the Ventus or Tour AD for possibly even tighter dispersion. I like what I have been reading about the newer light weight graphite deiver shafts on the market. I like your survey 😎
  12. Rouge One is one of my favorites. I grew up with Star Wars. When I went to the first one, there were only 3 of us in the theater, my cousin, my sister and of course me. It was one of the most amazing movies I have ever experienced. Now when I watch the trailers for then The Rise of Skywalker I admit I get pretty emotional. They bring me back to that first one and watching it with my sister. Cancer took her from us 19 years ago, thus the emotions. How I wish I could watch this one with her. So, I get the next best thing. I am going to The Rise of Skywalker with my Sister's daughter and son, as well as with my kids. We all are really looking forward to it. I know there will be tears, sorta Goofy how a movie franchise can do that but we, my sister and I talked non stop about Star Wars as kids.
  13. LOL 😆 Hard laughing at this. between all of rule violations and swing advice being tossed at me if I did this I wouldn't make past the 1st hole.
  14. Generally speaking yes when the tee boxes are lined up in a straight line with each other. When you get on a course where the Architect designs the layout of the hole and each tee box separately then it gets fun. The tee boxes may be in a semi circle going done either the left or the right side of the fairway thus presenting a totally different strategy in how you attack the hole. When tee boxes have different elevation changes and different angles of attack and on some holes the forward tees are more challenging then the tips, it's not just hitting a lower club to the same spot it's flat out having to think about what your hitting and where with hazards that present themselves in play or not depending on the tee box location. A great example of this is Spirit Hollow Golf Course in Burlington, IA.
  15. When I play courses that have multiple tee boxes and you can tell the course is designed that each tee box presents a different challenge, I really enjoy changing it up during a round. On courses like that there are holes where playing from the tips is easier then the forward tees. Plus the differing tee boxes can show the architecture of each hole so uniquely different. I enjoy hitting from all of the tee markers. I always default to what the people in my group want to play from. But there are holes where I will ask the group if I can hit from the tips or even go all the way forward because of the uniqueness of the challenge.
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