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  1. djake

    Fourteen Golf HI877

    I looked at it today on Fourteen's website. Still nice and bright yellow. Reminds me of the old Schwinn 5 Speed Lemon Peeler.
  2. djake

    Fourteen Golf HI877

    @inthecup any final thoughts regarding the Fourteen HI877? I am interested in this club or one similar instead of a Hybrid. Thanks
  3. djake

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Lists of this type are subjective, that in of itself is what makes them enjoyable. When I saw this thread show up I wanted to take some time to answer it, put some thought into it. In my opinion I do not see anyone one person my list I presented that I would take off to add TW. Yes, I agree he is one of the most influential golfers ever but not the most influential ever. Of this moment, no doubt. Ever in golf, no. TW is not, in my opinion even in the Top 10 of the Most Influential Athletes ever, compare TW to just this short list: Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Mohammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Pele, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Jim Thorpe, Michael Phelps, 1965-66 Texas Western Minors Basketball Team. I like TW, he is a fantastic Golfer, one of the greatest Golfers ever. He electrified the PGA again when it was close to the lowest point in it's history. The USA PGA field was at it's weakest when TW entered and the PGA needed him desperately to succeed. And succeed he did! Yet, TW is the most polarizing Golfer ever also. Once TW retires from the PGA, let's look at his total "body of work" in golf and review if he deserves to be on a "Mount Rushmore" of Golf. Until then it would be silly to place him on one.
  4. djake

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    James Ogilvie Fairlie - he was the principal organizer of The Open Championship the first professional golf tournament. Harry Vardon - Golf's 1st "Superstar" who also has won more Open Championships then anyone and beat everyone in his era. Harry Vardon was truly one of the best all time. Ben Hogan - Jack Nicklaus
  5. djake

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    YES!!! The best shot of the day - ALL of THEM! I finally got to play a round of golf after fracturing my heel. It has been a long summer of just watching the PGA and not playing. It was amazing. Every shot was just really nice, even the sculled chip shots 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised at how well I hit the ball. The only issue was chipping. No score to report as this 1st round was in a fund raiser and 4 person scramble. One of our foursome dropped out due to injury. Our 3 some played a nice round of 11 under par. The good - I can play again The bad - I have to take a cart, not walking this season. What a great game, just really happy to hit the ball again.
  6. I purchase my clubs locally now thru 2nd Swing with James Tracey doing all of my fitting. They are a great group to deal with and their customer service is as good as it gets. Tour Van Fitting is free with purchase! I get 90% of my golf balls online.
  7. djake

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Fractured my heal, not being able to play is the worst. We only have so much nice weather and this year winter was incredibly long and brutal, now I sit and watch golf. And one more thing, I just do not make enough 50' putts.
  8. djake

    Putter help

    Evenroll seams to have taken the putting scene by storm the last couple years as one of the best tested on the market in both mallet and blade. There are a lot of really nice putters on the market and before spending your hard earned cash I would set an appointment and go through a putter fitting. You maybe surprised at what you end up with.
  9. djake

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    I would carry 5W - 7i - PW & putter. The distance that I would lose between my Driver and 5W is made up with control. Thinking this thru I think it would be a lot of fun to play a 2 ball round and with ball #1 use the entire set and with ball #2 only use these four clubs. As soon as my fractured heel heals I am going to play 9 doing this At least once a season I will go out and play a full round with 7i on down, surprising how much this really helps my game
  10. djake

    Are you a brand snob?

    Great thread. I like all club makers. I have played the little companies to the name brands and what I have seen the difference is in marketing dollars, not R&D dollars. Wishon 919THI Driver is a long and forgiving as any Driver on the market today. The only item I did not like was the fact that the shaft is glued in and not easy to switch out. Wishon 929 fairway woods are hot, long and very forgiving. I would still be playing them except my wife really likes them so she is bagging them. I have played other component clubs in the past and they were nice set ups. Don't get me wrong, I really like my current set up of Cobra Driver and Mizuno irons, great stuff. My favorite answer to my friends and people I golf with when they ask me what the "best" clubs on the market are? What you have in your hands today. There is no one better club maker, just club makers that spend a lot of money on marketing. All good stuff now. So, no I am not a Brand Snob. But more of a fine connoisseur of golf equipment. 🙂
  11. djake

    Favorite alchoholic beverages

    On the course a nice cold beer at the most a second beer. But if I have anymore then I can forget about having any type of a decent score. In fact with every additional beer you can start to decrease the number of golf balls I have. At home I enjoy sipping on Scotch, preferably single malt but a nice blend is fine also. I enjoy the complexity and differences in flavor from one type to another. Highland Park 12, Highland Park Dark Origins, Talisker Distillers Edition, Bunnahabhain 12 and Cragganmore Distillers Edition - uffda sorta long list but a nice variety of flavors.
  12. djake

    Selecting a New Hybrid

    I have my Cobra F7+ Driver set with the 12 gram weight to the back, 9.5* if that matters, I consider this more of a neutral setting over a draw basis. To me this is a very square face, but you would know more. The Cobra F7 5W also feels very square, no offset. I tend to have issues when testing/hitting offset clubs. I actually have a harder time hitting then square on a consistent basis. Based off of last season, we still have snow on the ground in MN and currently getting more of the white crap as I write this my 5i was the 190 yard club for me, plus or minus 5 yards. My 5 wood was 210 plus depending on the situation. With roll out I can press it up to 240 thus I do not bag a 3 wood any longer. Side note: I really liked the Persimmon 3 woods, after going metal they stopped working for me. I would like to try the Tour Edge but I am not aware of anyone selling them in the Twin Cities. I really like the Recoil shafts! Would you go to a Recoil 110 for a hybrid? With the Mizuno CLK2018 in a 4 hybrid I should expect that to perform more like a 4i pertaining to distance with a bit more loft? The Cobra F8 4Hybrid would be hotter then the Mizuno CLK2018?? thus I should compare more the Cobra 5 Hybrid for a 4 iron replacement? @WUTiger great information, I always enjoy reading your posts.
  13. djake

    Selecting a New Hybrid

    After learning how to hit a hybrid my shot shape was a very consistent soft draw. That follows my iron play as well, a soft draw.
  14. djake

    Selecting a New Hybrid

    I tried to find that hybrid on the internet and I think it is just to old. Best I could see is it was from 2006. I offered to buy my son a new hybrid and trade just about anything with him for it, except my putter and Driver. I did offer to him the exact same Driver. The situation is he inherited the Hybrid from my father so it has a lot of sentimental value to him. Thank you for the advice, and I have been pretty much thinking option C: Going in open minded or as open as I can be. I do like the Cobra and Mizuno the best overall, but that maybe because I am currently enjoying those clubs now in my bag.

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