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  1. I would like to change my username to "Europeangolfman123" thank you for your help.
  2. Are u saying iam a cheap ass ahha iam sorry but i am very thankfull that our family is in a very very successful situation i would buy a ball that was priced at 65 a dozen if they were good unlike pro v1s which are crappy balls and the thing about ur grooves being new they are not as sharp as mine thats why i shread and iam a beast with a wedge
  3. I also took note on this and the fact how SHORt they hit the ball michelle wie at the state farm hit 3 wood from 187 yards
  4. once again mr knows everything about golf but still has a 6.7 handicap makes me lol once again.
  5. 1. they are very overprices for the way they shread they should be priced at 25 a dozen. 2.if ur not wearing the cover your wedges are dull mine shread it everyshot. 3. everyone and his dog plays the ball why because its the so called number one ball in golf which is going to change because srixons z star is twice as good and 5 bucks cheaper.
  6. irons= tried every iron set and the vrs feel came out on top wedge= highest spinning wedge on tour FACT driver= i was a nike fan by then and the driver made my ball speed go up 4mph fairway wood=same thing with driver
  7. why is ROLLING the wrists a bad thing tiger,phil,sergio, and furik all roll the wrists
  8. Must you hit a 3 iron most pros dont hit 3 irons the hybrid is so easy to hit easy to control and goes 20 yards past any long iron 3 iron=210 nike sq machspeed hybrid= 237
  9. i was going to burn you but i must say that is one !@#$%^Z nice putter!!!! how did u do it
  10. The sq carry tour bag is nice and big and is very well made i love mine
  11. Ok, so i used to play nike one tours but they wear at a good rate so iam playing the srixon z star tour yellow great ball not to much wear and can be played for 18 holes. But i want to try some more. I am looking for a high end ball that wont wear alot. P.S!!! DONT EVEN SAY PRO V1 THEY SUCK
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