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  1. Too much information.

    Thanks alot @iacas and @Piz. Cleared it up a lot. Really, thank you <3
  2. Hello everyone here on the sand trap forum. I´m new to this forum so if i break any rules please go easy on me hehe. I´m a guy at the age of 16 who´ve been playing golf for less than a year. By now you´ve probably already guessed that I´m in need of some help and you could´nt be more correct. Dont get me wrong, I think I have done some great progress over the last few months and I feel like my shots are getting more consistent with every training session. I feel like this is the time where I just need to put in the hours to get better, however there is one thing I'm afraid of. The last thing I want is to shoot a bunch of buckets with an error in my swing, making it harder and harder to train away in the future. I know from experience that It's so much easier to change a detail when you´re still a beginner at something respective to having put in the hours. So I came up with an idea. I was gonna find a bunch of articles and videos about how to perform a golfswing for beginners and then doubble check it with a video of myself to see if I´m doing anything wrong. Well turns out that is easier said than done. After scrolling through youtube and the forum of this website I felt overwhelmed. So many different advise and opinions. And considering I'm a beginner I have no clue who I should listen to or learn from. So basically I'm asking you guys for videos/threads/articles etc. about the basics of the golfswing, (borth irons and driver) that you think are good and possibly have helped you with your swing. Thanks in Advance /Filip