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  1. So I played tonight and my misses were pull hooks and pushes with driver. The guy I was playing with said I was standing up at impact???
  2. If I am pulling and hooking would it be easier to turn that into a fade, draw or try to get it straight? My club I did get fitted and it is set 2 degrees open
  3. So if all my misses with driver is either pull or hook, would I be better off trying to swing more left to see if I can get the ball back to the right?
  4. I will do that, can you tell anything from my dtl backswing, is it too flat? Thank you, does my backswing look bad or too flat
  5. Thank you, it feels like my hands might be getting stuck, how does my backswing look? What are some of causes for pulls and hooks with driver? Is clubpath too much from inside or outside in?
  6. Hey guys, I am a high handicapper just got back to golf this year after 15 years off. I am getting better as the season went on. My problem is with my driver only. I either pull or hook it bad left. I cannot figure out why. I will occasionally hit the toe of the club also. But what confuses me isn't a pull and a hook caused by 2 different things? I feel as if my body has to lift up as club comes through
  7. Not yet, but i did notice the ball placement has been alot to do with it. I have been taking the club back a little higher and playing with the ball stance and that has helped alot. starting the club head about 3-5 inches behind the ball has helped also, i think it is helping keeping my shoulders more square than open. I been practicing the throwing the club drill which helps mentally on the downswing also. I would have a drive that would be pulled to the left on only a couple holes instead of most of them
  8. Besides setting alignment stick next to me is there any other drills I can do to get correct hip rotation and weight transfer
  9. So the left knee should flex towards ball on backswing and then rotate out to start down swing? should the right leg stay flexed or straighten?
  10. thanks guys, alot of this is confusing for me since i am fairly new, is there some good drills i can work on with backswing and downswing hip moves and weight transfers?
  11. so on my back swing just keep the legs quiet with a little more weight on my front leg and what starts the hips on the downswing? Is it a lateral movement first or just try to turn the hips for the follow through. I have problems starting the hips on the downswing so just keep the legs stable and still and head still and turn upper body? What then is a good way to start the down swing?
  12. i am a higher handicap and just started back golf this year after 15 years. I am doing solid with my irons, but with my driver my misses are pulls and high push fades. To me i feel like i am having trouble getting off my back foot on to my right to get a good weight trasfer. Is there any drills or triggers to start the downswing with the hips so i dont get my hands and shoulders starting the downswing?
  13. I will take another video tonight. It looks good lol. One thing I noticed last night was I moved ball a lot more forward in my stance like even with big toe and I was getting straight long shots and felt like I could come from the inside a lot easier
  14. i have not, i will try that I only have a side veiw from last night
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