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  1. is that why having my feet closer together helps because it forces me to turn instead of sway?
  2. so i am a high handicaper and been working with a pro on getting my swing down. How come when he has me keep me stance only shoulder width apart i can hit better and straighter drives compared to if i widen my stance? Is it because i have too much hip sway with the wider stance?
  3. any help?
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  5. so this is my first year back in 15 years. I have a high handicap and i have taken a couple lessons. My be struggle is my driver. I always seem to hit it out of bounce with a high push slice. I thought i had that fixed for a while and it still creeps up during leauge. I will occasionally get a hook and snap hook. My instructor told my to start swinging from the inside and that seemed to help, but when i think i have figured it out after a few good drives it comes back. Here is a couple videos i took in the back yard and these shots actually went pretty straight. Please help me with this as i have a tournament this week. thank you