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  1. Which degree loft to play- Driver.

    Point taken. The “pull” comment was a small point from a much bigger discussion. His point or comment was that the higher loft may open the club face a bit and not be a bad thing regarding the club face and my propensity to have the “pulls”. Thank you.
  2. Which degree loft to play- Driver.

    Fair enough. I suppose I was looking for what a higher loft club would benefit vs a lower lofted one, in general, for driver. My swing speed is about 95+ I have a son that works at GG so I’ll get those other numbers for sure. Thank you all.
  3. I got my Epic a couple months ago and for no particular reason set it at -1 degrees to 9.5 (the clubs standard head is 10.5). I changed the stock R Hzrdz shaft to a S Rogue Max. The local pro thought I should bump it up to 10.5 as it would help my “pull” tendency and get more roll. He also believes the shaft itself will help with the “pulls”. That it’s done. My question- what will a higher loft benefit/loss my swing? I’m going to give it a try but I’d love some thoughts. Thanks.
  4. Buying off Amazon- Shaft?

    I got the Aldila Rogue Max 65 S with the Callaway green grip and Epic adapter... all for $129. The seller was Akers out of Myrtle Beach. I spoke with them and it was all Factory new. The shaft alone from GG was $285. I’m thrilled. And I love it!!! Thanks.
  5. I found an Aldila shaft on Amazon for about half what Golf Galaxy sells it for. Seller has a 98% rating and says it’s factory direct and guaranteed new etc. I know GG will be expensive but is it worth the risk? Just unsure of the legit factor. I’ve always had A+ success with Amazon. Thoughts?
  6. New Shaft for GBB Epic?

    Since I got the Epic... I’ve been pulling the majority of my drives. With my old driver and stiff shaft if anything I’d push or even slice. I just feel like it’s not going quite as far as it could be.
  7. I realized I got the wrong shaft- a regular instead of stiff. The club was basically gifted to me and that’s what it came with. So- what’s a good shaft for me in stiff flex? Thanks.
  8. What's the Hottest You'd Walk 18?

    I prefer to walk and two weeks ago I went out at about noon. It was 90 degrees and high humidity. Brutal. One thing I've changed and maybe pushing past 50 has taught me that carrying a bag is firmly in my rearview mirror. I recently purchased a ClicGear 3.5 and it's made a world of difference. But I'll stick to waking at 7 AM which is the proper time to walk... for me, for many reasons.