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  1. I was speechless after I opened the package my wife and boys got me for an early birthday gift. I’d been drooling over this for several months and now... she’s mine. First impressions— the attention to detail is remarkable. The head weight is nice and heavy... the fit and finish is gorgeous. I wanted the stock green and black etched grip. Perfect in my hands. I was close to getting one of the Scotty mallets but I’m so glad this was the one. I’m sure I’ll be able to say more once the sun comes out and I can get out to the course. I’ve always been a firm believer in one having confidence in a cl
  2. Hey! As I said... in my mind I think I knew the answer. But all of y’all are a wealth of knowledge. And getting that perspective gave me different things I may not have considered as well as that confirmation. I think that’s as important as anything. And I think that’s why forums can be as helpful as they can be. So thank you.
  3. It was a simple post about something I feel IS mental. I know the answer. I’d asked for input, drills and your own experiences, to have maybe a little better understanding and build my knowledge from others experiences. That is all. Some of your input was terrific. And I thank you all. As for practice swings... I’ve heard countless times folks commenting on how their “practice” swing was so good etc... I was merely making an analogy. Again, mental. Have a great day.
  4. Great advise. Much appreciated. What you’re saying makes perfect sense. I guess it’s the same principle as someone saying they have a great practice swing and step up and duff the ball. In reality, the practice swing may have been exactly like the “duff” but they didn’t have a ball before them. So it felt great but may have been equally as flawed.
  5. I have an issue I didn’t foresee. I recently got Rogue irons 5-P and Rogue 2H & 4H. All in stuff Shaft. The 5 is at 23’ and the 4H is at 21’ I’m hitting the hybrids a country mile and the irons as well. I’m in love with them. However, it seems my 4H can go about 210-215 while my five iron I can get out to about 190 or so. I was looking at a 5H Apex or Rogue and it’s the same loft as the five iron... I’m confident that would blow past the iron. So is it legit to get a hybrid with similar loft... knowing they’ll both hit very different distances (which is what I’m wanting)? Does that make se
  6. UnbreakableBoy


  7. Oh, I DO care that much !!! I have an absolute blast every single time I hit the course. But I am always trying to get better. And it’s so good to hear what others think of a given situation. I played nine this afternoon with one of my sons. The only thought I focussed on was this— loose and easy swing. I played very well. The swing thought in my mind was— smooth. Thanks.
  8. Hey, thanks. I’m with you on the game. I’ve never yelled or broken a club or gotten angry. I love the game beyond measure. At the same time I’m always trying to learn. I’m aleays trying to improve my game. I shoot about 90 every time I go out and am thrilled when I shoot in the 80’s. And yes, I know it’s a mental thing but I’m lioking for what other folks are doing. Peace.
  9. I’m sure this isn’t uncommon but after a poor shot I’ll sometimes throw another ball down, quickly adress the ball and, as I said in the title... knock it pure. I know it’s easy to suggest that the pressures off, therefore it’s a nice, fluid easy swing. But is that just it? I need to relax? And I’d love to know how to do that on every shot. My only thoughts on what I’m actually doing is this— I’m gripping the club too tightly, as well as my shoulders, wrists and arms. How do I change this? Relaxing sounds so easy but I would love some thoughts on what y’all do to get in that “adress and presho
  10. I went wirhnrhe stock Lamkin groups but may change over to Winn DriTacs which I really like. My sons got me a 52 and 60 Vokie... amazing wedges. Will be replacing the Cleveland 56 with another.
  11. I’ve had my forged MacGregor VFoils for I believe about 13 years. Felt it was time to try something new. I got some new Callaway Rogue graphite S 5-P and the 2 and 4 Rogue Hybrids in stiff. I’ve only played nine holes, today, but right out of the Gates I’m very impressed. My MacGregor's, when I hit them pure we’re a pretty sweet feel... but not consistent. The Rogues have a totally different feel and sound. Consistent but more forgiving I’d say. And they seem to fly a tad further. I like the feel of graphite. Light and something very forgiving about them. As for the hybrids— dare I say they’r
  12. I’m a 15 HC and have had a 60’ wedge in my bag for quite a few years. I recently upgraded my 52’ and 60’ Clevelands the new Vokey SM7’s. (52 S/8 bounce and 60 S/10 bounce). Wow. I can’t wait to swap out my 48 and 56. Amazing wedges. As for the 60... I really think it is the confidence you have in a club, any club. I know I can hit my 60 anywhere inside of about 50 yards and any bunker, and hit it well 4/5 times.
  13. Point taken. The “pull” comment was a small point from a much bigger discussion. His point or comment was that the higher loft may open the club face a bit and not be a bad thing regarding the club face and my propensity to have the “pulls”. Thank you.
  14. Fair enough. I suppose I was looking for what a higher loft club would benefit vs a lower lofted one, in general, for driver. My swing speed is about 95+ I have a son that works at GG so I’ll get those other numbers for sure. Thank you all.
  15. I got my Epic a couple months ago and for no particular reason set it at -1 degrees to 9.5 (the clubs standard head is 10.5). I changed the stock R Hzrdz shaft to a S Rogue Max. The local pro thought I should bump it up to 10.5 as it would help my “pull” tendency and get more roll. He also believes the shaft itself will help with the “pulls”. That it’s done. My question- what will a higher loft benefit/loss my swing? I’m going to give it a try but I’d love some thoughts. Thanks.
  16. I got the Aldila Rogue Max 65 S with the Callaway green grip and Epic adapter... all for $129. The seller was Akers out of Myrtle Beach. I spoke with them and it was all Factory new. The shaft alone from GG was $285. I’m thrilled. And I love it!!! Thanks.
  17. I found an Aldila shaft on Amazon for about half what Golf Galaxy sells it for. Seller has a 98% rating and says it’s factory direct and guaranteed new etc. I know GG will be expensive but is it worth the risk? Just unsure of the legit factor. I’ve always had A+ success with Amazon. Thoughts?
  18. Since I got the Epic... I’ve been pulling the majority of my drives. With my old driver and stiff shaft if anything I’d push or even slice. I just feel like it’s not going quite as far as it could be.
  19. I realized I got the wrong shaft- a regular instead of stiff. The club was basically gifted to me and that’s what it came with. So- what’s a good shaft for me in stiff flex? Thanks.
  20. I prefer to walk and two weeks ago I went out at about noon. It was 90 degrees and high humidity. Brutal. One thing I've changed and maybe pushing past 50 has taught me that carrying a bag is firmly in my rearview mirror. I recently purchased a ClicGear 3.5 and it's made a world of difference. But I'll stick to waking at 7 AM which is the proper time to walk... for me, for many reasons.
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