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  1. Hope everyone is safe and sound! I have what I think is a very unique problem which is killing me. I'm currently playing off 14, but can't break 90. Two years ago, I was an 11, regularly playing my HC or lower. I've battled and overcome the putting yips but can't for the life of me figure this one out. Over the last two years, i made some ill advised swing changes ( I had a very laid off swing, an in to out oath and not enough hip rotation). One of these changes was to set my wrists very early in the back swing. Anyway, my trouble right now is with the driver. On the range, I can hit both fades and draws. But when I get on the course, I can't get the ball in the air. Right at the top of my backswing, a fear/dread/ anxiety takes over and if I pause too long, I can't bring the club back. And if somehow I manage to, I either top it, or hit a disgusting low snap hook b cause my hands aren't turning over or have turned too much. This goes on and on. Is this all mental? Sure seems so. But I can't be sure. Any advice or help will be super appreciated.
  2. So, I've decided to remake the swing, start over again. I understand I've chosen the longer road, but in the long run, it may well be the right choice. https://youtu.be/U9u-7Q5U9u-7Q5MW44 This is the sequence I'm working on. Current speed of swing 2/10. Balls I'm hitting daily: 200
  3. Got it. Couldn't get to the range yesterday but today I will. Will try and revert back. Thank you so much for your continued input. Aasim.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by around but maybe what you're suggesting is that by rotating the right shoulder under, I'll be able to bring the club back on to plane?
  5. I'm trying to keep my hands inside the club so yes, it would be Matt Wolff type. It's helped a little bit as seen in the picture but it's not enough clearly. Will try the shoulder drill you mentioned today.
  6. I could be wrong but the massive drop happens somewhere in transition or just as the downswing starts. I mean, even if I don't swing Wolff style, the wrists are crazy laid off at the top and then the swing drops down and I'm in no man's land. If only I could not have the wrists pointing to the left so much, wouldn't I be alright?
  7. You know, I tried the online lessons path. Worked with a guy in london, I'm based in Pakistan and there are no certified / trained coaches here. The guy told me I needed wrist hinge. I tried that for months and only managed to move the wrist a few inches by the time the club reached parallel on the backswing.
  8. Hmm. I need to figure out what to do and stick to that. I wonder if @mvmac can give me a drill or two?
  9. This is great. I'm just wondering how to go about it. When I add a stop at the top, there is no drop and just a bit of shallowing. So maybe that's the drill? Also, I wanted to ask, that wrist action at the top (bowed like mad) is that okay to live with?
  10. Thanks so much for your input. I understand I've overdone it, do you have any suggestions on drills I can do? I was told today that I should stand next to a wall and make slow deliberate swings making sure the clubhead doesn't hit the wall on the backswing / transition.
  11. Gents. Hope everyone is well, hitting fairways and dropping putts. Im wondering if anyone has a tonic for a particular woe of mine in the backswing, my wrists just collapse and instead of the club being somewhere between my right shoulder and ear, it's closer to my shoulder - super flat. Because of this, my ball flight is low and hooking and it's killing me. Any and all help will be much appreciated! Stay well.
  12. Ah, I didn't get that. Where did you find the book online? I think I've got a dependable swing. Draw shape, 5/7 yards. When I was regularly shooting 82/83 (best being 78 a few times), I thought I was fast headed to single digits. So there was always this pressure to score. Then I started watching YouTube videos and tinkering with my swing without any supervision. As my game went down the gutter, I was still trying to score and thanks to all that pressure I was putting on myself, I arrived to yips city. So I'm pretty sure my problem is mental and conscious. I'm not so sure about that. Read above.
  13. Yes, the last sentence makes sense. But my post was more about the book, target oriented golf, than anything else. Increasingly my focus had turned too inward, because i was trying to manipulate the golf swing, and that ruined everything for me. Now, i'm trying to have an external focus when i'm out on the golf course so that my body can swing the club the way its learnt to. I agree. But the problem right now is that I've become a range wizard. Can do magic with the ball there, because my brain is switched off. The left side anyway. On the course, is a different thing altogether. I'm afraid to miss the fairway. So i'm thinking too much. Hence the need to get out of my head. I had a league match a few days ago. Been playing atrocious golf. Duck hooks with the driver and push fades with irons. Came up against the league MVP. Told myself i was bound to lose so wth. Decided to focus on a target behind the greens/fairway. Had butterflies in my stomach on each tee. But managed to win on the 16th. Don't know what clicked. But i was trying my best to stay out of my head.
  14. Yes, I was. And in hindsight, it could only have worsened my yips, with all the pressure and frustrations mounting.
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