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  1. aasimzkhan

    My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    @mvmac thanks for this! Had never thought of the golf swing as a set of pieces - the drill in the video is great. @IrishAndy I'm sure it'll come to you...it's a smallish community here (about 15k across the country) so high chance we know of each other.
  2. aasimzkhan

    My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    @IrishAndy it's just three days work and I think the drop has decreased quite a bit. Defo still some left. It feels like my backswing is shorter now, more compact - may just be a feeling, but since on every alt shot I'm focusing on stopping it, it's not over extending... Yes, self taught works - now with YouTube and forums like this, people have so many places to get direction and engage with likeminded people. Dare I ask, who was this fellow you hit a few balls with?
  3. aasimzkhan

    My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    @IrishAndy and @mvmac Thank you for your continued feedback. Here's the output of three days - Would love to hear back from you guys. It's just that although here in Pakistan, we have over 55 courses, there's not a single qualified coach. Everyone is self-taught.
  4. I would think that if a portion of a green is consistently under shade, it would be slower than the rest of the green. Also, of course, the time of the day will also play a role - morning dew will stop the ball much faster. And the same goes for freshly mowed turf as well. Here at my course in Lahore, Pakistan, the green speed is awfully slow - maybe an inconsistent six at best.
  5. aasimzkhan

    My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    @IrishAndy Third day of the pause and alt full swing drill. Can report that my connection on the pause swings is getting better. But I may have stumbled upon something more. By pausing at the top, one can choose a trigger for the downswing, which to me is critical. What i'm trying now, is using my left knee to begin the downswing, which should, in time, lead to better hip rotation. At the same time, a little bit of NLP to spice things up. At the pause, the thought is 'no drop'. And the same for the full swings. Am I trying to do too many things? @mvmac @iacas
  6. aasimzkhan

    My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    @IrishAndy I wasn't really topping them but catching them an inch behind - but it's all because I'm not used to this new 'frame' so to speak. It's a bit of a spin off of what was said in that book 'the talent code' - about working on one particular movement and getting it down without worrying too much about the final product at that point in time. Will continue the same tomorrow and report back !
  7. aasimzkhan

    My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    Thanks @IrishAndy - I tried this on the range this morning, and every time I paused at the top (what an alien feeling), there was little or no drop. It did throw my sync out of the window, but i suppose that was bound to happen. However, on the alternate shots without the pause, the drop was clearly still there. I suppose it'll take time? What's funny is that I don't have any idea how it crept into my swing. Doesn't matter though, I guess. @mvmac i'm also trying to get my tailbone in and the club face facing the ball as much as possible... This game is driving me mad!
  8. aasimzkhan

    My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    So I managed to get to the range today and hit a bucket. I was consciously trying to keep the face looking at the club as long as I could, and keeping the tailbone in - not sure if it happened, but from the video, the hands dropping is still there quite a bit.
  9. aasimzkhan

    What are Your 2017 Golf Goals?

    Running out of time to be honest, what with only three months left in the year. But with the amateur season just about to start here, I want to bring my handicap down from 13.4 to 10. For that to happen, I'll need to play under my hc in competitive rounds, which is tough - but eminently doable.
  10. aasimzkhan

    My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    Thank you, mvmac. I'll take a look at the address today on the range. Also like the idea of keeping the face looking at the ball, that should assist proper should rotation I gather ? And will this help in stopping the club drop at the top ? Would love to hear @iacas' thoughts too!
  11. aasimzkhan

    My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    Yes I have a hip slide instead of a rotation and my hands are so close coming down because they're coming from the inside - exactly what I'm looking to fix. Any leads on that ? Just got on the forum quite recently and hope to be a regular !
  12. aasimzkhan

    My Swing (aasimzkhan)

    Hi guys, over the last year I've developed a considerable drop in my hands at the top of the baxkswing. That, coupled with a lateral hip movement has resulted in my shots taking off at a 15degree deviation to the right. At the same time, I had developed the shanks and to counter them, I started taking my backswing out to the right instead of straight back. ive lost disrance, accuracy and confidence but still manage to scramble under my HC on most days. looking forward to your insight and advice ! best I've been Playing Golf for: Regularly 2 years, v infrequently 5. My current handicap index or average score is: 13.4 My typical ball flight is: slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Duck hook Videos:
  13. aasimzkhan

    Hands dropping at the top of the swing

    Taking it into a new swing thread .
  14. aasimzkhan

    Hands dropping at the top of the swing

    My bad. Here you go: Looking forward to your input!

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