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  1. Good to know it's not just me! Great video. Thanks for putting it out there. I'll give it a go tonight.
  2. Ironbud


  3. Hey gang! I recently purchased this gizmo to work on my swing in the garage during the off season. I'm only on the first and second protocol. I'm a little lost. I have done the protocol movement as instructed in the video during a couple sessions of 30 reps. In a mirror it looks like I am doing it correctly. My problem is when I do it with an actual ball the ball is going 45 degrees left (push/I'm left handed) into the net instead of straight. I've tried to do the motion very slowly and to ensure the face is square to the target but when I hit a ball it shoots left. I tried standing close
  4. Bumping the thread. just bought a Planemate and wondering how everyone who's posted is doing with the thing. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you for the awesome response! That's exactly what I want to do!
  6. I just picked up the Triple Track 10 putter. I'm not thrilled with the feel of the stock grip. I would like to replace it but I'm not sure if it will affect the performance of the putter. Some of the marketing information talks about weight distribution towards the head and grip. Anyone have an idea? Bud
  7. Hey gang! I'm a 20 handicap after taking several years off from golf. I used to shoot consistently 90 - 95 per round at Pine Hills in Hinkley, Ohio. I'm now lucky to break 100. I had a package of 10 lessons at Golftec in North Olmsted, Ohio during the off season about 5 years ago. I learn visually so I really liked the instant video feedback and instruction. The one thing I didn't like was that they only had one bay for left-handed people and it was quirky at best. Didn't always work consistently. I'd like to take lessons again in the off season but haven't seen any recent feedback.
  8. Hey gang! So my story. I've hacked for about 20 years. Best rounds have been around 86 but usually in the low to mid 90's. Recently, not so much. I've had individual lessons and spent an off season at Golftec a couple of years ago. I like that I could see myself but the approach was "canned" and it didn't work for me. Plus simulators don't seem to reflect reality. And, the cost... I'm hoping to find a good teacher who doesn't try to apply a "system" but works with who I am. I would like to start building my swing again from scratch. I think I have to much mental guessing going
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