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  1. Sorry for all of the questions, it is very much appreciated. I am getting them re-shafted today. I just realized my irons have Memphis 10 shafts on them. I have no idea how since these irons were released in 2014 and that shaft hasn't been around in quite awhile. Either way thank you to *everyone* for all of the assistance!!!!
  2. Trim the tip of the 3i shaft 3 inches? That's it? What is abrade. Sorry I'm not actually doing the work. A friend who does this professionally is. But he isn't a rifle expert. If I tell him to trim 3 inches from the tip of the 3i shaft and then put it in my AW and cut the butt to length he will do that. What is abrade tip? Sorry if it's a dumb question....
  3. See attached images below, it would appear they are already tipped. I know I have put this info in another topic but assuming they are already tipped properly (meaning the 3i labeled shaft has already had 1" removed) then wouldn't it be best to put all of the shafts in the proper iron (4i shaft in my 4 iron, 5i shaft in my 5 iron, ect, ect) and then take the 3i label shaft and tip trim it to go in my AW? According to this sheet a blank is tip trimmed by 7" for an AW, since the 3i should have already been tip trimmed by 1" if I tip trimmed it another 6" then it should be the proper tip for my AW? If I only trim the 3i shaft I don't have to tip trim any of the others, just put them in the proper iron. Hopefully this makes sense. Just don't want to screw this up and waste a lot of money!
  4. My shafts are already trimmed (I am guessing), they are not blanks (each shaft is a different length). Easy way to check would be measure the shaft with the "3i" sticker and see if it is exactly 5/8" longer than the 4i shaft (as seen in the image below)I think the winning answer would be put all of the shafts in the proper iron and then trim the 3i shaft for my AW? According to this it should be tip trimmed by 7 inches (if it were a blank)? The fact that the 3i shaft is already trimmed by 1 inch (and currently 41 inches long), and the AW should be trimmed by 7 inches would mean I should trim another 6 inches, correct? Since all of the shafts are labeled, I am guessing they are all already properly tipped? Meaning if I had a set of 3-PW I wouldn't have to tip trim any of them, just adjust length by trimming from the butt of the shaft?
  5. I got Winn wraps (7715w). I have been told in order to not "soft step" I should be trimming about 5/8" from the tip of each iron, Meaning take 5/8" off the 3i shaft, then install in the 4i and trim the rest from the butt end to reach the desired club length... Is that accurate? Last question, I promise.
  6. I just spoke with a local club fitter that all the courses around here use and he emulated what you said, indicating that the shafts are essentially all the same (meaning the 3i shaft is technically the same as the 9i shaft, it's just longer. No other "different" attributes). He indicated he would put the 3i shaft in my 4i and just butt trim it to match the length of my current shafts. So my current 4i is 38.50" in total. He is going to make my 4i the exact same length except obviously it will have the rifle shaft in it. So say my speedster TT shaft in my 4i is 36" long when he pulls it out, he is going to cut my rifle shaft (butt trimming, not tip obviously) so it is 36" in length. You indicated this will "soft step" them a little but he seemed to think it would be barely noticeable....(opinions?) He said he has put rifle shafts in at least 10 sets of irons so he has done the work before. I am closing the auction today once I accept the offer so hopefully this guy knows what he is doing! He's only charging me $10 a club (I bought the grips/shafts/ferrules) so $80 bucks for 4,5,6,7,8,9,PW,AW isn't too bad! If you think there is a better way for this to be approached please let me know so I can pass it along when I receive the shafts and drop everything off.
  7. Thank you, your feedback is VERY much appreciated. In order to avoid "soft stepping" would my best bet be to trim the tip of the 3i shaft so it is the same length as the 4i shaft? Then install it in the 4 iron and butt trim the remaining shaft I don't need? Meaning a Callaway X2 4 iron is 38.50" in length with the iron/shaft/grip installed. So i take my 41" 3i shaft, match it to the 4i shaft length (by trimming the tip), then install it (and let's say I have an Iron+Shaft that is 42.50 inches in length when done) then go ahead and trim 1 5/8 inches off the shaft? That way my iron + shaft is 38.125 inches and then once the grips are installed I get another 3/8 of an inch for a total length of 38.50 which would match the OEM length of the X2 irons? Did that all make sense or am I way off base?
  8. Well technically the 3i sticker on the shaft doesn't mean it has to be used for a 3 iron, it's just labeled that way (or so I thought???). The length of that shaft is 41 inches. If I want to put that shaft in my 4 iron as long as it is the proper length it shouldn't matter? All the shafts are labeled but that doesn't mean they *have* to go into the irons they have listed on the stickers...? It's just helping by labeling them? As long as the shafts are cut to the proper length I should be fine? Now I am worried here. I never had these concerns the last time I had rifle shafts put in my irons and they worked flawlessly for almost 10 years....??? Sorry just to clarify, the numbers I have listed up above are not accurate, I purchased a different set of Rifle shafts, with the 3i "labeled" shaft which is the longest being 41" As long as that shaft is cut to the proper length for my X2 Hot irons which would be the following : 4 - 38.50" (this includes the iron, not just the length of the shaft) God this was so much simpler years ago, why is this so confusing now? Tip trimming, soft stepping, these are all things I never heard of. I literally brought my set of shafts and grips to my guy, he cut them to the proper length, installed them in my irons and I was good to go. And I don't think he was a "rifle expert".