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  1. Thank you all. I will definitely look into Callaway and Ping.
  2. Okay now I get it thank you and about the store. I just moved here from Indiana and the only sports stores we had where dicks and they didn't have a great selection but I did find a good store.
  3. okay that makes alot more sense about the stroke thank you very much and okay so if the loft is diagonally like a iron it will go higher but if it's only a couple of degrees it goes farther?
  4. Okay thank you very much. But I'm a little confused, if you don't mind to clarify. I'm still lost on loft. I kinda get what you mean but would like more explanation and a why does the stroke after the provisional make it a 4th stroke and not your 3rd since it would be your 3rd time hitting the ball? (I hope that made sense).
  5. I don't have any clubs and I'm looking for a good hardy set. Any recommendations?
  6. Thank you! And okay I will ask that then in another form. And I I do like the sport as I had a 9 iron and a golf ball I would hit in the backyard. That got me interested and now I would just like actually get into and perfect my game. Thank you the answer.
  7. Hello, I'm new to golf and I'm confused. What does loft mean, for example? What are some other words I should know? Also what are the most important rules I'm golf that aren't talked about as much? And I need clubs,golf bag, etc are their any stores that specializes in golf? Or stores that sell good golf gear? Thanks again for all the help Google is somewhat confusing me.
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