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  1. This is just the information I was looking for, thank you!
  2. Sorry, I should have explained myself a little better. I am not wanting to buy new from the factory. I'm looking on eBay, or 2nd swing. there aren't a lot of options that are 1/2 long and 2 degrees flat, so if I had a couple other shaft options that were similar, it would help. Im sure I'll have to end up getting a standard set and taking them somewhere to get them extended and the lie changed.
  3. I recently got fitted and want to buy a set of irons online to save some money (preferably eBay, something used but in good shape). I hit the Poject X LZ 6.0 in a few different irons and achieved the ball flight I am looking for. However, I need +1/2" length and 2 degrees flat which really narrows my search. Are there some other shafts that would be comparible that I could consider to help broaden my search? Thanks