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  1. My Swing (HozzleRocket)

    Not my swing but thought I would post anyway as quite amusing/surprising if anything ... Attended the RtD finale on Sunday and spent the day taking slow mo videos of swings to go home and compare to mine. Caught this beauty of a top by Dean Burmester on 18. Any analysis on why he ended up topping it into the water? Would be interesting to see how this can be analysed and maybe give me some more understanding of a swing.
  2. How long is your golf commute?

    Just over 30 minutes. Is the course that I was a junior member at in my local village. Have since moved into the city but remained a member, hence the commute. Plenty municipal options closer to the city if I have less time though
  3. My Swing (HozzleRocket)

    Cheers. I tried to incorporate it into a full swing which, thinking about it, was quite stupid. Will give that thread a read
  4. My Swing (HozzleRocket)

    Think the screen name has come back to haunt me... Tried to flatten the shaft tonight at the range but after a few really nice strikes I ended up, firstly, grounding the club a lot and then, eventually, full on hozzle rockets off to the right. Didn't get videos unfortunately but I think I shallowed the swing so much that it became very in-to-out and pushed the hozzle towards the ball. I felt my left arm was a lot flatter at the top of my backswing rather than pointing down towards the ball. Hopefully this makes sense... Do you, or anyone else, have any feelings to work on for shallowing the shaft without the swing becoming too much from the inside? The shanks have scared the life out of me!
  5. My Swing (HozzleRocket)

    Thanks very much mate. Was back at the range yesterday before I saw your comments and ball flight a lot more consistent (a bit more of a draw than I want) but still losing a lot of distance.
  6. Winter Depression Thread

    Maybe a Skytrak is best option? Every time I come close to buying I talk myself out and convince myself it's either the top end models or nothing. Going to try find a couple neighbours who I don't know yet. Chip in and hope at least one has a 9 foot room/garage.
  7. If you could ONLY carry two wedges, which ones?

    52 and 56 for me
  8. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    Always the hybrid for me. Feel a lot more confident that I will get a proper strike on it for some reason
  9. Winter Depression Thread

    Been watching too many simulators on eBay that I really shouldn't buy. Come January I have no doubt I will cave and buy through depression of no golf until April (Scotland)
  10. Really enjoy these European Tour videos recently. Would love to see similar with the PGA big guns, get more insight into each character
  11. HozzleRocket

  12. My Swing (HozzleRocket)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 18 years My current handicap index or average score is: 15.3 My typical ball flight is: high draw/hook or high block The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hitting ground before ball, coming up short Videos: As a bit of background, I have been working on my swing for a couple of years now and have gone from having a big slice all the way past straight shots (which lasted about a month) to hooking. I then contracted the shanks about a year ago and had to take some time off but this is me back working on it again. I am a boring 15 handicap golfer in that I generally never birdie, hardly blow up, par a few times and then bogey a lot. My typical hole is drive slightly erratic but usually ok (can go left or right), missing GIR even when in good position off tee, getting it on next shot and then 2 putt. I am quite confident from 100 yards in but I would say my worst shots are 100-200 yards - I barely ever hit nGIR never mind near the pin. I had a lesson not long ago and have been working on my hip turn. I had previously been sliding the hips rather than turning and my shot was nearly always starting right and moving further right. Now, since my lesson, I am hooking/drawing the ball a lot more often with a bit more distance than before. I still feel as though I am hitting the ground before the ball on most shots at the range and would really like to find a drill to decrease dynamic loft - I would say my 7 iron carry is about 140 with an 80mph swing speed. From the videos, I notice that my head rises just before impact - is this ok? Not something I notice when swinging.
  13. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    A perfect challenge to set myself over 2018!

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