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  1. 18 minutes ago, Typhoon92 said:

    Couple things...I'd recalculate the red numbers throwing out shot#3.  It's an awful mishit that skews your ball speed numbers.

    I like something that gives u more ball speed with less clubhead speed which, if u toss out shot 3 will be the red.  If not, it'll be the blue.

    The Green is worse or everything else except accuracy.  Might have to do with less offset.  The Taylormades you had some wild ones going left.  Just so u know, on flightscope anything left gives you higher numbers...so the 182 yards is only because you went waay left.

    Your height was best with the red.  Also, go by what u like too so you don't have buyers remorse...tell the fitter you want the M2 heads and want tobtey different shafts.  The KBS Tour shaft..my fitter calls a " throwaway" shaft.  So look at Nippon Modus 3 shafts, 105, 120 and 125,  Project x LZ....  I can't say enough good things about the Modus.

    It's your money, Sony let him talk you into something you'll have doubts about.

    Thanks very much.  I do not personally think I am a good enough player for the mizunos (yet) so I am glad the numbers read that way.

    Thanks also for the shaft recommendations - I was just going along with the recommendation but good to know that there are better options out there

  2. 3 minutes ago, allenc said:

    Were you using the KBS shaft in all 3?  Somehow your club speed is 10mph more in the red club than the green.  To me seems like you might have been using a lighter, longer shaft or you were getting tired.  In either case that kind of makes you results not as useful.  Oh, just noticed your ball speed was the same across all clubs.  That actually suggests that the launch monitor was not reading your swing speed right.  So I don't know what to say based on that.

    You might do some more tests on the club with the most and least offset to see if that's causing you to aim the clubhead too far left.

    Thanks allenc

    Yes all 3 with the same shafts so, I agree, quite strange. The mizunos were at the end of the fitting but I do agree that 10mph is a lot.  We used a flightscope so I think it should be accurate. 

  3. Just back from a club fitting at my local golf shop and hope I can get a second opinion from someone on here more knowledgable than I.  I am planning to move back from my single length One Irons to a more standard set of golf clubs.  As much as I liked the single length clubs I am really starting to feel I am losing distances with them.

    I went into the shop with the intention of buying the Taylormade M2 irons - I hit them as a rental set abroad recently and found them really nice to hit.  I was fitted for the KBS Tour Stiff shaft and the club being 1 degree more upright than standard.  So we started with the M2 and then a number of different clubs with varying degrees of success - everything from game improvement to blades.  We hit 5 7 iron shots per set which, given that I am a 15 handicap I am very aware that I struggle to hit 5 consistent iron shots on the best of days, I didn't think was enough.  

    By the end we had narrowed it down to 3 and this is where I would like some assistance.  I really like the M2s and struck them really nice but the fitter was pushing me to go for something more bladey (if that is the technical term) - given that he was recommending another Taylormade set I can't see this being for sales reasons.  The 3 below are the Taylormade M2s (2017) (Blue on table), Taylormade P790 (Red) and Mizuno MP18s (Green).  I liked the feel of all 3 and the numbers seem quite consistent from a nooby overview (distance) but is there anything standing out as good/bad?  I have set out 4 of the 5 shots as I hit a horror for each which affected the numbers.

    As background, I am currently hooking/drawing the ball a lot and the M2s carried this on.  With the Mizunos I actually faded a few but this could be down to tiredness.



    Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 18.28.17.png

  4. Goals for the year:

    1. Shoot a round in the 70s.  Currently a 15.3 h'cap and hoping to eventually get it to single figures.  Feel best way is to set smaller targets, so a 79 at my local course is first up.

    2. Shallow my downswing.  Something I have been working on for the last month or so and still cannot master.

    3. Play a "bucket-list" course.  Played St Andrews Old and Carnoustie in 2017, hopefully Cruden Bay or Kingsbarns 2018.

  5. Not my swing but thought I would post anyway as quite amusing/surprising if anything ...

    Attended the RtD finale on Sunday and spent the day taking slow mo videos of swings to go home and compare to mine.  Caught this beauty of a top by Dean Burmester on 18.

    Any analysis on why he ended up topping it into the water?  Would be interesting to see how this can be analysed and maybe give me some more understanding of a swing.  

  6. 7 minutes ago, coachjimsc said:

    At what speed did you attempt the flattening of the shaft? Full speed, 50%, 10%?

    Great thread here about how to make a change.


    Cheers. I tried to incorporate it into a full swing which, thinking about it, was quite stupid.   

    Will give that thread a read

  7. On 11/15/2017 at 12:40 AM, jk3a said:

    Great screen name!  

    I have you here at the top of your backswing, which is not too bad, and about half way down prior to impact.  Your swing has a fairly classic over the top move in transition coupled with an early release of the wrist angle.  This is quite common for golfers who over use the hands and set the wrists too early during the backswing.



    On this left image of Rory I try to show him at a similar point in the backswing as you are and illustrate the difference in wrist set using the red line for his shaft and the yellow line to estimate yours.  

    You can also see in the right image of Rory the difference between your shaft angle on approach and his.  Most great ball strikers have a shaft angle pointed just outside the ball at this point.  You can see that yours is just inside.

    I would recommend reducing the wrist cock in your backswing and trying to feel as though the shaft flattens or lays down in transition as opposed to steepening.  Reducing the backswing hand action should make this easier.


    Think the screen name has come back to haunt me...

    Tried to flatten the shaft tonight at the range but after a few really nice strikes I ended up, firstly, grounding the club a lot and then, eventually, full on hozzle rockets off to the right.

    Didn't get videos unfortunately but I think I shallowed the swing so much that it became very in-to-out and pushed the hozzle towards the ball.  I felt my left arm was a lot flatter at the top of my backswing rather than pointing down towards the ball. Hopefully this makes sense...

    Do you, or anyone else, have any feelings to work on for shallowing the shaft without the swing becoming too much from the inside?  The shanks have scared the life out of me!

  8. 2 minutes ago, uitar9 said:

    Had the same problem, but not made of money, nor have the height in the house. Started looking at it by the hour. Even a cheap one at $15,000 US dollars/$35 hr rental=many freaking hours. Thats like 250 two hour trips. More trips than I have left. Maybe I should remortgage the house, build a higher ceiling extension-that makes more sense.


    Maybe a Skytrak is best option?  Every time I come close to buying I talk myself out and convince myself it's either the top end models or nothing.

    Going to try find a couple neighbours who I don't know yet. Chip in and hope at least one has a 9 foot room/garage. 

  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 18 years
    My current handicap index or average score is: 15.3
    My typical ball flight is: high draw/hook or high block
    The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hitting ground before ball, coming up short




    As a bit of background, I have been working on my swing for a couple of years now and have gone from having a big slice all the way past straight shots (which lasted about a month) to hooking.  I then contracted the shanks about a year ago and had to take some time off but this is me back working on it again.

    I am a boring 15 handicap golfer in that I generally never birdie, hardly blow up, par a few times and then bogey a lot.  My typical hole is drive slightly erratic but usually ok (can go left or right), missing GIR even when in good position off tee, getting it on next shot and then 2 putt.  I am quite confident from 100 yards in but I would say my worst shots are 100-200 yards - I barely ever hit nGIR never mind near the pin.

    I had a lesson not long ago and have been working on my hip turn.  I had previously been sliding the hips rather than turning and my shot was nearly always starting right and moving further right.  Now, since my lesson, I am hooking/drawing the ball a lot more often with a bit more distance than before.  I still feel as though I am hitting the ground before the ball on most shots at the range and would really like to find a drill to decrease dynamic loft - I would say my 7 iron carry is about 140 with an 80mph swing speed.

    From the videos, I notice that my head rises just before impact - is this ok?  Not something I notice when swinging. 

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