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  1. To the jerks in the group behind me rant.

    This is not common on any of the courses I've played or have grown up on. Sadly though at times folks forget proper etiquette from too much sun or too much alcohol. People behind should patiently wait for the group ahead to get far enough ahead. Golf balls can hurt, I remember one of my supervisors hit our GM twice in one day. Those in front should understand that occationally people behind hit that one in one hundred shot that travels a bit to far. There is absolutly no reason to create drama unless its continous. This is golf not WWF or boxing, politeness is expected.
  2. US Open Pebble Beach: Pool

    Els, Dustin Johnson, Furyk, Duval. Come on Duval win Pebble for us golf fans.
  3. Just joined the usga!

    Congrats on joining the USGA. Our membership helps a ton. The Pebble Beach US Open hat this year is kinda nice compared to previous years. lol I can't even wear my Pinhurst one, its a tad bit poorly constructed.
  4. Golf Headwear

    I prefer a nice strawhat, something that lets the breeze in. Also a good Callaway or Titleist cap.
  5. Dream Bag/Equipment Setup

    Driver: Callaway FT IZ 3 & 5 Woods: Callaway FT IZ Irons: Callaway X-Forged (2007) Wedges: Titleist spin milled oil can 56* & 60* Putter: Scotty Cameron newpot 2.5 Ball: Callaway i
  6. Why not blades?

    Lol I grew up with butter knives err I mean blades as well. Being from a poor family my brother and I could only get thrift store irons which were from the 70s and early 80s. A thin top line has always felt comfortable to look down at and the feel when struck was yumm. Years and two wrist surgeries later I've learned that blades may not be the ideal set. Tried some different newer blocky irons, but for some reason I cant get used to the look from the top, even my callaway X-18 pros . I think a thin topped CB is where it is now. Hit a couple of X-forged irons, the 2007 ones, and the comfortible factor is there. Looks like a MB from the top but with the added forgiveness that a good CB provides. As long as its forged hit either iron that works best.
  7. Cheating....

    That drives me up tha wall as well. During my fall semester I took chemistry and worked my but off to get a "B". One guy in class, who spilled HCl on his hand due to his lack of caution got an "A". I couldn't believe it. It wasn't untill the next semester that I found out he cheated on every test and every piece of homework, I guess there is a web site out there with every answer to every test which the guy used to ace the class. I was so agrivated. I felt vindicated when he dropped the next semester because he was told to show all of his work for every answer in the test. I think the college learned of this site and instituted some extra rules for higher level classes. I soooo hate thieves and cheaters.
  8. I wish Duval would win a tourney this year.

    It's nice to see Duval playing again well or not. I only wish we could get a bit more TV coverage of him, he has such an easy going swing. Considering the US open is in pebble this year perhaps we could see another strong showing from him like last years open. I'm rootin for ya Duval.
  9. Looking for a new set of irons

    I like the Ping G5s, Ping has always been good to me and my buddies. The G5s are work horses, they will last forever. Good luck and have fun.
  10. Looking for a new set of irons

    There are tons of wonderful name brand sets out there within your price range, from Ping G10s to Callaway X22s to Taylor Made Burners. My suggestion would be to find your local used club dealership and hit irons that tickle your fancy. I look for sound, feel, and visual appeal. From there if your still in the researching phase buy one club, via ebay or local used golf club shop, and take it to the range and hit some from the grass. I recently bought a few irons myself, one X-Forged 6 iron and one X-20 6 iron, just to get a feel for them both before I commit. Either way do lots of research because those clubs may be with you for a while. No one likes buyers remorse. Good luck and have fun, nothing is more enjoyable then purchasing a new set of sticks.
  11. If I rememeber correctly the gear has to keep up with the way courses are advancing. Tougher longer courses require more advance gear.
  12. There are a ton of wonderful sets out there from callaways to pings. My suggestion would be to go to your local golf store that has used sets for sell and hit some irons, find what feels and sounds good. Then if your still undecided purchase a single iron and hit some balls. I could suggest a number of brands but it all comes down to what you like and what inspires you with confidence when your sitting over that shot.
  13. I wear transitionals all the time and love them. I have the smoke color and you can't even notice they change color until you take them off. As long as you have a hat on while playing golf they work wonders. You can also add a anti-glare coating, which I recommend, helps with night driving and a whole mess of other things. Also if this is your first set of glasses make sure you are totaly honest with you eye doctor. if things still seem fuzzy tell him/her, if things are clear but double also tell him/her. People may say you cannot properly read the greens with them on but hey trying to read anything without them is worse.