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  1. Stop missing left

    Some follow ups on my own topic. I play my irons straight again. The quick fix her was to play my feets with a slightly open stance and also accelerating throught impact. Regarding my fairway woods, the solution seemd to be put my hands forward at takeway. I guees I was hitting up on the ball and this correction made me hit slightly down on the ball instead. For now most things seems in place. Now I just have to finish the season with good putting to reach under 80.
  2. I have struggeld with my irons all season hitting inconsistent shots and overdrawing or hooking alot of shots. When I start playing golf my irons where solid, straight and with great distance (160 yards iron 8). My driver had slice problems i I only had my irons to thank for reaching 11 year 2. Now 5years later i still playing 10 in hcp. I hit my driver solid 300 yards, but as i wrote above I struggling with my irons. Pulling, over draw or even hooking. I only have average distance (130yards pw) I have seen most videos and tried it all this season and now its a bit better. Yesterday i saw a video about hitting througt and have the feel of accelerating throught impact. I tried this today and it had amazing effect on distance. Slow backswing feel the power loading throught the turn and start of downswing and have the feel of reaching maximum power and accelerating througt impact. I carried the PW 160 yards, 30 yards longer then normal and about 50% was straight and maybe draw 30% had few pushes and some pull draws. Bottomline is how could this feel of accelerating througt give me that much extra distance? Have you tried this with similar effect?
  3. Stop missing left

    I guess i could try learn playing with neutral grip, but I would not like take a risk messing up my driver when i works better then ever. I wonder if its realistic to belive in playing different grip with driver vs the rest of the clubs, men continue playing my strong grip with driver and change to a more neutral grip on the rest of the clubs.
  4. I have played for about seven years. I got down to 11 in the first years. Back then I had real solid iron shots with long distance and straight all the time. My treewood worked perfect.My misses was slice with driver, but not that often. Golf felt like an easy game and I was aiming for 5. Over the last five years much have happend, but not with my score. I started to hit heal shots, change my cobra blades to Cobra S3 to get more stable. However the last five year my irons have nerver been stable for more than a month at times. I hav also been fighting with my driver. The slices are long gone instead it have been about solving hooking problem. Snaphooks, duck hooks and super high pull hooks. This year my driver have worked very well. Aiming a bit right and some weight on the inside of right heel and have the head behind the ball at the stilen giving my 300 straight yards. My misses are 250y slight hook, but only happens when there is tight out of bounds right. My irons is a complete different story. I can hit some great straight shots and also power draw shots. But i also overdraw, snaphook, hook, pull and sometimes shank it. I nerver fade or slice. I have played 1000s of shots at the range to try find a solution, but dont succed. I also hook my fairwaywoods now days. I sure I play my swing inside out and with a pretty strong grip. I have not changed this because the driver woorks so good and because I still hit the irons very nice evey now and then, but maybe I will have to make changes hear?